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Screenshot Captor / Interaction with ScreenClippings AHK Script
« on: January 02, 2016, 09:46 AM »
Recently I found an AHK script called ScreenClippings.

It has a feature where you can capture a portion of the screen and it becomes a floating panel.
This is very useful if you need to use the area as a reference.  Sometimes I do this in certain dialogue windows and then I use the information somewhere else.

Also, I like being able to capture an area by this scripts hotkey: hold win key and draw with the mouse.  To me this is a much better way than pushing a hotkey and then drawing.  The ahk script allows me to draw the box immediately and not have to wait for the crosshair lines to appear.  I just draw the box and the image is captured - it's so fast.

Maybe ScreenshotCaptor could do these things too?

Also, a weird thing happens.  When I use the script to capture an area (by holding win+ctrl and drawing a box) then ScreenshotCaptor thinks I'm trying to capture a particular object (SC's hotkey is alt+printscreen), but I haven't pushed either alt or the printscreen key!  Weird!

N.A.N.Y. 2016 / NANY 2016: Iconus - a Handy Dandy Quickie Icon Viewer
« on: December 20, 2015, 11:11 AM »
NANY 2016 Entry Information

Application Name Iconus
Version 1.0
Short Description Handy Dandy Quickie Icon Viewer
Supported OSes Windows 7 (probably works on most Windows versions, but untested)
Web Page BGM's Goodies Page
Online Help File
Download Link Download zip file
System Requirements
  • About 3 Megabytes of space for all the files
Version History
  • December 21, 2015 - First Release; version 1.0
Author Link to Author's Profile page on Stack Exchange

Being a coder/programmer I often need to view the icons inside of a dll or an icl file.  I have tried all sorts of icon viewers and there are a lot of them, but none of them did everything that I wanted, or else I found them klunky in one way or another.  So, in the end I built my own which works exactly the way I want it to.

What I wanted most of all was to complement my particular workflow:
  • Quickly open a library (either by drag-n-drop or commandline)
  • Quickly fetch an icon's position
  • Quickly extract an icon if I want it

  • Designed to be Quick and Easy
  • View icons at 16x16 or 32x32
  • Easily and quickly switch between libraries
  • Common Libs menu:  Keep a library of often used icon libraries
  • History List: Keep history of viewed libraries
  • Open the library in your favourite icon library editor
  • Open icon libraries in Iconus via commandline, drag-n-drop, file-browse
  • Get detailed information on each icon in the library
  • Easily extract any icon in the library
  • Easily fetch the icon's ID

Planned Features
  • Option to associate file types
  • Update the help file with commandline info  (I forgot)

screenshot_(Iconus) [Iconus]_001.pngscreenshot_(Iconus) [Iconus]_002.png
screenshot_(Iconus) [Iconus]_003.pngscreenshot_(Iconus) [Iconus]_004.png

To install Iconus, simply extract the contents of the zip file to any folder.

Using the Application
Designed for the sake of the ease-of-use in fetching an icon's index from .exe, .dll, .icl, .ico files.
You can open files via drag-n-drop, commandline, or file-browse.

How does a user uninstall the Application?  Just delete the files.

Known Issues
The History List can be a little quirky; it still needs a little work to tune up, but it works for the most part.

General Software Discussion / DIY Control4
« on: October 31, 2015, 08:25 AM »
Anybody here have a Control4 Home Controller System?  It uses windows software called Composer to manage the system.  Normally you need a "dealer" who sells you a system and sets it up for you, and once you're in, you have to call them every time you want something added/changed.  Well, my dealer was quickly unreliable and so I decided to figure out a way to get control of my own system.

I'm interested to hear if anyone else is in the same situation.

Screenshot Captor / ShareX link in Options > Tools is defunct
« on: June 25, 2015, 03:57 PM »
If you go to Preferences > Tools > Online Uploading
and click the Visit ShareX Site to Download button
You go to a page pointing you to another page.

In other words, we need to update the link from

Hello, all!

Here's a little program that would have been better for the NANY.
I made it for myself, but I like to share (for free), so here it is!

