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For hibernation to work, your computer must have "Enable hibernation" already checked under your Control Panel, Power Options, Hibernate tab.  Is this enabled?  If so, which OS are you using?
Also, it might be resolved by means of "powercfg -h on" command execution in the "Boot Snooze" - just for user convinience.

Are you using Windows XP (won't work on Vista/7)?

I'm using both Win7(office) and XP(home).
I checked out, it works in Win7 too.

If so, make a Winlogon Notification Package
Thank you for the links. I meant to use script/command programming (ahk, vbs, js, dos commands etc), not using dll (I have not experience in dll programming).

I like this Great idea!
Now I have restart2hibernate.cmd file on my desktop with following command lines:
REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce /v HIBERNATE /t REG_SZ /d "rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState"
shutdown -r -t 00

I'm seeking for how to make possible to call hibernation on logon screen, using any possible programming method.

Hi there ppl,
Hi, bft_chromeguy!
Good idea of word replacer for IM!
Is there another program that already does this?
Do you know about Laszlo's script at http://www.autohotke...orum/topic9689.html?

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: Note
« on: November 07, 2008, 11:14 AM »
I like this times 12:34 too. It's a middle of my dinner time.  :D

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: Note
« on: November 06, 2008, 01:10 PM »
I have already compiled autohotkey script now, to realize simple alarm function, instead of Note, if you do not mean to enhance your program.

Just download the alarm`12h34.exe file and rename this file as your alarm message and add the timestamp at the end of filename before its extension, after "`" (Grave Accent sign) in following 24-hour format (see example):

"I have to run it at`12h34.exe" (It will show Traytip message "I have to run it at" at 12 hours and 34 minutes).

Note: do not use "`" in the alarm message text, only in the timestamp! And not longer than 255 symbols including timestamp.

Best regards, Richard!
Waiting for your new simple programs like a Note :Thmbsup:

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: Note
« on: November 05, 2008, 02:07 PM »

Few new ideas for "Note":
When first line of txt-file starts with ".LOG", the notepad, with which it was opened,
automatically adds the timestamp at the end line. So, you can add similar log functionality in
the "Note".

Also you can enhance functionality  with ".CLIPBOARD" stamp.
When first line starts with .CLIPBOARD, then Note shall automatically paste the clipboard
content at the end with blank line before it (which possibly includes timestamp).

Simple alarm functionality.
When the first line starts with .ALARM the Note will start but it will show note only at the
alarm time in the one of following formats:

.ALARM ; beeps and show the note
.ALARM =1:30 ; beeps and show the note at 1:30
.ALARM =1:30 05.11.2008 ; beeps and show the note at 1:30 only if the current date is

To working with date and time in the alarm mode, "Note" must differently recognize ":" and "."
delimiters for time and date stamps.

You can enhance your "Note" or to build new program to realize alarm-functionality idea which
make records similarly as "Note" with save&close by Ctrl+Enter. I would be prefer to have "Note"
with alarm-functionality.

TIMER functionality can be realized with ".TIMER" (with beep) or ".PAUSE" (without beep) first
line stamp. Possibly ".BEEP" stamp only beeps and do not show any note, if someone needs it.
.PAUSE ; countdown timer stamp with default time-meter in minutes
.PAUSE =1:23 ; Show note after 1 hour and 23 minutes
.PAUSE =1h23 ; Show note after 1 hour and 23 minutes
.PAUSE =123 ; Show note after 123 minutes (not 1 hour and 23 minutes)
.PAUSE =123s ; Show note after 123 seconds
.PAUSE =::123 ; Show note after 123 seconds

Similarly with these ideas you can enhance your Note's functionality using many other first line

Also alarm and timer functions can be realized as files with different extesions:
which will processed by your "Note" program.

"*.alarm" extension ideas:
When you open your note saved with ".alarm" extension, it will start process, but note will

shown only at the time assigned in the filename.
e.g. 12h30.alarm file will opened by "Note"-program but its window will hidden while 12:30 time

The filename must be in timestamp format.

Filename as timestamp also is possible idea to realize alarm functionality in the .note files
instead of .ALARM stamp in the first line.

For new .alarm extension possibly to realize multi-alarm in the single file with several line
starts with ".ALARM", ".PAUSE", etc.

All record lines in the file with "any_name_but_not_time_format.alarm" extension starts with
".ALARM", ".TIME", ".PAUSE" or ".TIMER" records with time stamp, assigned in the the same line,
will define when to show the note placed after .ALARM (or other stamp) line, before next stamp.

