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A new Daminion 4.5 version was released recently with 20+ improvements:

Major Improvements

  • A new lightweight web-client allows you to access Daminion Server to search, browse, view, and download your digital assets on any device
  • A real-time File Watching Service now tracks changes in outside file systems and reflects them in Daminion as soon as they occur.
  • Usage Purpose Tracking allows you to keep tabs on when, where and by whom your assets have been used.
  • Users Roles per Catalog. Specify who can and who cannot access particular catalogs.
  • User management via web-browser. You can now create, edit and manage users via the web-client without actual accessing the server PC.
  • Improved file format support. Better support for AI/EPS, support for SVG, updating XMP of PDF, etc...

Other Improvements
  • Added support for IBM/Lotus Domino LDAP authentication
  • Number of connected users and catalog database version are now displayed in the admin panel.
  • Report after rescan. A full rescan report is now available via Catalog > Rescan Reports, or by right clicking on the rescan progress indicator.
  • Groups added into Saved Searches
  • Custom tags are included in Quick Search
  • Documents and Vector images stored on a local server-based PC can be copied to the local client-based PC
  • Scroll position in the right-hand Properties panel is now remembered when changing item selection
  • Added Fonts tag. Mapped to XMP: Fonts
  • Added an option to the tag tree context menu to display the selected tag in the second panel. Ideal when you need to reorder values within the same tag - simply drag them from one tag panel to another.
  • Offline files can now be viewed as Full Screen or Mid-Size JPEG previews
  • Daminion Clients can be logged off automatically after a specified time interval
  • You can grant a user a separate Concurrent Connection.
  • Improved import from and export to CSV
  • Added license activation for Daminion Clients


More info:

Hello, everyone - I have downloaded the current version of Daminion... Does the program allow for customizable/searchable columns and tags? I want to catalog all of my digital files and my physical library of books, documents, etc. in one program. I would appreciate it someone who is knowledgeable in the program could give me some feedback.

I guess my reply is bit late, but anyway: yes, you in Daminion can customize your tags and search for more than 50 standard tags plus you can create your own user-defined tags. Daminion supports at lot of media formats, including images, vector images, documents, videos, audio, CAD, etc... All file formats can be managed withing the single interface.

Daminion 3.7 was released recently with a range of improvements including faster viewing of large images, easier Daminion Server administration, grouping of similar images, and additional file format support. Plus several minor bug fixes.

More info here:



A new Daminion v3.4 was released yesterday with a new cool feature. Now you can create multiple shared catalogs.

Previous versions of Daminion limited users to 1 shared catalog per installed Daminion Server. Although the Daminion Server allows you to import and manage millions of images and videos, it sometimes makes sense to split your digital asset library into several smaller parts, especially in an organization with many departments, where each one has its own particular digital archive. Or if for example you want to split your portfolio photo archive library from the family one.

There are several other nice improvements, like the debug mode for launching external applications with arguments, for example: the ExifTool.

Release notes and download links can be found here


A new Daminion 3.3 version with more than 50 improvements was released recently:

Thank you!    :)


I wanted to share with DC community that our company released a new Daminion 3.0 version recently.


Daminion 3.0 allows you to
• Restrict access to digital documents on Functionality and File levels,
• Import images directly from mobiles and cameras,
• Return to previous queries.

The new Daminion also has improved metadata support along with more than 50 other improvements.

More info on our blog

Thank you Jibz! Right now we are very interested in cooperation with contributors who can write news or reviews about new Daminion 2.0 version and publish it on blogs or popular web-sites.

Daminion 2.0 has been released recently:

The new features include:
  • Improved export (no longer strips metadata and a preset editor)
  • Administrator control over import settings
  • Dropbox integration
  • Export metadata to CSV
  • Improved Color Management

And more than other 70 improvements and bug-fixes

More info on our blog:

Daminion 1.0 RC2, the new version of the multi-user photo management software, is now available to download.

Major Improvements:
  • Access to your centralized image and document archive library can now be restricted by User Roles
  • The new Auto Sync-Folders feature allows you to monitor selected folders for changes and new file additions, and automatically syncs them with Daminion, without the need for user intervention.
  • Improved Color Management for RAW images. RAW images also import up to 3 times faster.
  • New Tags: Rights Usage Terms, Item ID, Import related tags, Audio Tags
  • More than 50 other improvements and bug fixes. See more at: http://blog.daminion...on-1-0-rc2-released/

Just to clarify, with the Free and Standard versions you can only open one catalog ?
If so, is that one in total or one at a time ?

You can create and open several local catalogs simultaneously with Free and Standard versions.

Daminion 1.0 Release Candidate is available to download

What's new:
  • It’s now possible to stamp images with Geo coordinates and locate them visually on a map.

  • Improved XMP metadata handling
  • Improved compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite, including Lightroom and Bridge
  • Improved support for video formats
  • Added quality EPS/AI thumbnail rendering
  • New “Compact View” mode allows displaying more thumbnails on the screen (up to 50%)
  • A lot of minor improvements
  • Fixed a number of bugs

More info here:

Looks to be a very nice program. But I personally can't justify taking the time to give it a thorough tryout because I know I'll never end up purchasing a license for it. :)

Sorry for the late response. I didn't receive notifications about new posts in this topic.
We decided to drop the price for Daminion, and release multiple Daminion versions:
  • Daminion Free - Free (can be imported up to 15k files per one catalog)
  • Daminion Standard - $49 (can be imported up to 50k files per one catalog)
  • Daminion Pro - $99 (without limitations for number of files per catalog)

General Software Discussion / Daminion Media Manager
« on: February 15, 2013, 08:05 AM »
Daminion 0.9.9 was released.