It is a handy dandy calculator for converting pixels to inches or centimeters and vice-versa. You set the dpi, height, width of your image and it will give you immediate results and automatically copy them to your clipboard. You can also drag-n-drop images onto PixCalc and it will read the dimensions and dpi for you.

It comes with a chm help file.


Download link

Living Room / How to use a pantograph for duplication?
« on: February 16, 2015, 04:24 PM »
There are lots of demos and directions for using a pantograph, but they nearly all show you how to *enlarge* an image.  Following those directions I can build a pantograph just fine.

But how do you use a pantograph to just duplicate an image without enlarging it?

What I want to know is, where do you put the anchor and tracer and pencil?

On my computer (and another one, actually) I have this problem with video playback (youtube, vimeo) in Firefox where the videos will hang unless I move the mouse around whilst it plays.  I've tried everything imaginable to solve this and all to no avail.  (Windows 7 Pro x64 with Firefox 30+)

Has anyone else had this happen to them?
How do I fix it?

General Software Discussion / Free Simple RSS Editor
« on: February 02, 2015, 11:04 PM »
Oh, I am in need of a simple RSS editor - something to easily edit the xml for a regular old rss feed.
I just want to edit it locally or via a UNC share.

I've tried a few free rss editors and they are all so klunky or they don't work right, and *none* of them allow you to just drag-n-drop the file.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
So far I've tried:
  • RSSBuilder
  • RSSme
  • Easy Feed Editor

Maybe I should just make my own in autohotkey.  Shouldn't be too hard - its just that I don't have any time to do it!

Screenshot Captor / Single Left-Click to Open Editor
« on: January 01, 2015, 11:58 AM »
I am dreaming of being able to single-left click on the tray icon to open the editor (with my last capture).  Right now I have to double-click, and I have to remember that it works that way.  Single-click doesn't do anything.

In Options > The Basics > Hotkeys and Shortcuts, there is a setting for setting single-click on tray icon to CAPTURE.  But I have it set to not assigned because I don't want to capture on tray-icon click.

Okay, so I'm finicky.

Feature Request:  Option to assign what single-click on tray icon does - with setting for "open editor".

N.A.N.Y. 2015 / NANY 2015 Entry: Ballistic: an easy list filter
« on: December 18, 2014, 03:22 PM »
NANY 2015 Entry Information

Application Name Ballistic
Version 1.3
Short Description A word finder and filter
Supported OSes Windows 7
Web Page Documentation pages with screenshots
Download Link Download Ballistic
System Requirements Only works on Windows
Version History
Author Link to Author's Profile page on Stack Exchange

This program was designed to aid in making word puzzles.  The authour publishes a childrens' magazine, and Ballistic helps in making custom crosswords, word searches and other word games.
You can use the pre-made wordlists or even a custom wordlist, and easily filter the list to match certain criteria.  It doesn't generate puzzles or games, but you can use it to find words that will fit in your puzzles.  You can easily find a word that matches any pattern.

I made this program for myself and have hosted it for a few people, but it has never been officially released.  This is my first public mention of the program.

•Use any wordlist (simple text files)
•Comes with a collection of pre-made lists
•Reports the number of Matches
•Wildcard Matching
•Typoglycemic matches
•Phoneagrams (Phone Words)
•Export Results
•Copy Results to the Clipboard
•Quick List-switching menu
•Quickly open the list in current text editor
•Full-featured GUI with lots of options

Planned Features
Update the word lists
Fix bugs
Maybe create an installer.

Please visit the documentation page for more images

Just extract the zip file to a folder and run the exectuable.
There isn't any installer at this time.

Using the Application
A brief description of how a user will use the Application. What tips does a user need to get going?

Just exit the application and delete all the files.

The searches are faster if you disable the progressbar.
But the progressbar is fun.

Known Issues
Typoglycemiacize List is really slow for long lists.
If you stop the typoglycemiacize process midterm it won't save.  I can fix that.

Screenshot Captor / How to upload to via hotkey
« on: December 05, 2014, 03:26 PM »
How can I do this?

I want to use a hotkey to take a screenshot and then upload the file via email to
There's no option for imagur in "Online Uploading"

But thre is an "Email SendTo List" which can be configured to send an email with screenshot attachment.  Problem is that I can't figure out how to make SC send it.