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: Note
« on: November 02, 2008, 01:01 PM »
I like your "Note" program, Richard  :up:  Can you add Ctrl+Enter hotkey for closing opened note? It must autosave changes as generally.

Yes, now why not add the screenshots to the page?
Screenshots unneeded for most of my programs because they do not have main window.

You can only use the right Win key if your keyboard has one.
In this case you can use alternate hotkey for Windows start menu - Ctrl+Esc.

1. Great idea! :...
What is the difference between MouseScroll, MouseWinList, and MouseAltTab? It's kinda hard to guess from this.
hi, alexey_r!
I uploaded my (Mouse)WinList program and now you can check out the difference between MouseScroll, MouseWinList, and MouseAltTab.
As you can see, MouseScroll is simple program which only emulates Alt+Tab hotkey.
MouseAltTab modified by myself is evl's AltTab with enhaced functionality which replaces AltTab window.
(Mouse)WinList is my new idea to realize visual windows listing. It is possible to make it similar to Opera's RightMouseHold+Scroll. What do you think about it? But it shall conflict with Opera's tab listing.
I plan to combine MouseScroll and WinList by means of using additional <alt> or <ctrl> modifier.
1.MouseAltTab disables the simple Win shortcut for me.
2.Using Win+CapsLock, when I release CapsLock the active window disappears for a moment before returning to non-transparency.
1.I checked out, and found that system win-hotkey as win+D, win+R, etc. perfectly works with MouseAltTab without any conflicts and problems. Only start menu do not appears when Left Win-key pressed down. This is only one inconvenience of using all advantages of MouseAltTab. However, you can use Right Win-key.
2.I fixed this bug partly. For more smooth switching WinEsc must switch transparency between 125(semi-transparent) and 255(pseudo-non-transparent) values. But transparency feature slowing down the PC. I used switching between 125 and transparency-off values to prevent it, in the WinEsc. I'll try to fix this bug by other way.[/edit]
I made new version of WinEsc to make possible invert function to switch transparent window temporarily to non-transparent and to also to make transparency permanent and its value changeable.
MouseAltTab looks similar to evl's AltTab.
Yes, I made some changes in his code and now it can work with Win-key similar to MouseScroll.
As you can see, In the AHK-code of MouseAltTab (in its first line) I placed following link "source of basic of code http://www.autohotke...f64c07e1dec56b751650"
Also I placed link to code modified by myself to the autohotkey forum at Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:18 pm (Post subject: Re: ALT-TAB replacement with icons and window titles in List)

I’m using WinMouseTipCalc almost everyday now and have a suggestion ---is it possible to make the windows key stay on , perhaps toggle off and on, so that you can free one hand (the one holding down the Win key) it would make reading figures  from papers etc easier like turning pages
Something to think about for your next release
Hi nogojoe

Try new WinTipCalc, which will replace WinMouseTipCalc and WinToolTipCalc.

At beginning I meant to use <win>-key only to switch NumPad-keys temporarily into the calculator mode.
But it is possible to make NumPad-keys as basic calculator input keys and <Win><Numpad keys> will be used as ordinarily <Numpad keys> if that is suitable.

I have few variants for hotkey mapping.
First one you already know.

In the WinTipCalc you can try second one:
Numpad-keys used without <Win> modifier as calculator's input only while ScrollLock is turned on. But if you want to use them as ordinarily (while ScrollLock is turned on), you can use it with <Win> modifier. Other functions used as before, excepting NumLock-key, which you can use as backspace to delete last input. I removed roundoff by number-keys, because I will assign them to additional math functions in next the release. Still you can set roundoff by <Win>+<UP> and <Win>+<Down> between 0 and 20 digits after decimal floating point.

re win/mousescroll-
just to report it doesnt work with Media Player Classic where the scrollwheel is used to adjust the volume

hi, tomos

I checked out win+scrollmouse. Mousescroll work with Classic Media Player (K-Lite codec Pack) without problem. Sound volume I can change with scrollwheel, windows I can switch with <win>+scrollwheel.
What problem you was found? Sound volume do not changes, or windows do not switches?

