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I have an XML file exported from a dead blogging platform (Tucows Blogware) that I want to import into a wordpress blog.

I'm looking for a way to convert it to either Wordpress XML or CSV so that all the key fields (author,post date, content title etc) are preserved.

Can any of you knowledgeable folk suggest a program or an approach that I could use?   I have really no idea where to start...

I'm not a coder though I can probably hack someone else's stuff to fit my needs if any one has a sample of something similar...

any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


I listen to a bunch of Podcasts. Unfortunately there is no convention for how they are named/tagged which makes organising them a hassle.

I'm looking for a (windows) tool that I can run in a batch file to process a bunch of files based on some combination of the existing file name and/or tags. 

For example this sort of thing:

>>  if filename = EP* then rename to: <artist> - <track num> - <track name>
>>  if <artist> = "lightspeed magazine" then rename: to "LS" - [chars 4-7] - <album name>

I know MediaMonkey can do some of this automatically on import, and some of the common MP3 taggers can do it through the GUI, but I have not been able to find something with a command line interface that I can put in a batch file.

I know a little regular expressions and am happy to learn more if needed.  I can hack together a batch file or possibly tweak an existing script - but I'm not a coder.

Any suggestions ?

Find And Run Robot / FARR and Dropbox - conflicts...
« on: May 26, 2011, 09:58 AM »
I use dropbox to sync files between PCs.  I want to run FARR in portable mode within my dropbox so my aliases and search history etc will sync between PCs

This seems OK if I work on one pc and log off before logging on to another.  But if I have sessions on two PCs at the same time I get multiple copies of the ini files labeled as 'conflict' by dropbox. 

ie - searchhistory.ini is modified on PC1, Dropbox tries to copy the file to PC2 and fails - because of locking or timestamp differences.

I can live with that - but now I'm getting failure messages when I try to open certain documents: "quickdoclauncher.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close".  I'm guessing this is connected as it's only started since I moved FARR into my dropbox.

So my questions:

 1 - is there a way I can relocate the searchhistory and launchhistory files (so they're outside the dropbox) but leave the Alias definitions where they are (so they still get synched)?

 2 - What should I do about the quickdoclauncher errors?  I don't want to wipe everything and start again as I've spent some time setting up aliases etc.


Find And Run Robot / Beginner help please : Paste Date /Time format
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:59 PM »
I've had plain vanilla FARR installed for a while - and I'm now trying to delve a little deeper in to the possibilities...

I know I can paste date and time (FARR > paste date <enter>) etc

I want to customize/extend that to have an alias:
 1) to use 'p' instead of 'paste'

 2) to paste a few pre-defined strings, 

ie Dates (%d/%m/%y,  %y%m%d%H%M etc) or my email address.

I'm sure it's simple enough but I can't find any forum threads discussing it.  If someone could give me an example or point me to some documentation I'd be grateful.

<Sorry - Posted this in wrong topic. - Moderator please move>

Using Google search options sidebar you can limit results to a certain time range.

Default options are:  Any time, Latest, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past year, Specific date range,

The one that I want to use all the time is "Past Month" - but it's not there.

But if you manually edit the URL and replace one character Google returns links for the past month - so the search parameters are already coded - just need to request the correct URL

Examples;tbs=qdr:d&ei=.....    Past 24 hrs:;tbs=qdr:w&ei=....    Past week:;tbs=qdr:y&ei=....    Past Year:

Date options Default.jpg

Note the only change is the character before the last  '&'  

So I changed the "y" to a "m" and google returns the links for the past month, and adds "> Past month" to the sidebar.;tbs=qdr:m&ei=....    Past month:

Date options Month.jpg

It seems to me that it should be quite possible to make a greasemonkey (or similar) user script to add a link to "Past Month" in the sidebar, and use it to generate the same URL as the others.

Any takers? or suggestions as to how else I can get a 1 click "Past month" search?


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