Screenshot Captor / Hold shift to draw selection locks proportion
« on: November 21, 2014, 11:19 AM »
A nice feature might be that after you push printscreen and start drawing a selection that if you hold SHIFT, it could lock the selection to SQUARE.  Kind of like in Photoshop.

Screenshot Captor / Error Capturing Image
« on: November 21, 2014, 11:18 AM »
Oooh.  I just tried to take a screenshot of the zoom box in ColorMania 5.0 and SC didn't like that!
It gave me an error (I'd post a screenshot, but SC won't take it since it is it's own error box)
Error Capturing Image
ERROR: No content was found in the captured image.
This can happen if you have installed a security application that is blocking Screenshot Captor from functioning.
To solve this problem, you may need to add Screenshot Captor to the list of trusted/allowed programs in your security application.
For additional information see the help file or visit the forum.
If you were intentionally capturing a blank image, disable this check on the Miscelaneous Tweaks tab of options.

So, I can take a screenshot of the application window, and I can draw a selection over the controls.  But it errors when I attempt to draw a selection over the color boxes:



Actually, the problem is that SC won't take a screenshot of an image that is just one colour.
I'm trying to make 16x16 square blocks of solid colour from screenshots.
So I tried to do that in another program and it won't work there either.

Screenshot Captor / SC post-capture run
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:47 AM »
Sorry, I'm sort of combining two topics here.

I have SC installed on a virtualbox Windows 7 machine.
So I need the capture folder to be in that system's virtual share folder so I can fetch the images from my regular computer.
Problem is that SC gets launched before the sharefolder is connected and (I think this is the what) causes SC to crash and even an uninstall won't fix it unless you scrap the previous settings.
Screenshot - 11_13_2014 , 2_07_19 PM.png

So my solultion is to use the post-capture options.
In the post-capture options, I want to have SC automatically move the just-taken-screenshot to the virtual share folder (that would be connected now).
Problem is that these commands don't seem to do anything.

Code: Text [Select]
  1. copy "%file%"  f:\captures\
  2. copy "c:\captures\%file%"  f:\captures\

Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work?

N.A.N.Y. 2015 / Program Idea: Fungus for Windows
« on: October 27, 2014, 10:55 PM »
Hi, coding fellows!

Here is an idea dear to my heart.  A long time ago I had a Mac (yeah...) and a game called "Fungus".  It was a wonderful game - one of those simple games that you love and can play over and over and never get bored of.  But it disappeared.  Later someone revived it and called it "MacFungus" and then there was a network version called "NetFungus" - all Mac games.

I am dreaming of a Fungus game for Windows, and I am hoping someone will write it for the NANY!

You are a fungus, and the goal of the game is to consume your opponent (wonderful, no?).

Soooo, the gameboard is square, and you can have from two to four players; if you don't have that many players, the computer can replace someone.

The gameboard is a grid (like minesweeper in a way), and each player starts off with just their fungus' brain (a sort of smiley face), and each player has their own colour.
At the beginning of each player's turn, he receives a randomly generated piece - a shape - like a tetris block.  This block he can place as an addition to his fungus body.  He can only place the block in such a way that it touches his own fungus.  You can rotate this block before you place it.

 - If a player manages to get any of his opponent's body between (as in touching on two sides) two of his own body's appendages (made with the random shapes) his fungus "takes over" all the fungus between those shapes, and so the consumed parts change to the colour of the consumer.
 - If a player manages to cut his opponent into two parts, the part without the brain dies and disappears.
 - If a players brain gets consumed, his game is over and his entire fungus body becomes part of the consumer.

Then there is the "tooth" that you may receive instead of a fungus-body-growth-piece.  With a tooth, you can bite your opponent and take a tile from him.  This lets you inject your fungus into part of the opponent and allows you to get an appendage on one side and allows for the strategy necessary to consume the other guys.  You don't have to use a tooth, and you can save them.

