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Information from https://blog.techinl...d-will-be-truncated/

As soon as you identify the software that’s causing the error, contact its developer and share the below instructions with them:

Information for developers:
If your application interacts with the Windows clipboard using OLE technology, this indicates that somewhere your source code calls of the IDataObject interface. This interface contains the GetData method, which can result in the described Excel error when it tries to receive clipboard content in CF_METAFILEPICT format.

How to fix:
Skip the GetData call if the requested format is CF_METAFILEPICT.

Hi Mouser,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I got caught up in a project and had turned off CHS for a few days.

Today I tried out the different combinations you suggested:

Rejecting CF_METAFILEPICT resulted in the excel error "The picture is too large and will be truncated", every time I copied the entire (even blank) excel worksheet:


Then I tried rejecting CF_ENHMETAFILE. The error remained, every time I copied the entire (even blank) excel worksheet:


After this, I rejected both CF_METAFILEPICT and  CF_ENHMETAFILE. Same error, every time I copied the entire (even blank) excel worksheet:


I unintentionally changed the settings to store CF_METAFILEPICTand reject  CF_ENHMETAFILE. The same error occured once. But when I tried copying again, there was no error. Interesting this is happening everytime now. The error turns up once and then I am able to copy as usual, with this setting:


Looking for other similar errors or references to the two clipbard formats and excel, I came across these two webpages:

http://www.mschaef.c...is_in_your_clipboard (Not related to the error, but interesting as to my untrained eye, this looks similar to the Blob entry in CHS)

https://sourceforge....d/af8d949a/?limit=25 (Similar error with these two clipboard formats. No resolution posted)

Thanks :-)

Hmmm! Is there any troubleshooting routine that I can follow, which can give you the most important information about what might be causing this error. At the moment, it seems that I am the only one having this issue.

Hi Mouser,

Thanks to your earlier explanations, I played around with the capture settings a bit, and the problem seems to be gone for now.


After disabling the "Capture other formats" checkbox under "Main Capture Options" in CHS, I am not getting the error anymore. I still don't know why the error disappeared earlier, but am happy for now. :-)

Hi Mouser,

The error is not limited to any specific Excel File. The fastest way to reproduce the error is to select the entire worksheet in any excel file (including blank ones) by clicking on the top left corner and then copying using Ctrl+C, while CHS is running. I am using Excel 2016. If you can't reproduce the error this way, then the problem might somehow lie with my PC configuration.

General Software Discussion / Re: WikiWord Linking in MS Word
« on: May 05, 2020, 04:35 AM »
Shades, looking at the codes (not in depth), I too found the AsciiDoc syntax more logical. For example _abc_ for underscore rather than *_*. I haven't had much chance to use the codes so I expect there might be a logical reason for that, or maybe I will simply get used to the logic. :-)

In any case, I plan to give AsciiDoc a try once I have had some practice with markdown.

Thanks for the quick uptake, dear Mouser.

I just downloaded and use the 2.55 version and the error persists. I wonder, what it was with my earlier configuration (sadly deleted now) with the alpha version copied straight over the installed version that did not show the problem after the version update a couple of weeks earlier.  :huh:

Following is the screenshot of the 2.55 rules interface:

CHS 2.55 Excel Rule 20200505.jpg

General Software Discussion / Re: WikiWord Linking in MS Word
« on: May 04, 2020, 05:17 PM »
Thanks a lot Shades and skwire. I have downloaded both programs and have skimmed through information about both. All in all I am liking what I am seeing.

I am yet to begin trying ASCIIDocFx, but have started with Joplin. The interface is nice and I like the notebook organized interface. It does not have spellcheck, but as a compromise, I downloaded Typora and can use it as an external editor with spellchek, and can link it to Joplin.  Sadly, it does not offer the easy WikiLinking via [[]] or CamelCase that WikidPad or TiddlyWiki offer. Another alternative that I downloaded and tried (Notable), and I think also Typora offer this and really hope that Joplin will soon offer this as well. The file naming is based on internal codes and is a bit confusing, if one looks at the files using a file manager. Within the program interface, the names are organized quite well. The real time preview using a split screen effect is great for learning the syntax.

I will try Joplin for a few days, while also trying out MarkDown syntax, before trying ASCIIDocFX out.

Thanks again for introducing me to these interesting programs.

Now this is interesting:

Until now I was unzipping the alpha version in the CHS program files folder, which is a result of installing CHS using the setup program. Now I removed the installed version and started using CHS just as portable program. Now, even after including the excel rule, I have started getting the error in excel again.  :tellme:

General Software Discussion / WikiWord Linking in MS Word
« on: May 03, 2020, 12:08 AM »
While on the lookout for a better way to manage my texts and research, I have (again) started experimenting with TiddlyWiki and WikidPad . I was wondering whether a similar feature (Wiki-Linked Rich Text) is available or could be made available using an addon in MS-Word and came across this old post in DC Forums:


Does anyone have experience with something similar?

I have now also included the rule. Reporting no error till now.  :)

Hi Mouser,

THANK YOU for your dedication to the project and your sense of responsibility for the users. I (and I am sure that most other members) appreciate it a lot.

I am including the rule right now. But, did not get the error, despite not having added the rule since I updated to the latest alpha  a few minutes back.

