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  • Tuesday January 18, 2022, 7:34 am
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Living Room / Re: Wordle: simple web word game
« on: January 17, 2022, 06:04 PM »
I miss days a lot. I still don't see how anyone gets it in the first 3 guesses without any other clues.

depends on the clues...I got it in 3 yesterday, but lately I've needed all 6 a couple of times

What clues? I mean, there are cues from where you place the letters, but no clues about the final word, are there? Or did I just miss something?

Well, there's Letterle as well, pretty much making Wordle obsolete.

doesn't seem like much of an alternative to me, just enter letters until you 'guess' the 'right one'....


While I agree there are better formats than markdown, I don't even care anymore lol.  For me, I have achieved the dream of writing text files any way I wish (as long as it's markdown format loll), in terms of I can do it in a text editor, obsidian, zettlr, who cares.  Beautiful!  Next, I can have webpages created instantly as I modify.  To me, this setup is basically future-proof, and now I'm just creating content.

This sums it up for me.

Living Room / Re: Wordle: simple web word game
« on: January 17, 2022, 08:15 AM »
I miss days a lot. I still don't see how anyone gets it in the first 3 guesses without any other clues.


they can surely revert it or remove it
Remove yes, revert no.

Yes to revert, when they don't know if the account is hacked, and it's being reported as such. Once they found out it was not hacked, they let him put non-destructive changes in. (And really, the only no to revert isn't license based- it's ethics based. They control the backups. The files have zero to do with license.)

I think what we have here is the difference between a minion of Capitalism (the system with its licenses) and Capitalist's possession of any degree of Charity.  Capitalism excludes the need or place for Charity.  If we have any question of "what is right" it has not place in Capitalism.

I am saying that I think Tuxman is right in his estimations of what the licenses allow.  I agree, that the fellow who borked his own code was within his rights, even if they were malicious - because that's how *that* system works.  It precisely follows the laws and licenses to the letter and that with a material goal in the ultimate end (who gets the money).

However, I also agree with Deozzan in that what that fellow did was not right for him to do - it goes against Charity.  Charity is an entirely different law with a different scope.

So, I think what we have is a conflict between Law and Morals.  According to the law, the fellow was within his rights because that law excludes the reality of Charity and Malice. 

If we discuss the law (and the licenses that protect software, also subject to the law) within its own boundaries, we cannot also discuss Charity.  However, if we discuss Morals, then we can definitely discuss the law.  That is because the moral law (Charity) is higher because it guides the will and not only the material doings.

The thing is that the law doesn't have the welfare of people in mind; that's how it can work, but not be just.

This whole thing doesn't take into account the privacy of services and terms of service. Github hosted the code. Doing something with their service where they host the code that he voluntarily put up there doesn't violate the license of the code.

I believe it was Tuxman who even referred to, in the past, the Cloud as Other People's Property. So when you're putting data in the Cloud, you're putting it on Other People's Property, and they still retain the right to do with their property as they will. They can't do anything _with_ what was stored, but they can surely revert it or remove it. Your license doesn't supercede their rights for their property.

We're dealing with two different things. License for the code use and TOS for hosting.

Let's move the context to a different arena - DonationCoder, or any other Forum.

When you upload items in your posts, you are agreeing to the TOS for the site. For DonationCoder, you retain the rights to whatever you post- whether it is code (compiled or not) or text. That never changes. (Some sites make it so you can't edit or delete your posts, which exists in a gray area).

If you upload something malicious, I'd expect Mouser to take it down- whether it's code, text, etc. If you post something to the wrong area, your post will be altered to move it to the correct area. If you post something in your post that is malicious, your post will be edited to make it not so (as seen with several links in posts that are otherwise fine).

They are not altering his license. They first reverted the change until checking with him to make sure he wasn't hacked (and yes, you can say MFA, but there are ways around that, which have been demonstrated- it's just considerably harder). When he did check back with him, they allowed him in, but he had to change his code hosted on their site to something non malicious, or remove the repo. He chose the former, changing all the code to say What Happened to Aaron Schwartz?

You're conflating license with TOS.

