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Thank you!

This looks like something I've been searching for!  in win7   Win-1 Win-2 etc are mapped to taskbar shortcuts which conflict with Dexpot - a virtual desktop program  want to use.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I downloaded the zip and installed it as a WP plugin. But when I tried to activate it failed with the message "The plugin does not have a valid header."

The php file is dated 2006 and i guess the plugin format has changed since then.

I'll keep hunting...


I have an XML file exported from a dead blogging platform (Tucows Blogware) that I want to import into a wordpress blog.

I'm looking for a way to convert it to either Wordpress XML or CSV so that all the key fields (author,post date, content title etc) are preserved.

Can any of you knowledgeable folk suggest a program or an approach that I could use?   I have really no idea where to start...

I'm not a coder though I can probably hack someone else's stuff to fit my needs if any one has a sample of something similar...

any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

you can turn off automatic update checking in farr, it's in the options somewhere.

Thanks , both.

I've set it to 4000 hours -about 6 months, which is more than enough if I'm not experiencing problems.

A nice feature would be a 'don't remind me again about this version' button. Nice, but hardly important ; - )


Thanks for the quick reply. 

I prefer the idea that Mouser's human and has the occasional bug than that he's going over to the dark side .......

Don't know if this is the right thread - but....

I'm working on an XP machine that has FARR 2.99.02 installed and as far as i know that is the only DC program on the machine - certainly the only one that should be running.  it does what i need and i have no desire to upgrade it.

Today FARR has stopped working and instead confronted me with a pop-up as shown in the image.
  Note the lack of close button, minimise button, program identification or anything else. I didn't ask for it and I don't want it, the only way to get rid of it is to abort through the task-manager, and it's directing me to a website that i don't want to visit. Pretty much fits the definition of Malware.

What is going on here? I thought this site was populated by the good guys

thanks for the replies and suggestions.

File Renamer Turbo looks like it could do what I want - but I'll check out the free suggestions first. I hope metamp3 or tag.exe will fit the bill (and my limited skill set).

Widgewunner - I have MP3tag, and a couple of file rename tools already - but as per title i'm looking for command line capable

I'm not familiar with python - will leave that as a last resort :) 

Thanks again


I listen to a bunch of Podcasts. Unfortunately there is no convention for how they are named/tagged which makes organising them a hassle.

I'm looking for a (windows) tool that I can run in a batch file to process a bunch of files based on some combination of the existing file name and/or tags. 

For example this sort of thing:

>>  if filename = EP* then rename to: <artist> - <track num> - <track name>
>>  if <artist> = "lightspeed magazine" then rename: to "LS" - [chars 4-7] - <album name>

I know MediaMonkey can do some of this automatically on import, and some of the common MP3 taggers can do it through the GUI, but I have not been able to find something with a command line interface that I can put in a batch file.

I know a little regular expressions and am happy to learn more if needed.  I can hack together a batch file or possibly tweak an existing script - but I'm not a coder.

Any suggestions ?

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR and Dropbox - conflicts...
« on: June 21, 2011, 10:38 PM »
Just reporting back:

I unchecked the "Use document launch helper utility" box as suggested and it has resolved the problem opening Office documents etc.

I think the dropbox conflicts come about something like this;

A file exists with identical copies on pcs A and B, and dropbox in the Cloud:  Timestamp 10:00 am. 

On pc A the file changes and is updated to the cloud with a new timestamp (say 11:00)

Later, on B, Farr updates the timestamp to 12:00. When dropbox (on B) syncs to the Cloud it knows the old stamp (10:00) and the latest (12:00). It finds 11:00 (from A) in the cloud and renames it as 'conflicted' to make way for the upload of the latest version.

It's not a big deal to delete the offending files. Putting a setting to not save the settings file would probably not help. If the setting is stored in the ini file then dropbox will sync it between the pcs.  An option to specify the location of the ini files (out side the main installation folder) might work - but is probably not worth yout time - unless other people have the same issue.

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR and Dropbox - conflicts...
« on: May 26, 2011, 09:40 PM »
thanks for the quick response Mr Maus.

It seems the quicklauncher prob is only on one of the 3 pc's I've linked to my dropbox.  I'll look at the settings and see if I can fix it.  Will also see if I can find out more about what the conflicts are . All I see is a file with 'Laptop's conflicted copy {date time}' appended to the filename.

