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N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: Backup Revision Folder
« on: February 10, 2007, 05:57 AM »
Small update
Version 2.1
+ Added Folder Size to Control Panel
* changed 'Last saved date' to 'Last edited date' (text only)
+ Added new Tray menu command 'Check Now'

see 1st post for new file.


all comments, suggestions and improvements welcome.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: February 08, 2007, 03:12 PM »
will update this weekend.

General Software Discussion / online email icon generator
« on: January 29, 2007, 01:26 AM »
An online email link generator, to display only  (non clickable)

enter your email address, and it will return a external link to use in web pages or forums.

some examples

unfortunatley, you have to give them your email first.   8)

Their policy
E-Mail Icon Generator
Privacy Policy

No e-mail address entered into this site will ever be made available to any 3rd party, nor will it be used by ourselves for any purpose other than for the generation of e-mail icons.

For your security, the icon links are encrypted to prevent the determination of the e-mail address from the icon's URL. This should prevent spammers from finding your e-mail address as a result of using an e-mail icon on your site.

Whilst we will not e-mail you with any advertising, we may on very rare occasions send out e-mails to alert you of major changes to the service that may require you to change the link you use on your sites to display the e-mail icon.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

and Their facts
E-Mail Icon Generator
What & Why?

The e-mail icons produced by the E-Mail Icon Generator are intended for use as a replacement for your textual e-mail address (eg. "[email protected]") wherever you might normally put an e-mail address that could appear publicly, for example as a signature on a public forum, on your personal web page or "blog".

By showing your e-mail address in an image form, rather than text, spammers' e-mail harvesting programs are unable to see it, and so will not be able to add your e-mail address to their mailing lists.

The e-mail icons are not however intended to be used as a replacement for your e-mail address in your e-mail client, or on websites which require an e-mail address for signing up.

To display your e-mail icon on a website, you can use the following HTML:

<img src="http://services.nexo...l/icon/.../image.png" alt="My E-Mail Address" />

If you wish to display the e-mail icon on a forum, or any other site which uses "BBCode" (Bulletin Board Code), use the following:

In both cases, replace the text in red with the link to your e-mail icon, obtained using the e-mail icon generator.

(Please note that if you make the icon clickable using a "mailto:" link, or use your e-mail address in the icon's alt-text, your e-mail address will be visible to address collecting robots!)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Still, its a neat alternative to displaying your email address

and I would love to hear of alternative ways of slowing spam robots


General Software Discussion / Re: TeamTime, handy for IRC chat
« on: January 29, 2007, 12:57 AM »
in part of its defense, I could not find anything else that performed the same task,
i found out that we still have to key-in the time-zone ourselves
I Agree, but why doesn't a chat client have this built in.

This might be a bit big for a coding snack, but it would be nice to see someone try. or offer a alternative.

regardless, it does not crash on my machine, and I get to see the bizarre hours some DC chatters are online.


General Software Discussion / Stickies 6.0a released
« on: January 22, 2007, 01:38 PM »
A few of Us have been waiting for this.

Stickies is a electronic Post-it note software, a a very good one.
To many options to list. but a couple that people have been waiting for
  • Stickies can be attached to a window - they only appear on the desktop only when that application is active. That way, you can have a sticky which appears when you go to a web site, open a document, or browse to a folder on your computer, and then disappears again when you leave that place
  • Locked mode for stickies, meaning their contents cannot be changed
  • Option for whether clicking on one sticky also brings the others to the front - either all are brought forward, or just the one you clicked

Stickies is one of my 'must have' software. It gets installed on every machine I ever use, including friends.

(Disclaimer. I am not connected in any way to this application.)

edited to attach image - always attach images to your posts so we can blog them
Screenshot - 1_23_2007 , 4_24_27 AM.png

N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: Backup Revision Folder
« on: January 14, 2007, 07:46 AM »
Thanks for your feedback nikos. much appreciated.

I added a file called "New file" to be monitored. It picked up the changes ok. The "Open run master file" button didn't seem to do anything.
Open/Run master file. should run the files associated program. ie   sample.html opens in Thunderbird   sample.doc opens Word   sample.pdf opens acrobat reader.
If this is not happening, let me know.

now here are a few items to be taken as constructive criticism
I have never used a revision system, so I am hoping for constructive criticism.   :P

* have the option instead of automatic backups to make backups "on demand" (how a normal repository engine would work). When my day is through I want to store the changes
Sounds good, will try to implement. In the meantime, you should be able to 'pause monitoring' via the Tray. and then 'start monitoring' at the end of the day. this should cycle through each file that has changed and prompt for input . *untested*
I have the unique ability to break something very quickly, hence the live monitoring, and multiple saves per hour.