N.A.N.Y. 2022 / Re: NANY 2022: DateAdder
« on: January 10, 2022, 10:58 PM »
Denying someone's right to define what other people are allowed to do with his software by explicitly stating a license and claiming that a developer does not own an application anymore when he decides to publish the source code - which literally contains the word "copyright" - is not a "conversation in good faith". Note that you are not the culprit here.

I will not discuss this in more than one thread. No more source code for you, folks. If you don't want to respect the license, you won't get a chance to disrespect it anymore.

Has anyone disrespected your license? Or even said you don't have a license? He just said the TOS on the service said he gives up certain aspects of the hosting of said software. But you do you.

N.A.N.Y. 2022 / Re: NANY 2022: DateAdder
« on: January 10, 2022, 08:58 PM »
As a long-time member of DonationCoder has declared that publishing the source code of an application effectively ends my copyright on that application, I removed all references to the source code from this NANY entry. Future contributions will be closed source as well. I am not interested in having my copyright violated just because I published my software in good faith.

Wow... that's an escalation, and of course your option. It was a conversation in good faith, and you take it to this extreme to try to prove a point? Quite mature conversational skills indeed.

Again, he hasn't shown that he reached out to Microsoft before posting this.

A free software developer should not have to ask anyone, certainly not Microsoft, for permission to destroy his own code. That's pretty much the meaning of free software.

GitHub has some mechanisms to prevent "hacks", including 2FA. So you're only allowed to make your own code unusable if you can prove to Microsoft that you're really you? What kind of crude understanding of free software is that?

I can see you totally are not reading my posts in good faith. So I'll just say, good day.

It has to do with the effect of that code

I can't remember a rule that says that I can't commit code to my libraries that break my libraries.

and I'm sure the complaints from others

So if other people - including large corporations - decide to take my free code that is licensed under a "no warranty" license and my code breaks their applications, Microsoft is allowed to modify my code?

Again, he hasn't shown that he reached out to Microsoft before posting this. If you read the article, they reverted the change in question and locked it down, which is situation that one might expect from a suspected hack. As it stands now:

Judging by the changelog on both faker.js and colors.js, however, it looks like his suspension has already been lifted.

Because if something is checked into a repo that is obviously wrong, it can be construed as a compromise of the account, resulting in the locking of the account.

So Microsoft (I will not say anything about Windows Me here... or should I?) has decided that you must not check in obviously wrong code into your own repositories?

No. It has to do with the effect of that code, and I'm sure the complaints from others- they reversed the damage at the time. He could have contacted them, but in no account of it do I show that he's had any contact.

From what I read, he posted malicious code to his repo. Is that correct?

He committed code that did not work as expected into his own repositories containing his own free code.

Why exactly is Microsoft entitled to deny that?

Because if something is checked into a repo that is obviously wrong, it can be construed as a compromise of the account, resulting in the locking of the account. It's a security measure until it can be verified. Just as it's inconvenient if I'm using my credit card and something is determined that it might be fraud and I have to verify it. It's annoying, but in the end, in the case that someone does hack the account, I'd consider it useful.

Anyone here still using GitHub?
Enjoy losing access just because they don't like your commits.

From what I read, he posted malicious code to his repo. Is that correct? And Microsoft suspended his account for that?

Seems legit if this is the case. And this is one of the reasons I fork repos that I use rather than just using them.

Perhaps hacked or one of their volunteers made a change, as the primary one on the front says:


This isn't exactly what you asked, but I think you could approximate it from this:


CodeTour 🗺️
CodeTour is a Visual Studio Code extension, which allows you to record and play back guided walkthroughs of your codebases. It's like a table of contents, that can make it easier to onboard (or re-board!) to a new project/feature area, visualize bug reports, or understand the context of a code review/PR change. A "code tour" is simply a series of interactive steps, each of which are associated with a specific directory, or file/line, and include a description of the respective code. This allows developers to clone a repo, and then immediately start learning it, without needing to refer to a file and/or rely on help from others. Tours can either be checked into a repo, to enable sharing with other contributors, or exported to a "tour file", which allows anyone to replay the same tour, without having to clone any code to do it!