 - Then there are "Big Bites" - you save up three tooths and use them all at once to take out 3 blocks from your opponent at once instead of just one.
 - In the "MacFungus" game, if you got any of your fungus into one of the four corners, you get a bonus tooth.
 - There are sound effects.  When you use a tooth, the game makes a chomping sound.  If you surround a part of your opponent and consume it, you get a chewing and munching sound.  The best is when you get a bite followed by the munching sound.

To win the game, you must be the only player left alive.

I scavenged a few old screenshots from "MacFungus" that I found on the internet.  I can't find any images of the original "Fungus" - but I know that that game dates back to 1990 at least.
See my attachments for screenshots.
9-2203_2.png 9-2203_1.png screenshot_Firefox [firefox]_048.png

I am interested to assist by way of consultation!  It's been a long time since I played this game, but it doesn't exist any more, and I would love to have it for Windows.


Here is my autohotkey thread on the subject.
And here is a youtube video of the original game in action!

Mr. Unlimited Bacon made an Android app out of, but never completed it; it works, but you can tell it isn't finished.

N.A.N.Y. 2015 / NANY Q&A about what software can be submitted
« on: October 08, 2014, 01:42 PM »
If I have an unpublished program that I have already made, can I enter it in NANY?  Should I start a new thread for it?

Living Room / URL Rewrite Problem
« on: June 19, 2014, 09:07 AM »
Hello, folks.

I need some help with a problem on my webserver involving url-rewrite and redirection in my IIS7.  I made a post at ServerFault, but noone is hardly even viewing it.

Here is the contents of my post there:

We have our own domain and have several subdomains. One of the sites needs to be accessed only via SSL, but people are allowed to type http and still arrive there. The URL-Rewrite forces the http into https.

So my two subdomains are: and

Thus, if I type

Code: Text [Select]

it is rewritten to

Code: Text [Select]

-which is correct. But if I do this (which is not possible - page_on_domain1 does not exist on

Code: Text [Select]

My url-rewrite rule seems to work properly, but I want that last address to give me an error page instead, since the page doesn't exist on that subdomain.

I am testing this in Firefox on Windows 7 x64 Pro.

My url-rewrite rule is as follows (I am doing it through the IIS7 GUI):

Code: Text [Select]
  1. Requested URL:  Matches the Pattern:  (*)  Using Regular Expressions (ignore case)
  2. Conditions:  Match All:  Input:  {HTTPS}  Matches the Pattern:  ^Off$
  3. Redirect URL:{REQUEST_URI}

Now, I've tried changing the Requested URL Pattern to: .** but the regex tester in IIS7 says it doesn't match against - I don't understand that.

How can I keep the rewrite of http to https for, but not have any effect at all on ??

I've been stuck on this for a long time.  This is my first ever post to the Living Room.
Thank you!

Screenshot Captor / Feature Request for Hotkey
« on: May 07, 2014, 05:44 PM »
Mouser,  I am dying here.  I *really* want the ability to assign global hotkeys for "Copy last image to clipboard" AND "Copy last image file-path to clipboard".  I am becoming very weary of navigating the menu on the tray icon.

You see, I *love* having the last screenshot image on my clipboard and I use that all the time.  But I just as often need the image's file path.  If I had hotkeys, I could attach the functions to the extra buttons on my mouse and I'd be really happy.

Hopefully there is joy in the future for me!

Salvete!  In SC, I like the setting that copies the last captured *image* to the clipboard - I use it all the time -every day, in fact, for documentation and for emailing visual instructions.

However, I very often also need the file path on my clipboard.

Is there a way to assign a hotkey to capture the last-captured image's file path to my clipboard - or would this be a new feature?  I can't find it in the preferences (but that doesn't mean it isn't there).

I would also like a hotkey that lets me capture the last image back to the clipboard.

In Preferences, we are able to choose the default file format (I choose png) for saving and autosaving.

Problem is, if you "Save Image As..." the default is pcx.  So if you are not paying attention, you will save as pcx instead of the png you are expecting.

I suggest therefore, that the default "Save As" file format be the same as the default file format - by (wait for it...)  default!

Screenshot Captor / More Autonaming tokens
« on: January 08, 2013, 09:59 AM »
Salvete!  Firstly, let me say that I absolutely love Screenshot Captor.  Since I started using it, I have no longer been interested in trying out other screenshot programs!

