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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: August 06, 2006, 04:50 AM »

Heres a AHK script that might fit in,
Titlelog v1.exe

Download exe and copy to a chosen directory.
When run
- creates a subfolder called 'Titlelog' . this is where the text logs are created
- will create a text file each day with the Title of each focused window appended to the file, (date,time,windowtitle)
- Trayicon has six(6) simple windows that are configurable in the preferences.
- Has a idle time in preferences that logs if PC not used for 'x' minutes

To use
when going to Lunch. Right click on trayicon and select 'Gone to Lunch'.
This will pop a simple window to the desktop.
Titlelog will append to file the date,time,windowtitle.

This should give a simple log of the PC activity for the day.
I will use this myself as my own timesheet when I am in the office, so thanks for the idea.

@mouser, please still do a programming school, I can see many potential uses for this. and I want to learn from others.

feedback and suggestions welcome

*Edit* new files uploaded after idle bug found


the db stands for doublebogey, which reflect my standard at the game of golf.
@mouser, can you change my nick to doublebogey.
never mind, found it.


PS . I have about six personalities on the golf course. just like everyone else that plays.

This program sends the actual file by email when its changed, not just the title.

You could try 'BEEE'. 
I used this for about 2 years, staff would scan a documenmt at the workshop, the resulting PDF was auto saved to a Folder.
BEEE would check the folder every 'X' hours and email any new or changed files to the office. (Office and workshop now in the same location.)

Easily email multiple files and/or entire folders
Run multiple instances of BEEE at the same time
Run BEEE in the background (from your system tray)
Command line options allow for easy integration with most application software that can run executables (e. g. task schedulers)
Build-in ZIP compression, encryption and password protection of the attachments !
Email indirectly via MAPI enabled email clients (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora)
Specify individual email addresses for each file within the file name!
Send to email lists, e.g. to automate dispatch of newsletters
Free for private and commercial use !

Requires a little tweaking, but once running, never had a problem.


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Smart Directory Filer
« on: August 04, 2006, 02:22 AM »
Hi Mouser
This was listed in Snapfiles a while ago and grabbed my interest, but I never really tested it
It appears to match all the requirements.

and screenshot here

from the makers of 'Adobe Reader Speed-Up' that is/was popular.


of course theres always 'The Godfather' if its just MP3s


DragnDrop has been defeated. after v1 it is no longer
*toungue in cheek*
Sure, skommels answer might be technically correct, but wheres the challenge.
Wheres the hours and hours of 'Reading the Manual'.
what happened to all the research at the AHK forums.
and was there a little celebration as it rose from the ashes.
The self satisfaction that you have created a small slice of history.
I have already poured over skrommels code, inserting msgbox's before and after the first line, trying to crack the script.
So much to learn, so little time.
*tounge back out of cheek*

I had another idea before skrommel so elegantly put his script forward.

Bump-n-Run v1b

'Bump-n-Run' puts a thin line, 1 pixel wide down the top left edge of the screen. You dont have to be very accurate with this
- Simply 'bump' a icon into the top left edge of the screen and away she goes.
- drag a file in windows explorer, bump left edge and the file will execute.
and a bonus
- bump mouse agaist left edge, and a button menu of last eight 'Bump-n-Run' is shown,in history order, allowing quick 1 click access.


with Skrommel permission, I would love to combine both scripts and see what comes out.

but I am also sure that skrommel can design a great gui.

I will sit down later and learn from his script anyway  :)


Unfinished Requests / Re: Monitor Switcher
« on: July 11, 2006, 02:40 AM »
Hi Mouser

For those that have two monitors, I cant live without 'Multimon'

I posted a few screenshots in other topics, but no one has noticed the extra arrow.  ;)


Cut and paste from the authors web site
What it does:
    * It adds second taskbar to the extended desktop on Monitor 2 (either right or left)
    * It can add third taskbar to the second Extended monitor if you have 3 monitors setup.
    * It shows only applications from that Monitor
    * It hides the applications on Monitor 2 from normal Windows Taskbar
    * Adds a Move to Monitor button to all windows applications.
    * Add Text Clipboard Extender (new 1.1.)
    * Very carefully written, I don't want to crash my own desktop!
New in 2.1: You can now use Hot-Keys CTRL+SHIFT+arrow to move the current window left or right!

