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JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Re: GridMove: Grids Here
« on: July 02, 2015, 08:34 AM »
9x7 Mouse driven grid and all the combinations {...}

Loving this grid. I am also happy to see more grids being posted. I have generally used hotkeys to trigger gridmove, but you're right about moving the windows with a mouse feeling very natural using these grids. After a few minutes of playing around with it, I'm comfortable trying them out for a few days.

and all this talk of huge 4k monitors is making me jealous

Icons are now working again.
After rebuilding the icon cache, I rebooted and icons were still not correct.
I then reset the default applications and default icons for .ico, folders, and directory - and rebooted again.
Now it is working.

Also when I open DCUpdater the icons for the plugins (like hnote, Fcalc aren't displayed, same icofx icon).

this is a big clue that the problem is not in FARR itself but in some system icon problem.. maybe rebuilding icon cache will fix it?
Rebuilding the Icon Cache corrected the problem in DCUpdater, but not in FARR.
FARR is still showing icoFX icon for icons when I type "hnote" in search box and for folder icons. (and some aliases that probably are using unknown icon or default file icon).

I am still having problems with Icons displaying. I think the problem I am having may be different though. Here are some of the symptoms I am seeing
1) Folders - instead of showing the folder icon, it shows the icon for IcoFX.
2) Plugins - icons for plugins are not displaying. Also showing IcoFX icon. For example, if using HNote, when the icons displayed on the FARR status bar are IcoFX icons instead of correct hnote icons.
3) This is also occurring with some of the aliases I setup. Most resolve the correct icon for the lnk, but others do not.
4) Also when I open DCUpdater the icons for the plugins (like hnote, Fcalc aren't displayed, same icofx icon).

I have a couple of unsupported hunches that I am going to try to check into
- Maybe setting IcoFX as the default viewer for .ico files caused some conflict
- Or I changed the 'default file icon' to this icon by mistake at some point.
- Looking through the registry for anything irregular as well.

If I don't find anything through there I'll see if Link Parser or any of the other links from Vanav help. I debug / reproduce bugs for software as part of my job, figuring this stuff out is how I slack off...  ;)

I have been having problems with icons displaying and I think it is the same problem. I will wait for a fix to come out and retest.

I am having the same problem as mohaqeq.

I have 1 .mcf file with 1 toolbar (dock).
This toolbar is a floating window - not docked. I open configuration window. Then I close configuration window. The toolbar is rebuilt (like normal) but the toolbar is now docked.

This started happening after updating to v1.129.01 (November 29, 2011).
I do not know if I had the beta version (11/18) installed previously that mohaqeq had installed. But I do know I was not experiencing this problem before installing version 1.129.01 (Nov 29).

OS: Windows 7 Professional SP 1
Architecture: 64-bit (x64)

Let me know if you need anything else to try to reproduce.

Are you using any nodes that automatically update - or do you have your toolbar configured to hide missing or find missing on other drives?
I wonder if something is causing it to refresh, therefore stealing focus.

Have you tried closing your current .mcf file and creating a new one with a few nodes to see if this problem continues.

You can also try closing your current .mcf file and using one of your back-ups that was created before you saw this problem begin, maybe you can narrow down if it is something in your file or with the application itself.

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