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  • Thursday June 8, 2023, 5:15 pm
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Thanks tomos. I was looking for such a comparison table just now and your post saved me from further searches.  :up:

Based on the table, I believe the professional version should be perfect for me. The little experience I had since yesterday after downloading the trial version made a good impression on me. I might even use it over my beloved Vice Vera Pro, because of the smart detection of renamed and moved files and folders.

I came across this post today, while searching for the differences between Syncovery Pro & Vice Versa Pro. The reason being that Syncovery Pro is on sale at BitsDuJour today. Despite the age of this post, it has been helpful for me in understanding some differences between these two excellent programs.


AutoHotkey can do this. You can either program a script yourself, which is relatively easy to learn, or make user of some existing helper script to record a set of mouse movements and clicks that can later be rerun. Or do a combination of both. For example Mouse And Keyboard Macro Recorder from AutoHotkey forums.

Thanks Nod5. In tune with what the others have written as well, a solution without any kind of programming (visually setting roles like in many products, included) is definitely not possible. This got me thinking if AHK might actually not be as easy or even easier than the other solutions. I have given the AHK tutorial on its site a go and the language does seem to not very much difficult. Your suggestion regarding the Keyboard Macro recorder will definitely be helpful. I did not know about it. AHK is now on my list as well.

I will try the various options and will post my experiences here in this post from time to time.

"minimal programming" might never be as minimal as you'd like    The closest you can get might be something like Macro Express, a well-featured, long-established program.

Cheaper but less featured; Axife Mouse Recorder (apparently written in AutoIT).

Even cheaper, plus a free version; Mini Mouse Macro.

Thanks rjbull, added to my list. Will try out in the coming weeks and post back my experiences here.

Haven't used it in quite a long time, but maybe TinyTask would be worth looking into?
The author's website doesn't exist any longer but i found copies on multiple download sites by searching for "tinytask".

Thanks for the suggestion, AzureToad. TinyTask is now on my list of Apps to try.

You can say RtvReco is old indeed. It is from 2002, so 18 years. Its website hasn't been updated since 2003 either. Wouldn't try this anymore on Windows 10.

I, too, was (slightly) wondering about the age of the program. Have taken it out of my list of things to try now. :-)

I got a similar error yesterday. The database is OK and working as usual after a reboot.

Thanks Shades. I am downloading PTFB Trial and check how that works out. While searching for it, I also came across this old software, which I will also give a try:

Thanks for the suggestion regarding AutoIt, ferretau. Unfortunately, it will some time before I can get on with it. Learning to script is high on my agenda, because of the various advantages it offers to my digital productivity, and also to finally try out creating small programs for personal productivity, which I can hopefully one day share back at DonationCoder. Unfortunately, owing to my regular tasks at work, which is not programming related, I have few opportunities to get down to it. But when I do, AutoIt and AHK are high on my list, right after VBA, which I am requiring more and more at my job, because of the many Excel sheets I need to work with.

Thank you for suggesting Winautomation, flamerz. I will download a trial version and give it a spin. Does anyone have any experience with less costly and similar alternatives to Winautomation?

Can the users of this forum suggest a minimal programming Windows automation solution, which will allow one to perform multiple file opening, clicking, and saving functions.

E.g.: Periodically open CCleaner -> Click Tools - Click "Save to a text file" -> go to a particular folder (create, if non - existent) -> Save as CCleaner Installed App on <computer name> - <current date & time ->.txt.

Thank you for your suggestions.

HAutomating Windows - Fast, easy to use, minimal programming required - solution

Thanks for considering the suggestions, dear Mouser. I look forward to how you implement these or similar features in CHS.

Could you also consider the possibility of being able to highlight text and objects and add comments to them via annotation and tagging? This would make the process of constantly copying and pasting elements from one program to another unnecessary and make CHS the central repository for a lot of content.

Because CHS has become so central to my workflow, I am very thankful for your efforts in making it even better.

Mouser, this is great!

Would it be possible to create a virtual folder called say "Keywords", which automatically has child folders with notes containing all keywords.