Clipboard Extender
A simple but cool Text clipboard extender is added to the toolbar. It can be also rolled in or totally disabled.

It does not open up auto on extra screen, but it is GREAT.

its also free, but worth paying for.

maybe I should do a review. (later)


Hi Gsull,
if the Drag and Drop did not work on your machine, after you compiled it from your AHK, you will need to re-install AHK and when the first prompt comes to screen, make sure that 'Enable Drag and Drop' is selected in 'components to install', by default it is off.

The .ahk worked great.  I'll try compiling it and see if that works as well.  So subfolders and syncing are the only things left out of what I would suggest.

As I said, I've never used AHK before, but if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
I started to use AHK only a few months ago, so I am fairly raw, and my code might be a bit scratchy, but I am having a blast learning. (a midlife crisis)

ShortCut Maker v1c
- added sub folders. now ALL shortcuts are added to sub folders of the destination.
- reworked create code
- delete shortcuts, deletes all shortcuts from destination folder and all sub folders, be careful.
- ext choice now allows your own choice plus dropdowns

syncing tommorow, maybe, lots of real work on at the moment

windows xp pro (sp2, all updates)
p4/3.2 (prescott, hyperthreading is turned on)
2gigs ram dual-channel 3200
can't think of anything else that would be relevant.  I'm just looking at AHK in person for the first time now.  I'll let you know if the script works on my machine.
envious,  8) , its not a machine problem


Sub Folders' yes that would work, that had me for a while. will do more tonight.

Could you give me details of your system setup.
Operating system, etc

I dont have a answer but will lokk into it.


Hi Kimmchii

- error with AHK is caused by old version of AHK. Latest version allows for Status bar and Treeviews.
May 14, 2006   Version 1.0.44 introduces two new GUI controls: TreeView and StatusBar.
Update and all will be good.

Shortcut Maker V1b
- added *.exe


Take 2, after some sleep :)

Shortcut Maker
creates around 80 shortcuts per second on my PC.

Screenshot - 09_07_2006 , 8_08_29 PM.png

- Select a folder.  Target and Destination
- Delete All short-cuts in Destination Folder
- Drag and Drop auto creates in the Destination Directory
- Status bar informs how many Shortcuts created.
- Filter for *.* *.mp3 *.doc *.pdf *.jpg

and still learning as I go, so any other suggestions welcome.


DragnDrop run

Screenshot - 09_07_2006 , 7_44_57 AM.png

Hmmm, I will read some more if it is possible to start on icon drop. But for now, here is a
- smaller GUI
- stays on top till f12 or ESC

Great for quick results.  :D
Although this still took me 2hrs because fairly new ti this   :(
But I having a great time learning   ;D
the forum is the place to learn



This is a AHK script that might do what you want, but I dont have a network to test here.

'Make a Shortcut'
Screenshot - 09_07_2006 , 1_06_07 AM.png

To Use:
Create a folder where you want to keep all these Shortcuts
ie, My Documents\My Music Shortcuts\
Put this file in the folder.

Just Drag and drop the selected MP3 files onto the GUI and it will create shortcuts in the folder it was executed from.

I dont use FARR, so feedback/suggestions/bugs welcome.

Hint* create a ICON for this so I can include.


PS. will work on dropping a folder, auto syncing, etc. but getting late. are we on the right track.


Not sure if this is what you need, but your feedback is welcome.


Screenshot - 08_07_2006 , 10_30_29 PM.png

Start D&D, and drag any file/shortcut onto GUI

(you can start D&D by dragging anything onto desktop D&D icon)

f11 to reshow (maximize)
f12 to minimize
esc, will quit



All the way at the bottom of the Forum page

Good idea too, thanks.


Screenshot - 08_07_2006 , 8_00_08 AM.png

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Create your own Tool Tips
« on: June 21, 2006, 07:25 AM »
I have just about reached my limit again with AHK,
After a significant breakthrough thanks to jgpaiva, I have got this to where it fullfills my own needs.