You'd have to have something built into anything other than just a tour to make sure someone didn't use it for malicious purposes.

Non-markdown format is not a big issue for me as long as it's plain text. There's pandoc. I moved from .md to zimwiki with it, no problems.

Now that we are talking, I find markdown a poor choice; the spec is poor (one blog bost!), there are multiple implementations/flavors, and it doesn't have good solutions for tables, embedding video etc (other than reverting to html). It forces apps to run a browser (or worse, embed it) to render it too.

For a killer plaintext format, check asciidoc. That was my choice before I went back to zim.

Check the plugins for zim too.

Other than collaboration (zim is a single player game), I'm very satisfied. Never been this satisfied with a software choice before.

I did check asciidoc. The problem with it is the same as beta vs VHS, i.e. adoption rates. Markdown is pretty much everywhere, so there are several options for editors. Asciidoc, not so much. And in all honesty, every format has it's good and bad. So I decided on MD and went with it, so others are not really attractive to me.

My own observation is that markdown claims to be simple and human readable. But it isn't without a rosetta Stone equivalent.

Depends on what you mean by human-readable. If you're talking like a formatted document, then none are going to be WYSIWYG- that's the point. But you can read it, unlike, for instance a Word Document. I think that's all that's meant by human-readable.

N.A.N.Y. 2022 / Re: Document Projects
« on: January 02, 2022, 09:52 PM »
There is the possibility that an extension in there triggers your security solution. Or your solution doesn't like software created/compiled with Delphi.

It is more like company filtering policy, and more likely triggered by lack of traffic and unknowns. I have that happen a lot on my work machine.

N.A.N.Y. 2022 / Re: NANY 2022 Pledge: S3 Warp Transporter
« on: January 02, 2022, 05:15 PM »
Update: I figured out what my problem was - I'd forgotten part of my Secret Key in the settings. Not sure if this is still considered NANY, but I've updated the original post with the download. Instructions coming soon.


That's a pity, as Ema Personal Wiki has an Android version as well as a Windows one.  I don't want my data in the cloud, but interoperability is a big plus.

If you don't care about that, it's a great tool. I thought about trying to integrate Markdown support into it, but settled instead of using Visual Studio Code with extensions and a Git repo. A lot easier than rolling my own, and I can edit on the move if I need to with several options that interface nicely.

Came here after years of inactivity to say : zim

Are pages stored internally to the app? Or on your disk in text format?
@wraith808: what happened to your interest in Ema Personal Wiki, which you mentioned earlier in this post?

Same thing as this - it uses WikiWords, but it's still bespoke. I like the idea, but I'm firmly in the markdown camp now.

N.A.N.Y. 2022 / Re: NANY 2022 Pledge: S3 Warp Transporter
« on: January 02, 2022, 01:18 AM »
For the first year in a long time, it appears I won't have anything. Banging my head against a problem with the signature version in AWS. I thought I'd be able to get it done, but I need rest to see what I'm doing wrong :(

Are pages stored internally to the app? Or on your disk in text format?

I installed to answer my own question. The answer is... sort of. It seems the home page is not a file, but everything else (so far) is. It uses its own formatting. Here's a sample from a page I did to see it:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. Content-Type: text/x-zim-wiki
  2. Wiki-Format: zim 0.6
  3. Creation-Date: 2022-01-01T13:33:29-05:00
  5. ====== New Page ======
  6. Created Saturday 01 January 2022
  8. This is a new page. How are things formatted?
  10. **Bold**
  11. //Italics//
  12. //**Bold Italics**//
  13. __Underline__
  14. **__Bold Underline__**
  15. //__Italics Underline__//
  16. //**__Bold Italics Underline__**//

It seems interesting, but the fact that it uses bespoke formatting is a definite negative.

Came here after years of inactivity to say : zim
It's everything I wanted from a notetaking tool. And it was great keyboard latency, being a native app and not a SASS or an electron app.

Probably the most useful piece of software I have right now.

Are pages stored internally to the app? Or on your disk in text format?

Download link for nkTree 1.2 ??

I don't think he's released it yet. He was just saying it was going to be in 0.2. You can always see his latest from looking at the repo itself or the releases page at

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