* allow whole folders (with subfolders) to be added for monitoring
this is probably above what I intended this to be used for, I was after a simple way to monitor around 4-5 files i was working on.  I am not sure how live monitoring of 100+ files would impact on CPU usage etc.

* some structure in your "backup" folder will be necessary especially when a lot of items are monitored, eg one subfolder per item tracked
yes, at present, each file monitored creates its own folder in the backup directory. but I will give it some more thought.

* this keep-it tool would store the revisions into a single compressed file, which isn't a bad idea (eg compound storage)
another good idea, but is not possible in AHK without some additional files, and more experience then what i have.  :)

Thanks for feedback

Hi BrotherS

Before we all go and shell out some hard earned dollars.
I do suggest you download a trial version of 'PaperValet'

even though it appears to be abandoned. it has served us well for two years now.
Most of the request asked here it already meets.

So for $25standard, $45Pro you can get a product that will give you a great start.

From the screenshots below.
- Single scan
- Scan multiple pages to a single PDF.  (using either Append, or Add to Batch)
- Documents are kept in a Tree Folder Structure  (easy to backup, copy to CD, etc)
- File Name can have different fields auto appended/prepended. (we have the date auto prepended to all scans)
- OCR via Microsoft Office or Scansoft (but we dont use)
- Customize Fields in Pro version (we do use this)
- Has a inbuilt PDF/Tiff viewer that navigates via a folder layout. This alone is brilliant.

For searching , I prefer to use Copernic Desktop,

14_01_2007 , 11_18_29 PM  Screenshot.png

14_01_2007 , 11_25_08 PM  Screenshot.png

any questions regarding what Papervalet can do, just ask.

If you want a printer, the Brother MFC with the lovely feeder mentioned above isn't a great choice, but even after searching Google for a long time I found no alternative device with a feeder at such a low price!

It looks like Brother has no competition in this price segment.

Yep, the brother is a dog for printing, we use the office laser for print, and only use the brother for scanning, some photocopying, the occasional fax or print.


Hi BrotherS

So, who here has a real document scanner already?

We use a Brother, of course.

But we did not get a dedicated document scanner.
We purchased a Brother MFC All in One because it was cheap. cheaper then most dedicated scanners.
But it does Scan, Print, Fax, and has a Document feeder.

something like this


We use a program called 'Paper Valet' at work

It performs beautifully, with some 4600 pieces of paper scanned in over the last 12 months.
Its quick and easy, and straight to a folder structure.
Includes a PDF viewer, and search.

but it appears to of been abandoned now :(

There is a free and Pro version still on the website, but the author has not been heard from for nearly 12 months.
We use the Pro version that allows renaming of Headers and scan to PDF.

Overall, for ease of use and simplicity 8/10


N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: Backup Revision Folder
« on: January 13, 2007, 06:06 AM »
See top(1st)  post for Version 2

Complete change to version 1,
and will start on a few more features for ver 3, mainly eye candy.

would appreciate if someone can tell me what CPU it consumes, as I have no idea how to test for it other then the usual.


N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: Backup Revision Folder
« on: January 10, 2007, 02:14 PM »
Hi All

v2 is nearly finished, with just some testing to be done.

If this doesn't meet your needs try Vcom's AutoSave2
Autosave2 is primarily a instant backup program, and although BRF essentially does the same, I added a history log.
Each time BRF detects a file change, the user is prompted to add some comments. These comments are added to a text file (log).
So when things go bad, the user can check the history file to see when they last saved a good copy. My main intention for this app was for when heavy editing of files, I use a dedicated Backup program to save my Main Data, and BRF for when I am busy editing.

this reminds me of a tool called "keepit" ( which was the exact kind of thing you were after
Yep, thats the sort of application that I was looking for, and if I had found it, I probably would of used it.
But now I am this far, and intend to improve a little as I learn more, I will be in for the long haul.


General Software Discussion / TeamTime, handy for IRC chat
« on: December 30, 2006, 05:42 AM »
Just posting this for people who like to use IRC but are not sure what is the local time of their buddies or roommates.



and don't forget Donation Coders very own chat room


Just a thought

Your problem is having a program still running that can no longer access the drive, because the drive has disconnected due to lack of activity.

It would not be to hard to have a AHK script send a tiny write/delete to the encrypted drive every 'x' minutes whenever Outlook/Onenote is open (IfWinExists)
Keeping the encrypted drive active until you close Outlook/Onenote

is this a option ?


Living Room / Re: Merry x-mas 2006
« on: December 24, 2006, 05:48 AM »
Merry Xmas to all

To a instantly comfortable gathering.