New additions

- live display/update of tooltip as creating
- Multi Line tooltips
- Current Screen Res in Titlebar
- Open the TTP file in Notepad for extra editing
- X and Y nudge spinners for precise positioning

- Icon for exe

What I would appreciate is if anyone would suggest improvements to the AHK code. (email)

Or if there are suggestions to improve the here. (and bugs)


sounds a bit like that little brother of the wizard...
I am not a wizard or his little brother, and I am sure they are both fine people  :)
but I do feel a little embarrassed being able to answer my own request  :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: Free PDF creation (PrimoPDF)
« on: June 08, 2006, 04:40 AM »

And just to add to the selection list

Bullzip PDF Printer

I used Primo for a while but Bullzip won me over with its 1 step file process.

I dont think there is a simpler one out there. no interface. no ads.

Primo , verygood , 7/10
Bullzip , excellent , 9/10


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Create your own Tool Tips
« on: June 07, 2006, 04:11 PM »
My first useful script  :D, I'm addicted. (and learning mountains)

TooltipCreator - now with clipboard button

Screenshot - 08_06_2006 , 7_08_00 AM.png

Use the clipboard button when editing a TTP file in a text editor.
Copies x,y,text string to windows clipboard.


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Create your own Tool Tips
« on: June 07, 2006, 08:56 AM »
Have learnt a lot of AHK in the last 24hrs.
jgpaiva sent me a Tooltipcreator (thanks) and the modified version can be found below. Feedback welcome.

Screenshot - 07_06_2006 , 11_25_13 PM.png

will create a file with the TTP extension in the same directory it is installed.
use the F11 key to capture the mouse position
enter text to appear in ToolTip
Test ToolTip - will display tooltip on screen
Save ToolTipPrompt to file - will append x,y,text to the end of file

You can still modify the X , Y position and test before saving line.
This will create a file that can still be modified in a text editor. But it gives you a good headstart.

Screenshot - 07_06_2006 , 11_22_14 PM.png
- Blink, a 1 shot blink of tooltip to help locate in busy screens
- Hide & Show,  temporarily hide tooltip and show again
- All, show all tooltips a once. (Up to 20 limit??)

A screenshot of Mouser's 'Process Tamer' configure screen with a ToolTipPrompt instructing to check box.
Screenshot - 07_06_2006 , 11_21_33 PM.png

Suggestions and comments on improvement to code, and the useage of script welcome.

download and save all files in the same directory.



Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA : Create your own Tool Tips
« on: June 06, 2006, 10:01 AM »
Thanks for the positive response.

I searched Google for anything similar to this idea and was dissapointed/suprised that it has not been done before.(or at least I could not find it)

basically you are saying - a way for 3rd party people to write some little interactive help to go with a program, maybe customized for a specific task. 

Exactly, I could now add a ToolTipPrompt to any of your great Applications, customised to how I would like it worded.

I know a bunch of people working on 'Operation PIE' that would kiss the developer that makes it possible.
We could put the files on the website right into a FAQ page.

Hmmm, I cant speak for jgpaiva, but a firm handshake will be fine.
and TTP text files could be added to websites, or emailed straight to client, carried on Thumbdrives, easy to edit, etc

When you do something like this, the formating has to always be done relative to a window, right?
And don't forget that if the other user doesn't have the window with the same size you originally made it, this won't make much sense.
(imagine you created the tooltips using a restored window, and the user uses a maximized window. In this case, the tooltips would be in a different place)
I havent given this much thought as the application it was for was full screen. more thinking.......

thanks to jgpaiva I have been inspired and crossed his script with my bits and pieces and came up with the following.

- I have coordmode set to Screen because at the time I have the window maximised, and allows me to relocate GUI around.
- I have used a listview to select the ToolTip Files so you could have many short hint files and they are easy to select
- ToolTipPrompt files are Text files with a TTP extension so they are easily identified and found by the listview
- All Tooltip files are to be located in the same directory as the script.
- I am new to this, so if your PC bursts into flames and melts, it was not me, I am not that clever.

next steps
- recognise window name and match to TTP so only displays with correct application.
- ToolTipPrompts that display when mouse is within Zpixels of X,Y
- a TTP editor, with mouse coord display etc


Arggghhhh.   I changed the TXT extension to TTP to be clever, but DC wont allow that extention to be attached. so you will have to change the txt file yourself. it should be ToolTipExample.TTP
copy the ToolTipExample text file to the same directory and run exe.
copy and edit example file as many times a needed.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Create your own Tool Tips
« on: June 05, 2006, 07:45 AM »
Often I am required to remind a client how to do a certian task in some software, they only use the software once every few months so forget the operation.
The steps are usually fairly simple, but it would be great if I could install my own custom made Tooltip prompts.