Now, for my request.  I would like to see some more autonaming tokens.

The one I would like at the moment is similar to %nicename% or %windowtitle% - but I would like some automated cleanup.
I am using some of the files in Sharepoint, and Sharepoint doesn't always like the file names.
I would like an option called %webname% or %cleanwindowtitle% where all the spaces and non-letter/number characters are removed or swapped for - or _ , and the words are CamelCased.

It might be better if, when you add a %webclean% token to the "Default New File Name" box, that the token tells SC to work the magic on your definition.  That is, you could put %windowtitle%_%datetime%%clean% and you would get a cleaned version of %windowtitle%_%datetime%  - so %clean% isn't acually a token, but a command to run on whatever text preceeds the command.

In this fashion you could have %swap[|-%%swap]|-%  which could swap all the [] for - characters in the string.

Some ideas here!

Screenshot Captor / {escape} to cancel printscreen
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:24 AM »
In former versions of Screenshot Captor, if I initiated a screen capture (and have the crosshairs on the screen) but then want to cancel that action, I could push the escape key and it would cancel.  However, now I can't seem to do that - that is, escape doesn't do anything and I am forced to make some capture in order to continue.

Is there a setting for that or have I gotten my system out-of-whack somewhere?

SC v3.08.01 Windows7x64

Screenshot Captor / GoTo last captured image
« on: October 05, 2012, 03:30 PM »
Salvete!  If I capture an image and then open the editor and rename the image from there, the image gets renamed okay, but then it gets lost from the editor, and SC loads a different image.  As I have lots of images in that directory (30-day cleanup...), it is hard to find the image again in the scrolling file list.

Here are my suggestions:
  • Fix it so that when an image gets renamed, it remains focused in the editor.
  • In the GoTo menu, add "last-captured image".

Also, I would like to add a global hotkey that will display the editor with the last captured image.  I like to take a lot of screenshots that get autonamed and autosaved and autocopied to the clipboard, that way I can paste them immediately into an email in Thunderbird.  The files are there if I need them.  However, sometimes, after the capture, I need to add little circles or whatnot to the image.  So I have disabled the option of capturing that you get on single-clicking the tray icon - that way I can double-click on the tray icon to open the editor.  I would rather single-click on the tray icon to open the editor, however.  

For this, I suggest that it be added an option to open the editor to the last-captured image, and to add this option to the "hotkeys" options in the settings window.

Thanks for listening!


I have two instances of firefox open which I've started using the profile manager.  My problem is that if I take a screenshot from instance #2, which is not the default instance, the auto-name gotten by Screenshot Captor is a name from the other firefox instance - which means that the autoname has nothing to do with the image I am capturing.

In Firefox #1 (default), I've a tab opened to panda bears.
In Firefox #2, I've a tab opened to chickens.

I push the printscreen button and draw a box over one of the panda bears.
The screenshot gets captured and saved with the name of "screenshot_chicken.png".

I've a related problem due to firefox instances on the browser-tray-switcher application.

Salve!  I, too, am very interested in this.  I use two firefox profiles - one for browsing and one for development.  And I use the addon called "ProfileSwitcher" in both profiles.  What that does is that it always pops up firefox's "choose profile" dialog that asks me which profile I want to launch.  It also gives me a toolbar button to allow me to launch another profile - but it doesn't do anything at all about which instance is the "default browser".

Now, whichever profile I launch FIRST on the system - that one will be the default "Firefox".  And if you go to settings and tell ANY Firefox instance to check whether it is the default browser, each and every one will say that it is already default.  The system's "default browser" is only for the browser, not the instance.

This may be a useful link for this thread as it refers to some registry settings.

So I would like to choose which instance of Firefox is the "default browser" via this nice Browser Tray Switch.

I created a thread for this at SuperUser.  We'll see if anyone comes up with an answer!

[I originally posted here, but nobody ever answered... I guess the thread was too old].

Also, it seems that the "default instance" is controlled by Firefox in Application Data\Firefox\profiles.ini.  There is an ini entry there for "default=1".  Problem is that you seem to have to restart all instances of Firefox...

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