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AFAIK that version you're looking for is unofficially available on Cnet.

And 38+68=106 downloads last week alone  :o
120k+ altogether

Also on Softpedia (another 100k), & presumably etc,

Yes, I know......The "UN-official" Version is still available and incredibly popular, though I no longer support myself.

The programmer and I have fallen out a long time ago. I recently attempted to contact him, but have not received a response.
I would love to bring the UN-Oficial version's code in house and have it added to the code Database.

A part of me still holds out hope that this most potentially excellent of launchers will resurrect at some point, and be free and open source again.

Let me get through the Holiday season, and I will start cleaning things up here and at the web site as time allows.

I will come up with somethign appropriate to do so

So is it still being maintained...? On the official (?) page they say "The current version of Circle Dock is 0.9. (with the download links dead).

How come -- or is only that page abandoned, and is there a newer homepage somewhere?

I think it got abandoned.
There was a problem with the license in 2010 or so. (It was already abandoned, but with a GPL license, then further developed by another developer, but source code wasnt released, got messy unfortunately). I thought there was an earlier version on sourceforge but couldnt find it there.

After many months of trying to find someone to pick up this project, and teh fiasco that ensued a few years back.....yes I would declare this project abandoned.
I have not the heart to further try to promote developers to approach a restart of Circle Dock.
The original program is available at Sourceforge.

if anyone were to come forward to restart this program, I would be here immediately to help beta test, promote, and release Circle Dock.
As things stand at this time, I do not even have the heart to support Circle Dock in its current form  :-[

Circle Dock / Re: Unable to unlock Kiosk mode
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:41 AM »
Greetings honey14111995
Welcome to Donationcoder community

Need to start with a question here: What version of CD are you using?

Circle Dock / Exciting e-mail / News today
« on: July 23, 2012, 03:02 PM »
Hello folks

I first apologize for my absence. After the incidents with our former CD savior I was left broken hearted, and also with my contracts piling on, I have had little time to answer questions, and maintain VideoInPicture's web site.
I want  to thank this great community for keeping CD and the faith alive.  :-*

Apparently there has been some sort of resurgence with CD.

I received the following e-mail a short while ago and want to share:

Hi. Rich Bowen here from SourceForge. I wanted to let you know that your project is featured on the front page of this week. You may wish to take this opportunity to brush up on your project summary page, improve the project description, or check that you've got an up-to-date project icon. Also, if you'd like to do further publicity, I'd be glad to do an interview with you - email or podcast - for the SourceForge blog.

Projects are chosen due to growth in activity over the previous weeks - perhaps due to a recent release of news story.

I know that some of you have more than one project, so I've listed the featured projects below so you know which one I'm talking about, and what company you're keeping.

Thanks for being part of the SourceForge community.
Some contact and signature information omitted for security considerations

I have returned an e-mail eager to represent Circle Dock, Eric Wong (VideoInPicture) and the DC community.

What say you folks, I would have your thoughts and opinions

Greetings  ;D

The first concept that comes to mind is to run Circle Dock from Dropbox in portable mode...Just a thought, although this may cause conflicts if run on  both systems at same time at same time.

Dropbox? What's zat? I'll google.


More Information on Dropbox here:

Just realize that there may be some interesting behavior tryin gto run one instance of CD on two , or more, systems.

But hey, try it, and let us know how it works ;)

Circle Dock / Re: Portability explained in 'Settings'? Where?
« on: January 27, 2012, 11:40 PM »
I dropped and broke my laptop during my move. I am in the process of getting hardware together to make a new desktop.
This will take some time :(

Once I am up and running, I can tell you.

By the way; What version are you running?

Greetings  ;D

The first concept that comes to mind is to run Circle Dock from Dropbox in portable mode...Just a thought, although this may cause conflicts if run on  both systems at same time at same time.

Circle Dock / Re: Autostartup and hide Circle Dock
« on: January 07, 2012, 08:34 PM »
Apologies for my late response here.

I am in the middle of moving and have my computers packed at the moment.

I believe this to be possible.

If no one else has answered this by the time I get my systems up and running, I will get some directions for you friend.

Good to have you with us  :Thmbsup:

The Sarge

Circle Dock / Re: Circle Dock
« on: November 28, 2011, 12:46 PM »
No Problem friend.

Glad to have you with us here at DonationCoder forums  :Thmbsup:

Circle Dock / Re: Circle Dock
« on: November 26, 2011, 01:06 PM »
I did some checking on my system.
One out of three uninstalls has proven to leave some of the Circle Dock Files behind.

