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Sure you've got that explicit rule exactly right? If all others work, then why wouldn't this rule work, some silly typo maybe? (I have those all the time :-[)

I deleted the rule and created it anew:
1. Look in Process Explorer for the correct path of the process
2. Drag and drop the application from Windows Explorer to the rules window of PT
3. Set the priority rule.
result: nothing.

I deleted the rule again and did this:
1. go to the Processes tab of PT
2. set the Explicit Rule for the process
result: nothing.
3. set the Priority for the process
instant reaction

Good questions.. I'm trying to remember if PT shows a balloon when changing priority according to explicit rule.. I'm not sure it does.

Yes, it does with all other rules I configured.

As far as why it works during manual rule, it may be that if PT is doing it initially, its happening before the program does it's initial initialization process which forces it's priority.

I'm not shure whether I understand this correctly. If I don't start PT automatically but manually after the user log in is complete and the tool is running for a while already, it is the same behavior. I can change the priority manually as often as I want, but creating a rule doesn't show any result - but only with this one process!

I'm adding to my todo list to check into this and also log these events so that they are easier to diagnose.

Thank you very much.

The tool most likely checks it's current process-priority setting, and resets it to the internally configured value.
Thank you (both) for answering. These questions come up with your answer:

If this is the case,
1. why doesn't the tool set the priority back when I use the manual way of ProcessTamer (or Process Explorer also)?
(what does PT do differently when changing the priority manually or by rule?)
2. why doesn't ProcessTamer show a balloon that it changed the priority due to an explicit rule, if it did?

I installed ProcessTamer (PT) in the first place to permanently reduce priority of the service psia.exe (belongs to Secunia PSI) - and just this one PT does not regulate by the explicit rule. This also happens if I am logged in as administrator or run PT as administrator.
It didn't help either to set the logging in of this service to the administrator account.
Strange enough the priority of this service can be changed by PT instantly in the processes tab of the PT configurator.
Does any body know help?
Thank you very much.

I am using PT 2.11.01 on Windows XP SP3

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