Find And Run Robot / FARR and Dropbox - conflicts...
« on: May 26, 2011, 09:58 AM »
I use dropbox to sync files between PCs.  I want to run FARR in portable mode within my dropbox so my aliases and search history etc will sync between PCs

This seems OK if I work on one pc and log off before logging on to another.  But if I have sessions on two PCs at the same time I get multiple copies of the ini files labeled as 'conflict' by dropbox. 

ie - searchhistory.ini is modified on PC1, Dropbox tries to copy the file to PC2 and fails - because of locking or timestamp differences.

I can live with that - but now I'm getting failure messages when I try to open certain documents: "quickdoclauncher.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close".  I'm guessing this is connected as it's only started since I moved FARR into my dropbox.

So my questions:

 1 - is there a way I can relocate the searchhistory and launchhistory files (so they're outside the dropbox) but leave the Alias definitions where they are (so they still get synched)?

 2 - What should I do about the quickdoclauncher errors?  I don't want to wipe everything and start again as I've spent some time setting up aliases etc.


General Software Discussion / Re: original win98 games
« on: March 13, 2011, 09:51 AM »
Win 3.0/3.1 was the first version of windows that made any real commercial impact. Before that (91? 92?) I was coding COBOL on HP3000 minis. Z-fold green and white paper and line printers.....  And we'd ride mastodons to work...

General Software Discussion / Re: original win98 games
« on: March 12, 2011, 10:26 PM »
Off topic but:

If you're trying to set up a '98 machine you might find this amusing:

"Man upgrades Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 [video]"

Guy started with DOS 5, and upgraded to Win 1.0 and on through Win 7.  Stunning thing is that a couple of games he installed were still playable 23 virtual years later. 

Now i'm an oldie - (once tried to use a windows 2 machine, and fell back to Dos as more efficient) - but I've never even seen a screen shot of windows 1.0 before....

Just checked back on this thread.  The last month feature has been working for me too for the past couple of months...

Not sure whether google rolled it out to my part of the world later than other places, or what - but it's the time period i use most often - so i'm a happy camper :-)

thanks for the reply.

I assumed that because I can configure the date in the Title bar the variables would be available to use...

The only other person i found looking for something similar was at the end of this thread: https://www.donation....msg191072#msg191072

I can use a clipboard manager (like ArsClip) to do this already - but I thought that if Farr could handle it then it would be a fun thing to set up...

Find And Run Robot / Beginner help please : Paste Date /Time format
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:59 PM »
I've had plain vanilla FARR installed for a while - and I'm now trying to delve a little deeper in to the possibilities...

I know I can paste date and time (FARR > paste date <enter>) etc

I want to customize/extend that to have an alias:
 1) to use 'p' instead of 'paste'

 2) to paste a few pre-defined strings, 

ie Dates (%d/%m/%y,  %y%m%d%H%M etc) or my email address.

I'm sure it's simple enough but I can't find any forum threads discussing it.  If someone could give me an example or point me to some documentation I'd be grateful.

Thanks for the suggestion.  That addon looks as if it would do the trick, but from the landing page (after you install it):

"Was waiting for public approval when found out some codes isn't working in Firefox 3.6.0 and above! Still working on it"

I've installed it and it makes no difference to the page. I'll keep hunting. This may be my opportunity to teach myself a little scripting....

<Sorry - Posted this in wrong topic. - Moderator please move>

Using Google search options sidebar you can limit results to a certain time range.

Default options are:  Any time, Latest, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past year, Specific date range,

The one that I want to use all the time is "Past Month" - but it's not there.

But if you manually edit the URL and replace one character Google returns links for the past month - so the search parameters are already coded - just need to request the correct URL

Examples;tbs=qdr:d&ei=.....    Past 24 hrs:;tbs=qdr:w&ei=....    Past week:;tbs=qdr:y&ei=....    Past Year:

Date options Default.jpg

Note the only change is the character before the last  '&'  

So I changed the "y" to a "m" and google returns the links for the past month, and adds "> Past month" to the sidebar.;tbs=qdr:m&ei=....    Past month:

Date options Month.jpg

It seems to me that it should be quite possible to make a greasemonkey (or similar) user script to add a link to "Past Month" in the sidebar, and use it to generate the same URL as the others.

Any takers? or suggestions as to how else I can get a 1 click "Past month" search?


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