Thanks to everyone


N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: File Revision Folder
« on: December 15, 2006, 03:32 PM »
Hi Mouser

great idea..
i can think of one major feature that would be nice:
let user configure where to save revisions - especially in a subdirectory of current folder - i would even prefer that much by default.

ie you run it in a directory X and all revisions are saved automatically to X\Revisions\...

That was exactly the setup I used when I first started, but ran into trouble with a thumb drive.
I did not want to keep the revisions on the thumb drive, for my own saftey. :)
Because one of the main aims was to have this as NON-configurable. I decided that a subdirectory of MyDocs would be the best place.

After the challenge, I will do two versions if thats Ok.
Non-Configurable. * for family and others that do not use preferences.  ABC,123 Simple :huh:
Configurable. * set directories,  multiple directories, customise historylog, etc

Thanks always

N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Backup Revision Folder
« on: December 15, 2006, 06:57 AM »
Small Update,
It seems like you continually poll files for their last-modify timestamp?
yes, BRF does poll the file to check for changes, but the poll time can be set in preferences to anything you want. It does not appear to effect CPU to much even when set down to every three seconds, but bump it out to hours if you need to.

Version 2.1
+ Added Folder Size to Control Panel, to keep an eye on backup folder size
* changed 'Last saved date' to 'Last edited date' (text only)
+ Added new Tray menu command 'Check now'

'Check Now' allows the user to either
a) Turn off monitoring via tray menu, and hit 'Check Now' when they want to check files
b) Via Preferences, make check time a lot (21600=6hrs) and press 'Check now' to force a update

BRF Tray 2.1.png

BRF Folder size 2.1.png

Version 2
Backup Revision Files v2  (new name, was Backup Revision Folder)

Program Description
Ever made a mess of a file by saving something you were not meant to, and not being able to undo the disaster you created.
I have, lots of times. so i went in search on Google for a simple 'incremental revision save' of files.
I struggled to find something that was simple, quick, easy to use, 1 minute setup.

Added to v2
+ Choose what files you want monitored, in any folder.
+ Files now monitored by timedate stamp (was archive bit)
+ Control Panel to add/remove monitored files
+ Control Panel to show History, Run File, Explore folder
+ Preference to choose backup location
+ Preference to choose frequency check

What it Does

Backup Revision Files monitors the user selected files for a 'file save' and prompts the user for some text input.
This Text is the appended to a historylog file and a backup is made of the 'saved file' with a timedate stamp added.

What are the typical uses of Backup Revision Folder for
  • Essays
  • Scripting
  • Documents
  • Coding
  • Cad and Drawing

BRFv2 can be installed/copied to any folder you choose. (old version monitored folder, not applicable now)
Upon executing, BRF will check a subfolder, called 'links'

The links folder will hold a shortcut for each file that you want to monitor.
BRF checks that the 'shortcut' and the 'monitored file' are in sync.
If they are not the same modified timestamp. Prompt the user for History Text and save backup. then sync Shortcut timestamp.
Cancel button will just sync timestamp. (no backup)

Runs standalone, so can be run from thumbdrive.
13_01_2007 , 9_47_26 PM  Screenshot.png

13_01_2007 , 9_48_45 PM  Screenshot.png

13_01_2007 , 9_49_30 PM  Screenshot.png
Backup Revision Files.exe
     -- Links (subfolder)

     -- Backup Revision Files (subfolder)
          -- File Name (Backups and HistoryLog.txt)
          -- File Name (Backups and HistoryLog.txt)
          -- File Name (Backups and HistoryLog.txt)

And its still EASY 2 USE.   :)

Of course, all comments and suggestions welcome.
The AHK script is attached, and I hope people can contribute and improve this for all.

formerly dB(doublebogey)

Version 1 Info
    Backup Revision Folder v1b5 - 1st January 2007.

    Program Description
    Ever made a mess of a file by saving something you were not meant to, and not being able to undo the disaster you created.
    I have, lots of times. so i went in search on Google for a simple 'incremental revision save' of files.

    To my disappointment, most systems just seemed to complex for what I needed.
    There are a number of application like Subversion, Clearcase, StarTeam, Perforce etc, and I am sure each one does a excellent job.
    But I don't work in a team, or have the desire to setup up a client/server. Booking In/Out is not required. and I don't always have access to the internet.
    I just wanted something really, really simple. To work as a standalone, small, single user. Did I mention Simple, like 123 simple.

    'Backup Folder Revision' is a single exe file that can be used standalone.
    When you use the installer file, it creates a subdirectory in Program Files, called 'Backup Folder Revision'
    but you can always copy the exe file to a thumb drive or any other folder.