I played with Autohotkey a little, and got this to work, but as a over age learner, I am sure it could be better.(script available if required)

The basic format I had was to have a small 3 button GUI bottom right of screen, 'Prev,Hide,Next'

The txt file was similar to
x, y, text
200,150,Enter your name here....
454,190,Now press the button that says 'OK'
454,190,Drop down the arrow and select 'Blue'
600,290,Press the 'Connect' Button

pressing 'next' button reads the line in text file and displays the appropriate tooltip on the screen at the x-y location.

Being tooltips, the user should be able to still input all of there commands, whilst your own custom made prompts help them each step.
I had to edit the text file seperate from the script, but this was not a problem, just neater if the it were self contained.

The uses for your own tooltips would be endless, and it can work with any application.
I have a few extra wishes to add, but maybe later.


PS. I am sure some of you here have a relative that is always bugging you on 'how do I do this again'. Just think, with 'ToolTipPrompt.exe' you could solve this.  :D

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Notes Snippet organizer
« on: March 22, 2006, 06:00 PM »
Its always amusing to reread your own posts the day after, and think, I could/should of been a little clearer.
Because I am familiar with ToDoList, I just assume everyone is.  :-[

ToDoList greatest strength is in its preferences.
To configure as a research-snippet-note taker.

Open Tools > Preferences > User Interface >
'Only show editing controls for visible coumns' checked

Open Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Tasklist.
In column visibility, only turn on 'Priority' 'Creation Date' 'Category' 'File Reference' (turn off every thing else)
'Titles' and 'Comments' are always on.

You now have a very clean interface that allows you to
-Search Titles and Comments
-Sort by Title, creation Date, Priority(rating), Category
-Filter by Priority or Category
-Attach a File link to HTML-PDF-DOC etc (for reference)
-Tree order

The preferences and customisation is huge, but allows maximum flexibility.
Showing different fields is just a start.

PS. I have written a AHK scipt that allows me to Cut and Paste to a choosen Todolist via the command line.
When browsing. shortcut 'Win-C' creates a new 'title' with all all Highlighted Text-URL-Time date- added to ToDoList Comments. very quick.


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Notes Snippet organizer
« on: March 22, 2006, 03:04 AM »
Mini review


Found only at Codeproject and Abstractspoon.

Main Features
- free
- Html Links, clickable (Josh)
- Text (Josh)
- Categories (Josh)
- Searchable, all (Josh)
- hierchal tree style view (Josh)
- Attach a file link (app103)
- Rolled my own command line that makes a Stickie from a ToDoList task (m_s)
- Format is XML, so I/O is flexible but under stength. Ical, Ganntproject others coming. (kfitting)
- Filters (kfitting)
- Allocated to, for grouping tasks other then tree node (Kfitting)
- Link to Task, for grouping tasks other then tree node (Kfitting)
- clean drawing interface (kfitting)
- Drag and drop task (skywalker)
- Sort order of any field, numeric and alpha (skywalka)

My comments
- Active developement
- 22 different fields
- Multiple Lists
- preferences that make it total customisable
- Plugins via tools
- no registry changes, run from thumb drive
- basic multi user
- encryption

My experience
- Tried them all, this one changed my life from chaos to nearly organised, a big statement.!!

Ask me questions, happy to help, although I am not connected in any way.
If I get time soon I will right a full review for the forum.

Note : Graphics can consume huge amounts of space, at your own risk there, but ToDoList can do it.

Hope this helps someone.

You should probably try 'ToDoList'
Turn on the Position ID in preferences, use the Cntl-up Cntl-Down to move your tasks up and down in order.

-Created Date
-Start Dtae
-Due Date
-Comments rtf text area
Actually you can turn On/Off 22 different fields

All can be sorted

Free to use


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