I had to Uninstall the program (to get the error). This did indeed uninstall some stuff.
I then had to go into the C Drive (C:/) and then to the "Program Files" (C:/Program Files)
Then delete the "CircleDock" Folder.
I also had to go into the "AppData" Folder and then to the "Local" Folder, and find and delete the "CircleDock" Folder there as well.
Once this was done I also deleted The Desktop Icon, checked to make sure that there was not any shortcuts in my "Startup" File, and deleted the shortcuts in the "All Programs" Folder.

I restarted me system, and went to Control Panel, and check the uninstall/Install programs window and found that the program had been removed.

I know that this version of Circle Dock also makes a registry entry, but I am unsure of where and what, and I never advise anyone to make a systems registry change lightly.

Since I am unaware of your Operating system (ie. Windows XP, Vista, & 7) and whether you are 32 or 64 bit, I am sorry I can not give somewhat clearer directions.

I hope this helps.

If you have additional questions or issues, let us know friend ;)

Circle Dock / Re: Circle Dock
« on: November 25, 2011, 04:59 PM »
Which version of CD are you running?

Circle Dock / Re: Show Dock Settings-always show
« on: October 31, 2011, 04:04 PM »
Greetings jbosari  ;D
Glad to have you with us.

Although I have never experienced this issue, this sounds like a bug.

Let me do some homework first, before i stick my foot in my mouth friend.

If it is a bug, we may vary well be stuck with it, but let me do some pocking around on my system first ;)

Standby  :Thmbsup:

 have a couple of friends that have been looking into this as a solution as well as AutoIT.
So far, apparently, not all of the required functionality can be carried by these programs  :(
So the Autohotkey and AutoIT concepts were abandoned some time ago.
I must defer to their findings as I am no programmer  :-[

Indeed I do ;)

Not exactly what I am looking for.
Fences does not like Virtual Desktop Environments, where as the tool I am suggesting is not environment dependent, but rather manipulating (possible???) existing Windows elements.
Also, as far as I know, Fences is not controllable via command line elements that can be manipulated into shortcuts, or used in programs such as Rainmeter or Samurize and the like

Greetings folks.

I come to you humble and frustrated  :-[

Some years ago, a programmer developed a neat little piece of software (albeit needing additional work) that would show and hide desktop icons with a simple Shortcut and command line. This program worked famously in Windows XP, and failed (partially) in can imagine the headache in Windows 7.
More information on that program at How-To-Geek:

Over the years I have contact many programmers to re-create an update to this, by creating a similar program that would work in Windows Vista and higher, in both 32 and 64 bit flavors.
I have had several serious attempts to tackle this issue, to include folks that would be paid upon completion of program.
Many have outright given up or have created bloated/failed attempts.
Two have come so close.
A former programmer here (that I will not mention by name) came the closest, with Clean Desktop
Can be downloaded here:

Clean desktop will Show/Hide Desktop Icons, Side Bar Gadgets, and the Menu Bar

The problem (that seems to be at issue) is hiding the Menu Bar and then making the space available.
In Vista and 7 it is easy to hide and show the menu bar, but typically the area seems to be "reserved" and no application expanded to full screen can make use of this area.
As shown in the following image:
Screenshot - 7_28_2010 , 1_04_37 PM.png

This is the single area of frustration that apparently can not be overcome in Vista and 7!!!  :huh:

That being said; this should be do-able!
Object Dock has successfully done this for many years now, where the Menu Bar can be locked in a down position (or made to disappear) and the Menu Bar area made usable.
So, as far as I know, this goal is obtainable.

I like the structure and small program of Clean desktop, and would see that continued/re-created, so users can identify what and when "X" desktop Items Show/Hide.
The program is universal in that it works in 32 and 64 bit arenas.
The two big things to overcome is Hiding/Showing the Menu Bar, while making the Menu Bar area usable, and creating a system where the last state is remembered (?).
Doing this and wrapping it up into a small .exe controlled by Command Line through End User created shortcuts.

I would see this program posted as a DC Community program, and made available here, If Mouser approves ;)

Yes there is a way that the Desktop Icons can be hidden in all Windows Platforms. This has been available since Windows 95, and Side Bar can simply be shut off, but this does not address the Menu Bar, nor make Desktop Icons, side Bar gadgets, or the Menu Bar easily accessible to instant access. Which is where this small program comes in very handy.

If there are any programmers here willing to tackle this project, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in Advance
The Sarge

Hello folks

Apologies for teh late response here.
Thursday through Mondays are busy for me :(

either way.

You are absolutely correct in that the version you are using, only works on C:
Now you can create a folder with shortcuts (in C:) to the other drives and then drag those shortcuts to Circle Dock as was suggested.

