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Found Deals and Discounts / Zen Folders
« on: December 29, 2012, 02:44 AM »

Zen Folders is on sale at BitsDuJour with a sweet 44% discount.

It's a 1 day offer - so be quick! 29th December 2012

Check it out here: Zen Folders @ BitsDuJour

Zen Folders is a Custom Places Bar for Windows.

It works with Open/Save dialogs and Window Explorer (+ many other popular File Browsers).

+ Your have 10 favorite places
+ You can personalize it with your own images or icons.

It's easy to use. Simply add folders and icons using drag 'n' drop.

Zen Folders @ BitsDuJour - Special Offer! 44% Off



Found Deals and Discounts / Buzz Folders Pro
« on: November 15, 2012, 02:03 AM »

You can get Buzz Folders Pro right now at BitsDuJour with 68% off the normal price.

Buzz Folders is an Open/Save Dialog Box extender for Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8) and it gives you quick access to Recent Folders & Favorite Folders.
It works with Open/Save boxes, Windows Explorer, Directory Opus, Total Commander, XYPlorer and Xplorer2. If you like to save time and keep your workflow flowing, Buzz Folders will help you do it.

You'll need to move swiftly if you want to get the deal because the sale is on for just 24 hours.

Check it out here: Buzz Folders Pro @ BitsDuJour

Best Wishes,



Buzz Folders Pro is available with a very nice 68% discount at BitsDuJour

It's a 1 day offer - so don't miss out! Thursday 14th June 2012

You can get the deal here: Buzz Folders Pro @ BitsDuJour

+ Buzz Folders gives quick access to Recent and Favorite Folders when you open and save your files.
+ It works with WinXP, Vista, Win7, and Win8.

Thanks for checking it out!

Kind regards,



The site is perfectly safe.

Who are "Web of Trust"?
Do you have contact details for them?

Lutz_  :)

Windows might be blocking the installer so try manually installing. Copy all the files to a folder and simply run BuzzFolders.exe from there. Hopefully that will work OK. 

Hi MilesAhead,

Thanks for the bug report.  :)
The "Remove Missing Links" bug is fixed as of Version 11.20. Update appearing soon.

I'm not familiar with RocketDock but I'll check it out when I get a chance.

It's good to know you've got great taste in music!

I've now added a function similar to the one you described, in which the last opened/saved file is automatically selected. It won't be the default action, but you will be able to set it as an option or use a hotkey to trigger it.

It's not ready yet. There's still some fine-tuning and tweaking to be done, but expect it to appear in an upcoming release.

{edit} And this feature is already proving surprisingly useful! I should have added it ages ago.  :) Your suggestion gets a big thumbs up.  :Thmbsup:

Thanks for the subtle hints!  :)

Your idea of having the cursor automatically selecting the last opened file is an interesting one. It's actually something I tinkered with in early development stages but then moved on to what I feel are more effective ways to get to the files you want. Of course integrating new methods and new options is always good so the possibility for inclusion is there.

You can of course already use the arrow keys to scroll through the Buzz Folders file list which shows all your recent files.

+ I'm actually working on keyboard navigation and hotkey functions right now and making excellent progress.  :)

Dive right in johnk!  :)

I really appreciate getting this kind of feedback. Keyboard navigation is on the cards I promise. And as mentioned assignable hotkeys for folders may well be added.

I don't agree that the market for a dialog box extender is small or in any way a niche. Perhaps a niche market in terms of "people who use computers regularly" but that's a very large and varied market. I started Buzz Folders as a way to help me make music more efficiently when I was opening and saving samples in different programs. The guys who were using early versions of Buzz Folders were mostly computer musicians and they found it incredibly useful. So there are a lot of people in all kinds of areas who will benefit from using some kind of dialog box extender.

You make a great point when you say "dialog box extenders and avoiding using the mouse are both all about efficiency" and that's really what I'm aiming for with the program. I want to make it as quick and easy to get open and save files as possible. So perhaps I underestimated the need for keyboard navigation!

If there is a strong demand for it I'll make it a high priority and integrate it soon. I do like the idea of assignable hotkeys.

You're right about that!

OK! XP and Office 2003.

It may take some time obviously but I'll see what I can do.  :)

You can be sure it will be implemented at some point. It's certainly a worthwhile feature.

Hi ewemoa


(For folks wanting to use it portably, not defaulting to "Run at Start Up" might be nice.)

That's a good suggestion. Thanks!

These pages suggested to me that the program requires the use of a pointing device.  Is that correct?

Yes. That's correct. It's on the todo list. I'm also considering adding assignable hotkeys.

Is keyboard navigation essential for you?

Hi Target,  :)

Thanks for taking the time to try the program.

