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Living Room / Malware Forum
« on: February 25, 2018, 07:10 AM »
Hi folks, I am doing some testing with malware and would like to know if you are aware of any forums that are actively involved with sharing malware (for testing purpose)?

Have you tried Audacity portable?

General Software Discussion / Low Audio Levels
« on: December 13, 2015, 04:32 AM »
While listening to any audio from any application (browser, media player, etc.), the audio levels of the specific application do not match the level of the "Device".

To better explain what I mean, have a look at the attached picture showing you the audio level of Chrome playing music and compare the level to the levels under "Device" (that's my Speakers). Although both are set at the same level, the audio that plays through Chrome is slightly lower (indicated by the green bar). How can I achieve the maximum audio from my applications?

I have installed the Realtek HD driver and noticed that unchecking the box for "Loudness Equalization" improves the audio levels to some extent for some tracks but the levels are still not the same. Should the levels be the same?

Should this setting (Loudness Equalization) be checked at all times? I noticed that when playing some tracks, this setting helps but for some other tracks, it is better to keep this setting unchecked as I notice that keeping it unchecked increases the volume and sounds much better.

General Software Discussion / Re: Alert on File/Folder Access
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:38 AM »
Presumably if something sneaks onto your system it will run as the user who was active when it snuck on, or as SYSTEM.

identifying what USER the process is running under is not so important -- but identifying the PROCESS is.

I think identifying the user along with process, time, type of operation (read, write, open, etc.) is equally important. Think about it, you are browsing the internet or listening to music and you see an alert for file/folder access. You know that you are not the one trying to access it but would want to know who initiated it (system access which was genuine or hacker who sneaked in the system logged in under your name). If you see that a access alert under your name is trying to access, you can take action on that immediately.

I think the program SpyShelter Firewall comes very close to what I need. For any type of access, it alerts me and I can either allow, reject or terminate the action but not sure if someone sneaks in my PC, will it prompt me with an alert.

General Software Discussion / Re: Alert on File/Folder Access
« on: November 27, 2015, 11:43 PM »
For inspiration...  ;)

Thanks Shades! Most of what I have tested only monitors the file/folder for changes and displays a log/alert and some actions to perform post access.

If there is an intrusion, the program should alert who is trying to access what and should not allow the action to complete. The program should exclude operations from the system and the logged in user to avoid too many alerts.

Is this possible by applying any policy in Windows itself or any other programs that can do this? Thanks!

General Software Discussion / Alert on File/Folder Access
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:42 AM »
I would like to know if there are any programs that can alert the user (who is currently logged in as Administrator) about an intruder trying to access a file/folder that has been specified in the program.

Scenario: I have set the folder to monitor as C. Hacker has somehow hacked into my PC and when trying to access any file/folder within C drive, I should get an alert informing me "who" is trying to access "what". Further, it should not allow the intruder to access the file/folder nor make any changes to them.

I basically need a second level of defense (after the Antivirus and Firewall). There are programs that display the log of files/folders accessed and the particular operation (create/modify/delete) performed but I need some kind of access control here that will prevent access. Thanks!


I have a 32GB USB thumb drive & looking for a software that can do the following:

1. Create multiple partitions on USB flash drive (preferably 4 partitions).

2. Have the following in each partition:

Partition 1: User data that includes pics, vids, docs, installer files, portable apps, image files (iso), etc...(around 15GB)

Partition 2: Bootable OS (say Windows 10) - (around 4GB)

Partition 3: A live USB like environment which includes anti-virus tools & other tools like partition repair, recover lost data, etc...(around 5GB)

Partition 4: Reserved for Windows "ReadyBoost". (around 3GB)

The biggest challenge with USB thumbdrives is that if one wants to use any of the above, then the entire drive needs to be formatted.

Is there such a software?


I personally found "Everything" to be the best. Unfortunately, it lacks the basic "View" functionality. That is, displaying the search results in different views - small, large, very large, tiles, list, details, etc...

This is a much needed feature and I have also asked the developer to implement this in the next release.

Ok thanks!

I used the official download link

as the link you provided had dead link. :(

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Assign Priority to Programs
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:01 PM »
thanks skwire for sharing can mark it as solved

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Assign Priority to Programs
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:03 PM »
Seems I found a program that does this... "Moo0 Window Menu Plus"

I could not see the menu option "Compile with options" after right clicking the ahk script file. However, I managed to go to the program folder and run ahk2exe and select it there. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help on this...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I also found "Remove Logo Now!" which does a pretty good job and works with wmv as well.


If the icon is a shortcut icon, then right click -> properties has the option to change the icon. However, a standalone executable does not. Is there another simpler way to change the icon?

Lovely! Works just how I need it.  :up: I have also compiled it to get a executable file. Now figuring out a way to change the icon from the default letter "H"  :-\

Thanks MilesAhead! I will test this and let you know if this works.

Hi, is there a program that allows users to assign keyboard shortcuts and save those as icons on the desktop?
For example, pressing Alt + F4 shows the window that allows the user to shutdown, restart, etc. Now I would like this shortcut to be created as a icon on my desktop so when I click that icon, this same window should show up.

Most of them but currently I am interested in wmv and I tried the steps earlier but it doesn't work with wmv. Thanks!

General Software Discussion / Remove Embedded Watermarks in Videos
« on: March 15, 2015, 12:57 AM »
Hi, can someone suggest some windows programs that can either remove, blur, overwrite watermarks or logos that are embedded in videos? Thanks!

General Software Discussion / Re: Music Identification via Sound Card
« on: December 07, 2014, 09:54 AM »
There is an open-source music recognition project called (appropriately) "My Music Recognition" that is currently looking for testers:

'Testers wanted' announcement:,2ocb,7opb,1zwy,l1rr
Home site:
GHacks review:

(The sourceforge site is offline at the moment; give it a few...)
EDIT: (sourceforge is back up)

As an alternative, I've heard bits here and there about Tunatic:

Thanks Edward for the links. Unfortunately, the program did nothing but froze my PC. I had to forcefully logoff my PC after trying for a couple of times.

General Software Discussion / Music Identification via Sound Card
« on: November 04, 2014, 09:54 AM »

I am looking for a software that can do the following:

When playing any music (from media player or web browser) and when the program is activated, it should monitor audio passing through the sound card and should identify the music via audio finger printing.

It can take a sample of audio clip, analyze it (audio fingerprinting) and then get the information from online databases. It should then list the following:

Track Name, Artist Name, Album Name, Album art & other tags if possible.

Please note that there are other programs currently that listen through the microphone (like Shazam) but this program should only monitor audio from the sound card of a computer.

I am really surprised that there are hardly any such programs. There are programs that can record audio from the sound card and there are programs that analyze (through audio finger printing) and retrieve information from online databases. They I am sure that these 2 functionalities can be combined and the above can be achieved.


Finished Programs / SOLVED: Assign Priority to Programs
« on: July 19, 2014, 09:57 AM »
Hi, can a program/AHK script be written so that one can just right click on a window's title bar (where you see the Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize & Close options) and select an option like - Set Priority -> Realtime, High, Above normal, Normal, Below normal, Low)?

The other way to do this in Win 8 would be open Task Manager -> Details tab -> Right click on the Program name -> Set Priority -> (select the priority: High, Low, etc.) which is a lengthy way.

Any thoughts?


No preview for Image/video files? Can u include thumbnail view?

General Software Discussion / Re: PC Audio Enhancers
« on: February 19, 2014, 10:18 AM »

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