The Ellipse was removed some time ago by VIP, and the return was predicted, but then VIP disappeared on us :(

as for advancements:
That is a mixed bag.
Mr. Wong (aka. VideoInPicture) disappeared on us some time ago. No word on his location, and I fear that he will not return to us.
We had another programmer (Markham), but.....well I am not going to get into what happened again.
More information throughout this forum's postings.

Now all that being said;
Circle Dock is open source, and ant programmer is welcome to pick up where VIP left off.
Just be aware of the licensing, and that it must remain open source.

If you have any further questions, let me know, I am here to help

The Sarge

Circle Dock / Re: Upon uninstalling does it replace my icons?
« on: April 20, 2011, 06:31 PM »
Please keep me posted, and as you need assistance, even with your current issues, we have a large community here ready to help as best we can  :Thmbsup:

Circle Dock / Re: Upon uninstalling does it replace my icons?
« on: April 19, 2011, 05:29 PM »
If teh option for Circle Dock to start on logon is not working, you may need to create a short cut of Circle Dock's exe, and place that shortcut in the windows Start Up folder in the Menu. All Programs.
Typically an entry is made, but some times it is missed....I have no idea why  :huh:

Once Circle Dock is running, ytou should be able to toggle Circle Docks appearance by using the Middle click button on your mouse.
That being said there are a few exceptions,
SO I must ask what type of mouse you are using, and who makes it? A model number would be good too.

If hovering to one side of the screen is making Circle Dock appear, then that is probably set in the options, and thsi can be turned on, off, or changed in the options.

If you want Circle Dock to be visible all the time, or locked in to a static (or Fixed) position on the screen this can be done as well.

Lets do this one issue at a time...let me know if you get the start on logon ironed out, and I will try and get some clear directions for you by this weekend to see about correcting the rest

The Sarge

Sounds like there is a setting in toggling options that is activated.

Open the  options window by right clicking on the center button.....should be in a pop up menu when you right click.
once the options os open....scroll down to "Toggling", Click on the plus ( + ) sign to open the sub-menu.

Go down to; "Show Dock when I move my Mouse to..."
And make sure that all boxes are unchecked, as in the following image:

Screenshot - 4_19_2011 , 4_11_58 PM.png

Make sure these options are unchecked

There is a small possibility that you are floating over the show desktop area in the super bar lower right hand corner.
If this is the case, Circle Dock will disappear as you float over the button, and re-appear as you move away, as Circle Dock is not geared towards Windows 7 in this manner.

Let me know if this corrects the issue.....
If not, I will continue working with you until it is working to your liking

The Sarge

Greetings 160067
We are glad to have you with us here at DC.

First my apologies for this late response as I am in the middle of rebuilding the OS on my systems

Before I can investigate/answer, can I ask what version of Circle Dock you are using?
Let me know and I will see if I can get an answer for you ;)

Once again welcome  ;D

The Sarge

Circle Dock / Re: Upon uninstalling does it replace my icons?
« on: April 18, 2011, 02:50 PM »
Greetings GeeneCD
Glad to have you here with us at DC  :-*

I am trying to remember here what happens with the original shortcut.
As I recall the original Shortcut should not have been deleted, I believe that Markham Ironed that out for his last release, but I am unsure.

Your best bet, would be to recreate them as needed.
Also, are you sure the icons/shortcuts are deleted, or are they hidden by Circle Dock?
There is a show/hide option for desktop materials and the menu bar, but I do not remember if it is active by default.

Apologies for the late response as I am rebuilding my OS, I am currently responding from an ePad tablet I am borrowing from a friend. :(

Let me know what is happening, and I will help as I can.

Once again welcome  ;D

Am I going to have to hold Cody hostage again????

I track's eem, I take's eem, and I hide's em away's in a secret's place no one find's until we make an amount I determine  :harhar:

And I thinking a number in the $12,000 mark ;)

Better tell folks to get dem funds in now....I am already hunting for our Beloved and Cute as Hell Mascot now!


Donations better come in or the Cute Cuddly gets it ......whhahhahahaaaaaaa

Tracking now!!!

The Sarge

Circle Dock / Re: circle dok : doppio giro di icone
« on: February 11, 2011, 02:12 PM »
Greetings Maik48
Glad to have you with us  :Thmbsup:

I am not certain I understand the questions; "two laps of the icons on the same ring"
Could you be more specific in the questions?


Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Rainmeter 2.0 Unleashed
« on: February 06, 2011, 03:17 PM »
There we go....a nice screen shot in a nice size ;)

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