So far I've tested it and have it working with Office 2010 on XP and Office 2008 on Vista. I can't guarantee it will work with other versions of MS Office. Unfortunately Microsoft Office presents a whole series of challenges. I'm sure you don't want to know about the behind the scenes struggle, you just want a program that works for you, so the more information you give me the better. Then I can resolve any compatibility issues as best I can.

Which version of Office are you using? And what OS?

Hi rjbull,  :)

Listary looks very interesting. A great find. I'm going to give it a try.

At first glance I would guess that the way Buzz Folders manages Favourites is much easier and much quicker. Give the free version a go and see how it compares. It's quite possible you could use it alongside of Listary. Let me know what you think.

The Free Version doesn't require installation so could be used as a portable application.

The Professional Elite Version of Buzz Folders remembers your recent files. It has a list of files displayed below the folder buttons and the last file you opened will be at the top of the list. Opening that file is as simple as pressing the "GO" button.

In the screenshot you can see my last opened/saved file is immediately visible and available.

Searching for the file or even opening a folder is no longer needed as you can just press "GO" and the file is opened ( or saved - depending on your situation ).

The Global list will display a list of recent files from all programs. This means you can switch between programs and still have instant access to the last file you used. You can also customize all the tabs after Global. You can set tabs by filetype or program. This gives you further options and a very quick way to get to the right folders and files.

So in the example screenshot the html tab will show all the folders that html files were opened from or saved to ( from any program - not just notepad ). And it will also show all list of html files that have been opened and saved.

I hope that's all clear!  :)

Thanks for the welcome mouser.  :)

Hi tomos,  :)

To answer your questions:

1 - It shows up automatically whenever you open or save a file. It can be disabled from the tray-menu if you want to hide it temporarily.
2 - Yes, that's correct.

Thanks for your feedback about the pricing and options. I thought the various options were clearly explained but if you're unsure what they are then I obviously need to present them better. I might give each feature a page of it's own with a more thorough explanation for those who want more details. 

The File List is a very substantial feature and the price reflects that. I'll work on making the benefits clearer on the website. The File List can actually be used independently from the main program. It displays all recently opened and saved files and can be filtered by program/filename/folder/filetype. It can be used for file management and you can create custom "Copy to" and "Move to" shortcuts on the menus. The help file goes into more detail: Help - File List

Again, thanks for the insights! You've given me plenty to think about. Give the free version a go and let me know how you get on.

        I'm the creator of Buzz Folders. The program started out many years ago as a personal project. Like a lot of people I wanted a better solution to the traditional windows open/save boxes. I felt there had to be an alternative to browsing through folder after folder in search of files. There were a few programs out there but I envisioned something much better.
        The original version appeared in 2005. It was pretty basic but worked really well. It's been in constant development since then and has improved a great deal. The features have evolved considerably with a growing selection of performance and useability options. So read on and find out what it can do for you...

Buzz Folders

What does it do?

Buzz Folders provides quick access to recent files and folders from open/save dialog boxes.


XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Key Features

  • It keeps track of all the folders you open from and save to.
  • A tabbed interface allows you to view folders by program and by filetype.
  • Save a file in one program and get instant access to it in another


  • You can create a list of favourite folders for each program.
  • It works with "Browse For Folder" dialogs.
  • It also works with Windows Explorer and Directory Opus.

There are 4 different versions available. Click here to find out more or see how they compare.

Here's a screenshot of the Free Version:


Download the Free Version and get started!

Installation is easy.

"Best Open/Save Dialog Box Extenders"

The Donation Coder article Best Open/Save Dialog Box Extenders actually inspired a number of Buzz Folders features and improvements. Thinking "How can I make this better?" the article turned out to be a great resource to help me do just that. There's a list of features that were considered as "most important for a good open/save dialog extender". I took it as a fun challenge to take Buzz Folders to the level where it fulfilled all the criteria! Here's how Buzz Folders [Professional Elite] currently fares:

- Stability - has to work on modern and older dialogs, and not crash any programs; and has to reliably alter the dialogs without switching into inappropriate views. Yes.
- It should adjust folder-only browse dialogs as well. Yes.
- Needs to be able to change default mode (into details for example). Yes.
- Needs to be able to change size of dialog. Yes.
- Should be aesthetically pleasing and not overly obtrusive. Yes. The interface design is guided by function and ease of use. Everything you need is upfront and visible.
- Needs to present list of recent files and folders. Yes.
- Needs to present list of favorite folders, and user should be able to customize this list easily. Yes.
- Should be easy to add current folder to favorites. Yes.
- Ability to specify applications to ignore would be nice. Yes.
- Needs to work in some tricky cases like Microsoft Office. Confirmed as working with Office 2010 on XP and Office 2008 on Vista. Still being fine-tuned and further compatibility testing is in progress. Of course if you want to be sure Buzz Folders works with all your programs try the Free Version first.

As you can see it performs well!

Feel free to share your thoughts and ask any questions you like about the program.



The Web Site:
Download Page: Free Version

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