What's New

  • Improved File/Folder management
  • It’s now possible to remove folders from the catalog
  • Added support for drag-and-drop reordering of folder structure in the tags tree. You can now create subfolders by simply dragging and dropping one folder into another.
  • Re-location of media items. If you’ve renamed or moved a file outside Daminion you can re-link the file’s new location back to Daminion. To access this option go to the “Item > Actions > Relink Item…” menu.
  • Added option to Copy/Paste Tags. You can now copy and paste annotations from one item to another
  • Tag presets can now be assigned “on-the-fly” to importing files, i.e. during import.
  • The newly added “Tag Presets” allow you to define tag presets and assign them to files.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

A detailed list of changes is available on the product home page


A new update of Daminion 0.9.8b is available to download:

------- What's New -------
The new updated version of Daminion now has support for offline files and improved file/folder management capabilities, including:
- Moving (drag and drop) files to folders
- Adding sub-folders
- Renaming folders

This latest version allows the location of folders to be updated (re-linked). For example, if a folder is moved to a location outside Daminion, it’s now possible to simply re-link to the new location without having to re-import the entire contents of the folder.

There are more than 20 other minor improvements and bug-fixes. A detailed list of changes is available on our blog.

A new Daminion 0.9.6 version has been released with more than 20 improvements, including:
- Custom Tags
- Improved image viewing
- New Localizations (German, French and Polish)
- Improved Color Management
- Improved support for Camera RAW files with .xmp sidecars
- more info on our blog

A new Daminion 0.9.5 version with more than 30 improvements is available to download:

With improved cataloging capabilities you can classify your media library even faster.
Improved Catalog Tags tree, added backup/restore feature for server catalog,
improved rescan of folders, added Recently Assigned Tags panel, many other features, some optimizations and bug-fixes.

bob99, this is because the preview window is opened as a modal window - we don't specially optimize it for dual monitor configuration. So you can't click on  thumbnails until close the full image preview on the second monitor. I've added a multi-monitor feature into our feature list.

I've added an option to not open the latest catalog in our feature list (if it was closed before closing the Daminion)

Did you close Daminion when updating? What version do you see on Help > About?

I've checked 525 version and it works fine for me when I attach my Floppy drive (in comparison to 524 version that is silently tries to access to the floppy-drive)

Daminion keeps trying to read the A:\ drive on my machine (yes, I do have an A:\ diskette drive...), when I say keeps, I mean constantly - any ideas please how to prevent this ?

- Could you please tell me your Windows version?
- Does the problem still there when you remove a diskette from floppy-drive?

And secondly a request (unless I've missed this option somewhere) - how about an option to open Daminion without it immediately loading a catalog ?
Daminion remembers the last opened catalog, and automatically open it on the next launch. We can add an option to launch Daminion without loading the lastly opened catalog if you'll close all catalogs before closing the program.

Sorry for missed the last question about Auto-Syncing Metadata feature.

If you'll turn the Auto-Sync metadata feature Off - all your image tags will be stored in the Daminion database.
If you'll turn this feature On, once you assign tags to images Daminion will writes your tags into the file metadata.
It's recommended to turn it Off before a long assignment process and then turn it On on the end of the process (for performance reason).

BTW we released a new Daminion 0.9 beta version
We've added Camera Importer feature to this version plus about ~100 minor changes.

I'm subscribed to new post notifications here but feel free to post on our forum also.

I have 2881 SVG files which are mainly icons. Since there is no image organizer for vector files, I had decided to make mirrored directory with PNG versions of them. Simple batch script for rsvg-convert.exe did the work and I have few thousands thumbnails - 512 pixels wide. From my point of view it is now not worth it to have Daminion to offer thumbnails of my thumbnails. I don't know the code behind this software but for me: time saved on regenerating thumb for little bigger picture is lost on searching its entry in SQlite database + reading it from hidden dir. Please correct me on this :)
For bigger images it is OK but not for such case. It would be better to have an Option for setting minimum image size needed for thumbnails.
-fenixproductions (March 06, 2012, 03:46 PM)

I am not sure about the performance when we'll use PNG images instead of JPEG. Plus, we have 3 JPEG versions of the same file, for better performance. So if the thumbnail size will be minimal and there will be 100 thumbnails on the screen - the workspace rendering speed will be... so-so... for large PNG (500x500) rendering...

Anyway if we'll add support for SVG format, it might give you the same convenience as you converted your SVG collection to PNGs... Isn't it? So you don't need to convert each new SVG to PNG format.

BTW AFAIR some JPG files may contain embedded thumbnails already (in EXIF?). Does Daminion recreate thumb from bigger image to its own dir or use embedded one? How does it look like performance wise?

JPEG format allows to read the the actual files with 1:4, 1:8 scaling, that drastically improves the import speed. Exif allows storing thumbnails. But most of the digital cameras write very small size jpeg preview (120x80px) and with worst JPEG quality. And most software tools ignore this tag when updates JPEG or write to JPEG.

So Daminion do not use EXIF Thumbnail Tag to render images.

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