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N.A.N.Y. 2011 / Re: NANY 2011 Release: List Numberer
« on: July 13, 2011, 03:51 AM »
I have downloaded and begun to test the "listnumberer" script.
I have prepared a simple text fíle of how I would like to use it, but cannot find a way to send the zip so I am adding it here.

EN_sentence_in.txt /

ENS   This is a file of English text sentences.

ENS   Each example is a so-called simple sentence.

ENS   Some sentences have only a main clause.

ENS   Other examples have both a main clause and also a predicate.

ENS   The reason for the sentence file is to explain the process of translation into German.
DES   The reason for the sentence file is the process of translating into German to explain.

ENS   This process has the following steps.

ENS   All sentence-parts | in each sentence | are | separated | with a bar.
DES   All sentence-parts |  in each sentence | are | with a bar | separated.

ENS   Each sentence-part order is changed according to the German word order rules.
DES   Each sentence-part order is according to the German word order rules changed.

ENS   The third step is the marking of each sentence-part with so-called role tags.
DES   The third step is with so-called role tags the marking of each sentence-part.

ENS   The fourth step is to perform any necessary transformation from English to German format.
DES   The fourth step is from English to German format any necessary transformation to perform.

ENS   The fifth step is the storage of the changes in a simple database table.
DES   The fifth step is in a simple database table the storage of the changes.
TFM   The fifth step is in a simple database table the changes to store.

ENS   The sentences will be then translated.

Explanation, which is not used as part of the text input file.

The translation in this framework is performed at the level of sentence parts.
These sentence parts in the ENS and DES formats and in Translation are stored in a table database.

The file is to be used in conjunction with the "listnumberer".

1. The mnemonics at the start of each sentence are:
   ENS    = English Sequence.
   DES    = Deutsch Sequence.
   TFM    = Transformation from an English to a German Format.

2. The movement from ENS to DES is rules driven and there are principally three prime rules.
   Moving the Object to the end of the sentence.
   A Verb Past Participle is moved to the last place following the Object.
   A Verb Infinitive is moved to the place before the Past Partciple and following the Object.

3. The introduction of transformation
   TFM    = Transformation: used only once above to restructure with a verb replacing a noun.

If there is something that is not understandable or you need to ask questions then please email me.

I am ready to post my translation framework, but this could improve its visual presentation.

Thanks and regards, patforkin.

General Software Discussion / Re: My text file manipulation needs
« on: March 20, 2011, 12:20 PM »
Though 120 days have elapsed, since the last posts, I am writing this post because I wrote the original posts.
My model has been built using jEdit and I will publish an eBook on the model soon.
I have however developed an interest in simplifying it by transferring it to the language AWK.
I now have cygwin installed under ms-win-xp and have started reshaping some scripts written by others to use.
I would prefer to have a skilled developer on my side.
Anyone with experience in AWK would be most welcome.
Any takers?
Regards, patforkin.

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