Alternatively and possibly simpler, can one limit the quick search filter to search only in specific headers, apart from the general rule for searching through all headers?


Hi Mouser,

I did not know that CHS already allows tagging. How does one activate the tagging function for a clip?

In my request, I was just referring to adding some tags to the clip as a whole.

But your statement regarding adding multiple tags to different areas ties in very well with my request for highlighting and annotating, like in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat.  It also would make CHS the go-to tool for a lot of qualitative categorization and coding that I need to do.


Markdown has the option to tag, highlight, and comment as well? Wow! That I need to try out. Through, I would very much prefer a menu bar for this, probably mainly because that is what I am used to since a long time.
Variety of conventions so best to know what is actually being inserted,  but menu bar is easier and many apps have one.

I am interested and will research these options a bit. Congratulation on your 1500th post. :-)

All I am missing there are tags, highlighters, and comments
You just type these in with markdown  ;D

Markdown has the option to tag, highlight, and comment as well? Wow! That I need to try out. Through, I would very much prefer a menu bar for this, probably mainly because that is what I am used to since a long time.

I did not know that CHS also has a Markdown feature. How can one activate or use it?

Latest insider build has a spellchecker (US English only), a few glitches still being sorted.

This is good news. I look forward to trying it out.


2. clone the old drive to it using EASUS, AOMEI, etc partitioning software,

Thanks for the step by step walkthrough. I follow the same process, except the software I use and which has not failed me in the last 4-5 years is the freeware version of Macrium Reflect.

Latest Update:

After the changes made in my last post, "The picture is too large and will be truncated" error was occurring once every-time I restarted and copied something from excel. Since a couple of weeks that no longer is the case. I am not receiving any error at all and everything is functioning fine. In case there is any change in this pattern, I will report back here.

Thanks to the discussions here, I have tried Obsidian and it really does seem to do a lot of things that I want including internal wiki-linking. Has anybody managed to integrate/use a spellchecker with it. The Obsidian forum posts about a spellchecker offer aspell as a solution, but with Linux/Unix. Not much about a Windows solution there.

How to never lose another memory again:

I am getting more and more reliant on Mouser's excellent "Clipboard Help+Spell" for a lot of note taking. I just copy what I want into the clipboard, may it be text notes, images, webpages, or references. The text notes can be modified using the inbuilt editor. All I am missing there are tags, highlighters, and comments/annotations. But even without these, because of the constant use of clipboard memory, it has automatically become my go to notes keeper.

There is one more option, At Stackoverflow, one post suggests using Batch programming in powershell together with a CSV file containing pairs of the strings (searched string - replaced string):

Here is another version of it, with some visual examples: https://jorgecandeia...files-in-powershell/

At StackExchange, there is a similar question:

The software recommended here are

1. FindInFile (FiF) for CudaText editor

2. Advanced Find and Replace


I am not 100% sure though, if they are talking about replacing multiple strings with respective other multiple strings or by only one string.

I find myself using CHS for a number of things. For example, transferring clips of texts from PDFs, E-Mails and Websites together with information about the date accessed, URL (if applicable), Window Titles, etc.

Given that the CHS database now serves as a central repository for many of the clips I use for research etc., I was wondering if it would be possible to annotate/highlight the contents of individual clips and to tag them. This would make the constant copying and pasting the clips to individual programs less necessary and would make CHS the go to App for managing  text and images from multiple sources in the form of a qualitative data database. It might also help against the annotations and codes being tied up in individual files and provide a central means to store and access snippets, programming codes, qualitative research codes, and annotations.

I will be interested in what Mouser and the others think about this and if anyone has similar solutions they are using.

Hi Shades,

Thanks for adding to the discussions. I have skwire, wraith808, and you to thank for introducing me to MarkDown in another thread here. :-)

The Word add-in for mediawiki looks interesting for getting some sort of Wiki features in Word. The other suggestion are interesting too, but most of these are concerned with connecting Word to Wikipedia.

Wow! A 13 Year old topic and I find it relevant even today. I know I should perhaps start a new topic, but all I want to do here is ask Armando if he ever found a solution. :)

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