    What File Revision Folder does when executed and running

    •     * Use the Tray menu to select files to be monitored
    •     * When a monitored files is saved, Prompt the user with a interface to enter a brief description.
    •     * Save a copy of the changed file to the folder MyDocuments/Backup Revision Folder/example/example 2007_01_01 09_30.???
    •     * Append to a historylog  file, the users popup interface, saved in MyDocuments/Backup Revision Folder/example/example_HistoryLog.txt
    •     * And most importantly, it is simple. Simple enough for kids and grandparents to use. ABC simple.

    Configuration via Tray Icon allows
    • user to choose any file, anywhere to monitor.
    • pause/continue monitoring
    • the user to choose a Backup Directory.

    You can now continue to work on your original master file, knowing that there is a version saved to a backup folder.

    You can run Backup Revision Folder.exe straight from a Thumb drive folder,
    which means it will save a version of the changed file to the current machines mydocuments folder. (or configured location)

    The thumb drive is one of the main reasons I created 'Backup Revision Folder', was because I am always worried i will
        * - loose the thing, they are just to small.
        * - damage the Thumb drive, step on, drowning. etc
        * - corrupt memory, no warning, and how many of us really backup a thumb drive properly.
    so Backup Revision Folder should be invaluable to a thumbdrive and people who carry and edit their documents on Portable Drives

    What are the typical uses of Backup Revision Folder for
    • Essays
    • Scripting
    • Documents
    • Coding
    • Cad and Drawing

    User Prompt
    26_12_2006 , 8_31_19 AM  Screenshot.png

    Tray Menu
    28_12_2006 , 11_37_24 PM  Screenshot.png

    Of course, all comments and suggestions welcome.

    formerly dB(doublebogey)


    Try Audacity

    neat, clean, popular.


    General Software Discussion / Re: musikCube 1.0 Final Released
    « on: December 07, 2006, 02:14 AM »
    Musikcube has been one of my favs for a year or two now.

    It always reminds me of the difference between a NAD amplifier and a City Lights Boom Box.

    NAD - simple, uncomplicated, limited controls, plain looking, - great sound
    Boom Box - 1 million lights, massive grills, lots of dialls and sliders, - crap sound

    Musikcube - =NAD
    A lot of others - =Boom Box

    My kids love it, now theres a solid reference.


    Ok, Found a problem, googled for solution, none that fitted requirement, a AHK script should be possible. (and handy)

    So dB swings wildly off the Tee.
    see you on the Green, january 1.

    hopeful score, a PAR.


    Post New Requests Here / Re: DONE: Keep a given windows to front
    « on: December 05, 2006, 05:51 AM »
    There is also the excellent 'FileBox Extender'

    mentioned here on DC

    Adds push-pin button to keep windows on top, and roll-up button to hide window contents except for title bar. and more.....
    Free software for Windows XP and older, not supported under Vista.  Navigate easily through the Windows folder maze with FileBox eXtender buttons added to your file boxes. Access your favorite and recently visited folders and documents with one mouse click. Adds push-pin button to keep windows on top, and roll-up button to hide window contents except for title bar.
    Ver. 1.91.04 is now available

    I use this at work and its excellent.

    (just another option)


    Hi rob

    Written in Autohotkey , this should do your request.
    Copy macro text string to clipboard
    Press 'ALT-v'


    Here is the same but with a message box as a pre check.
    WinGetActiveTitle, Title
    msgbox, 4,,send the text string `n`n%Clipboard%`n`nto the application called `n`n%Title%
    IfMsgBox Yes

    and a link to the key modifiers


    and the exe for those that dont have autohotkey

    Living Room / Re: Flowchart and Diagramming Review
    « on: November 10, 2006, 05:12 PM »
    Ditto for Edge Diagrammer. (what mouser said)


    Living Room / Re: Smilies On Strike For Skrommel (SOSFS)
    « on: October 28, 2006, 05:49 PM »
    OMG,  what have I done, I was to fast to presume we had lost him.

    Quick,   to the recycle bin......


    Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: application sensitive pop-up notes
    « on: October 22, 2006, 04:34 AM »
    Hi All

    You could wait till 'Stickies' v6 is released.

    New features.
    Stickies can be attached to a window - they appear on the desktop only when that application is active. That way, you can have a sticky which appears when you go to a web site, open a document, or browse to a folder on your computer.

    currently version 5.2 and the author is holding out till vista release. :(
    Wish he would just bite the bullet, the planned new features look amazing

    For those that dont use stickies, its simply brilliant. (freeware)

    Also found via snapfiles
    Quick Note Plus
    already has "Context-Sensitive Sticky Notes"

    I have used 'stickies' for years.
    never used 'QNP' but always willing to learn.


    Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: WinCovers
    « on: October 17, 2006, 02:37 AM »
    I have not forgotten.
    Just keep running into dead ends myself with each path I try.


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