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  • Monday May 23, 2022, 9:43 pm
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Well, do it as you like. User will judge for themselves. Direct Access is not a copycat of Phase Express. We are in the same business. Should I avoid implementing a feature that my user request because it's something already available in PhraseExpress? It doesn't really make sense to me.
I didn't want to mention that but you have "copied" as you said some features of Direct Access and included in Phrase Express: for example, the ability to launch the email client.
Another strange thing I notices is that soon after we published the autocorrection dictionaries in many languages on our website, they appeared on yours too.

So, please don't talk to me about ethics. It just seems to me that you have no idea of what business competition is. I don't think that Donation coder people will appreciate "your business ethics".

Hey, I really feel chased by this guy. Wherever I post there another post of his telling me that I copied his product. I really don't understand.  :(
It feels like he's very frustrated to me.

Almost correct. When you purchase the software, you get any upgrade (minor or major) that is released in 12 moths. So if you upgrade now and v.3.0 is released in November 2009, of course you get it for free. Our plan is to release a new major version per year.

Hello everyone,

Direct Access 2.1 has been released and you can read about the changes in v.2.1 from http://www.nagarsoft...taccess/new-features

I just wanted to add some clarifications about a couple of points that have been mentioned:

1. When you buy the upgrade, you get v.2 of Direct Access and all versions that are releases from the date of the upgrade up to one year. It's not a subscription. That is, you can continue to use the software after the upgrade protection period has ended: you just don't get new upgrades but you can continue to use the version you got as long as you like. (the license will never expire)

2. The 30% discount for donation coders is available only for full licenses. Upgrade price is 24.95$ You can upgrade from

I'd be very pleased to get your feedback and impressions about the new version. Thanks everyone.

I wish to thank Darwin for the review and all the other people who wrote nice words about Direct Access and the way I'm doing business. With your comments and suggestions you have contributed a lot to the success of Direct Access.
I'm always looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks again. :D

Thanks. The nice thing is that you can import the list of autocorrect from Word or Autohotkey and have them available in Direct Access so that you can use them in any application.

If you prefer to add a suffix to trigger you commands (instead of using the SHIFT confirmation key) you can easily add it to multiple abbreviations and tweak it to your suit your needs.

Something I want to mention about autocorrect is that it may "autocorrects" a word which you prefer it didn't. With Direct Access new shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+E you can open the edit window for the last executed command so that you can tweak it to your needs.

Thanks again for all the feedback you provided in the forum.

I've released a new version of Direct Access v.1.65
It includes support for importing Microsoft Word Autocorrect so that you can apply them to any application and a powerful feature to add/remove prefix or suffixes to commands to easily adapt them to your style.
You can download the new version from and, as usual, Donation Coder members get a 30% discount (use coupon DONATIONCODER when ordering).

You can see what's changed at http://www.nagarsoft.../versionhistory.aspx

If you have a set of autocorrections is Autohotkey, have you tried importing them in Direct Access? v. includes a command importer and allows you to import abbreviations created with Autohotkey.

Thanks. As you said the new version plays nice with other macro tools as it ignores soft generated keystrokes so the text typed by other macro tools is always inserted correctly and without delay. The new lightweight keystroke detection engine helps also making things smooth.

I'm pleased to announce I've released v.1.6.2 of Direct Access which adds a number of new features and enhancements. It really saves time!
You can download the new version from and, as usual, Donation Coder members get a 30% discount (use coupon DONATIONCODER when ordering).

Improved stability and reduced startup time: Direct Access 1.6 has improved stability and the load time has been consistently reduced. The new keystroke detection engine is lightweight, faster and more reliable than the old one.
Powerful Importer: Direct Access Importer lets you import your commands from other text expander tools like Autohotkey, Type Pilot and Shortkeys to help you migrate from your previous tool in no time.

Quickly confirm a command using the SHIFT key: you can now use SHIFT to confirm a command when you see the confirmation tooltip. It's really quick and convenient to just press SHIFT instead of reaching for F12 or any other key.
Easily share and create commands with the Create Commands Wizard: a new Wizard semplifies the process of importing commands from command packs or creating commands from the desktop, quickstart or documents folders. It simplifies the process of exporting the commands from a PC and importing it to another one detecting and overwriting existing commands on the target machine.

Automate applications with the Send special keys macro: this was a major request and now it's there. You can send key combinations to other applications to do basic automation and fill forms. If you are doing repetitive operations through menus Direct Access can help controlling the target application using keyboard shortcuts. Direct Access can also insert the contents of the clipboard anyplace in an Autotext macro.