Hi Mouser,

Thanks for your great help.

The best way to reproduce the error that I found till now is to select the entire worksheet by clicking on the top left corner and then copying using Ctrl+C.

I have just now downloaded and installed the latest Alpha version (v 2.54.0) and did not get the error. Perhaps a good thing? :-)



P.S.: I now have put it on my to do list for 2021-22: Learn scripting so as to understand the programming references here and maybe also contribute to the development more actively.

Hi Mouser,

I have sent you the BLOB data file using PM.

Today, I reinstalled the stable version (2.46.01) and the excel error disappeared. At least until now, the error seems to be related to the Alpha version  (2.47.01) only.


Hi Mouser,

That's right. The error occurs, when I try to copy within excel. It is not related to any particular file. Even if I try copying multiple cells within a new blank excel file, I get the same error. That, unless I exit CHS.

Searching on the internet, I found that this problem occurs in a number of cases, some of which involved one clipboard manager or the other. That is what made me try turning CHS off in the first place.  I will check again, if using the non-alpha stable version also results in a similar error. That might help in the troubleshooting.

Would you still like to have the BLOB data?

Thanks and a great weekend.

Thank you for your reply, dear Mouser.

Are you using the latest alpha of CHS that supports multiple formats?

Yes. I am using the latest (approx. a couple of weeks old) alpha version.

Can you paste a screenshot of the error?



Assuming you are using the alpha of CHS, can you paste a screenshot of your CHS blob data view of the paste?

How does one do that?

Since a few days, whenever I try to copy more than a few cells in excel, I keep on receiving the error "the picture is too large and will be truncated". After this, excel hangs. It mostly recovers but every now then I am left with no option but to force close it. The problem disappears, once I exit CHS.

Is there an option within CHS that I need to change in order not to get this error?

Thanks.  8)

Chimp Notes, probably my first auto saving note taking and outlining software. I use ResophNotes and Simplenote now But still have fond memories of Chimp Notes.

(and so on): Will be added from time to time.

Please add extra stuff as a new reply in this thread as users won't get notification of changes to existing posts...

Makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion.

I will use the quote feature to refer to the earlier post and add new entries in new replies.

Hi everyone,

Here is my (in-progress) list of lesser known software, which have and continue to help make my PC life easier:

01. Spaceman 99: My first choice for finding and deleting duplicate files, using different criteria, finding and removing empty folders, and checking how much space folders on my drives are taking up. It has an easy to use windows explorer like interface. Costs USD 20.00 for perpetual licence. I have mine since at least a decade.

02. Quick Access Popup: Found this gem of a Speed multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher just a couple of years back. Freeware for Windows, but also available as a donationware for pro features.

03. (and so on): Will be added from time to time.

Well, I dunno about that. It's pretty scary in MY home. My wife just shouted at me, apropos of nothing in particular: "What the heck are you sitting playing ruddy Fallout 4 for!? You've been playing it for 4 straight hours now! Why don't you get off your fat ugly backside and do something useful instead of wasting your time!" (To a chorus of "Yeah, Dad!" from my two kids. They just want me to get off the laptop so as they can use it. I've been hogging it all morning.)
So I went out for a walk in the deserted streets, crossing the road if I saw a human or a dog or a bat approaching.
It's a lovely day. Early autumn. Deciduous trees starting to come into their glorious reddish-brown shades on the tree-lined avenue where I live, just next door to the local abattoir - which is thankfully silent now.

 :)  You made my day, as I try to create a halfway good online training module, with the clock ticking ominously.

Yep.  btw "%Notes%" will leave off the "Notes: " word if you dont want that.

Hey, Thanks for the tip. This is immensely helpful.

Regaring ActiveWindowBrowserUrl, what I *could* do if people wanted, was make it hold the url in Notes *IF* there is one, and be blank otherwise (e.g. not display any non-url notes).

I guess, this change will make %ActiveWindowBrowserUrl% more useful, if the variable is anyhow inactive.

Hear Hear!!!!  :)

Regarding whether the behavior  of %ActiveWindowBrowserUrl% is dependent upon the browser being active or not, I did a small experiment. I copied your last post and pasted the results in my current post.

The template:


results in:
19/03/2020 , 3:05:48 am
Post reply - - Google Chrome
Notes: https://www.donation...80.0;last_msg=436924

With the entire world is quarantined indoors, and it feeling very scary outside, at least we have our virtual homes and families!  :Thmbsup:


So I guess, %ActiveWindowBrowserUrl%  simply is not active, even when I do not exit the browser. Not that it affects my purpose as %Notes.withprefix% is taking care of the URL.  8)

Exactly. Another mystery pounced upon and solved. Thanks a ton Mouser. I plan to hang around much often than in the last years and look forward to our many interactions.

Thanks again for helping me find an excellent working solution.  :Thmbsup:

Hi Mouser,

After trying the alpha version on two identical windows 10 PCs I can confirm that every one of the following variables returned a valid value, except %ActiveWindowBrowserUrl%. The URL is however perfectly accessible via %Notes.withprefix%:



I also did not find %ActiveWindowBrowserUrl% mentioned as an available variable in the quick paste options window. So probably, I have been trying somethings, which is anyhow not possible. :-)

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