New sendtext engine (no interference with other macro tools): the new engine works at a much lower level and is more reliable in sending text to any application. On top of that, it detects the lengths of the text to copy and can decide if typing the text directly or use the clipboard. This ensures that the text is always inserted quickly and precisely. Direct Access can now ignore soft keys: these are virtual keystrokes generated by other macro tools (like Macro Scheduler). This prevents any interference with your pre-existent scripts.

How much time are you saving with Direct Access? Find it out with the new usage statistics: with the usage statistics you can actually see how much time you are saving with Direct Access. I encourage you to enable sharing usage statistics: the data are completely anonymous and they help us understand how you use Direct Access to serve you better.

HTML command pack: we have released our first public command pack which contains a number of abbreviations especially aimed at web designers. You'll be able to quickly insert HTML tags in any application using easy to remember abbreviations.

Andrea Nagar - Nagarsoft
Skype: nagarsoft
Discover the power of Direct Access to speed up your personal computing experience by reducing time consuming, repetitive tasks using abbreviations.

Macro Scheduler has a number of exclusive features (image recognition is one of those). On top of that you get first class support which is something you should consider too.

Mjtnet, to celebrate its 10 years in business, is offering a huge discount (more than 58%) on all versions of Macro Scheduler, its award winning macro automation tool.

Macro Scheduler is a perfect companion of Direct Access (text substitution and application launcher) which is offered to donation coder users at special price.

For those who don't know Macro Scheduler, it is Windows Automation Made Easy. The only solution with VBScript built in, a dedicated windows automation language with over 200 functions, full variable support, a native code editor and debugger, a macro recorder that creates real human code and the ability to create standalone EXE files. Powerful and flexible for the advanced user yet easily mastered by the novice.

You can get more information about macro scheduler from

Macro Scheduler Standard at $40 (instead of $97)

Macro Scheduler Pro (with EXE compiler) at $81.24 (instead of $197)

Direct Access 1.5 has been released. It contains many enhancements.

Some of the new features of v.1.5 are:
- Redesigned easier to use GUI
- Support for Windows Vista
- Use of shortcuts to add commands
- Support for macros, to automatically insert date/time, special characters or request additional text input at runtime

You can find more details at http://www.nagarsoft...m/NewFeatures15.aspx

I'd be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.

I just would like to inform you that I've offered 5 free licenses of Direct Access, for the December contest of Donations code. Just indicate your preference at https://www.donation...ials/freedrawing.php

Direct Access will also be offered to all Donation Coder members at 30% discount in December.


Have you considered Direct Access? It's inexpensive (39.95$) and allows you to launch applications and opening websites, too. You can download a free 30-day trial at

Hi there.
thanks for your feedback. I thought about autocompletion. I believe that can be done in the action pad (the slickrun way). It's on my todo for the next version (a lot of people seem to be interested in that).

I just release v.1.2 today that you can download at

It's mainly a bug fix (but important one). In particular, it fixes the problems most users had with other applications. Now Direct Access doesn't interfere with ALT and CTRL keypresses in other programs. Now multimonitor configurations are supported. You can see a list of the fixes at

I'd be happy to receive feedback. What are the things you would like to see in the next version? What are the operations in your daily work that you would like to automate?

Hello everybody. My name is Andrea Nagar and I'm the author of Direct Access.
I was pointed to this forum by tim.
I'm pleased that my software had been mentioned along with Activewords and Autohotkey.

I appreciate your comments and the issues with deleting commands that Darwin mentioned will be fixed in v.1.2 (which is due by the end of the week). Performance have also improved. We are working to reduce the memory footprint too. If you like you can download an unofficial version at http://www.nagarsoft...AccessUnofficial.exe

I like Autohotkey very much and I'm using it myself to automate certain operations. It has very powerful scripting language. This is an advantage but also a disadvantage: you have to write the script!
 Direct Access allows you to setup things from a graphical interface and easily add new textsnippets or applications (dragging them on the Hub, the orange ball). It automatically compiles your program description and command.

Many new features are in the making to make things even easier and more straightforward and reducing the time needed to manually customize Direct Access is one of our top priority.

Direct Access shows a confirmation tooltip when the command is typed. This avoids accidental executions that happen when an abbreviation is executed any time you press space (I suggest that you set F1...F12 or any cursor key as the confirmation key).

I read Darwin wrote "Thus, if you type the command incorrectly, you won't see that dialogue popup...". What do you mean? What behaviour would you expect?

I'd like to share a little tip for remembering the names of the commands: use the first letters of the application name. Calculator will be calc, Excel exc and so on. If you have, for example a project file and a folder with the same name, add a suffix. For example, proj will open your VS project,  projd will open the associated folder.

You can also assign a command to a group that, when executed will show you a list of all the actions it contains.

If you have any questions, I'll be pleased to answer here or directly to my mail address.
Thanks everybody for the useful comments you posted here.


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