If you can have an option to reduce the 14.00000  (final calculation) to 14.00 that would be great. I really only need the numbers

You can download new version of WinMouseTipCalc and to set roundoff to 2 numbers for decimal places after floating point. Use <Win>+<2> (not <Numpad 2>) or <Win>+<Down> and <Win>+<Up> to do it.
<Win>+<PageDown> and <Win>+<PageUp> works as described in the my previous message.
But in the next releases I may reassign PageDown and PageUp to the "history of the calculations" function.
Last version of the WinMouseTipCalc have better precision of calculations.


maybe you could perhaps allocate the page up key to be the % key so it becomes a single press key whilst holding down the Win-key

If I understand you correctly, then you need only the function to add % sign into the result at its end?

I made some changes in the WinMouseTipCalc to increase precision of calculations and to make possible to round result to adjustable number of decimal places and to make possible to include %-sign at the end position of result and $-sign at the start position.

But you have to know: you cannot calculate expressions with this signs, and you can only paste result with % and $ signs only using <Win>+<Insert> hotkey.

To accord with key names (PageDown suits with End position, and PageUp suits with Start position) I prefer to assign keys as following:
<Win>+<PageUp> = $-sign,
<Win>+<PageDown> = %-sign.
What do you think about it?

Of course I can set other key assignments:
<Win>+<5> for %-sign (<5>-key where %-sign is placed)
<Win>+<PageUp> for %-sign (as you ask)
<Win>+<4> for $-sign

More, it is possible to make last and first sign dinamically assigned by means of dialog text input. You could to assign other signs instead of % and $ for the <Win>+<PageDown> and <Win>+<PageUp> hotkeys.

realize what you are saying as when you do a dollars and cents equation that happens.
I just need the % to quicken up GST calculations at present I have to go the long way around

I do find that the (win + end) and (win + = ) in WinMouseTipCalc don't work as stated.
The rest of the commands do.

<Win>+<End> and, <Win>+<=> works if you do not include equation sign (=) into the selected formula (see the screenshort).

nogojoe, do you want to calculate simple financial expressions includes %-sign like followings?


I ask you, because in the long math. expressions it is important to calculate them in order of priority of the math. signs: *, / are  calculates before + and - math functions.
So I don't know, exactly, how I must to set priority for the %-sign  because, IMHO, it is a financial (not mathematic) sign.

You can take a look at how Windows Calculator makes calculations in order of math.signs (*,/,+,-) when works in different mode: simple or  scientific. In the simple mode it makes calculations in order of input, but in the science one it makes them in order of priority of the math. signs. Also, in the science mode the %-function (and its button) even doesn't exist and doesn't calculates correctly.

About my promise to try new code from Laszlo:
I have mistaked about %(percent) calculation in the new code of Laszlo  I promised to use in my Win...Calcs which. It's found that he used % for the mod  math.function. I don't know English so good. And I understood his post  incorrectly.

I can make possibility to calculate expressions, includes %-sign, by  means of Windows Calculator (that works correctly with %-sign only in its "simple" mode). You just select the expression and press  <Win>+<End> to insert result or <Win>+<=> only to show it. In any case it is a shorter way to make mass of calculations faster than if you will enter the expressions by your fingers. I can make it in the WinCalc's next release.

May be you know that Windows Calculator makes calculations for the expressions, included "=" at its, end just by copy-paste method.
It is easy way to make AHK-script to copy selected expression (equaton) and to sent it to the Windows Caclulator's input and to return result by "copy". I have done such program before I have done the Win..Calcs.

it's a great little program non intrusive but at your fingertips if you pardon the pun.

The calculations made by means of Win...Calc not precise. Because "In case it's of interest, AutoHotkey stores intermediate expression results as 64-bit floating point numbers (or integers if there's no decimal portion). However, when the final result is stored in a variable (or for use by a command), the default precision is 6 decimal places." as said Chris
on the (Autohotkey forum).
So, I must to inform you about this bug. Do not rely for this program on 100%. I try to resolve this problem at this moment. But short numbers and simple expressions Win...Calcs calculates correctly. In any case WinCalc which runs the MS Windows' Calculator is reliable as MS itself.  :)

Hi Wep.
Could you increase the functionalbility of WinMouseTipCalc by adding the % function to the setup if at all possible
it's a great little program non intrusive but at your fingertips if you pardon the pun.

OK! I'll try to add % calculations into the WinMouseTipCalc and other similar calculators. I used the code of Laszlo from the Autohotkey forum for the arithmetic calculations in my Win...Calcs. And I saw that he have new code which makes possible % and power functions.

I glad that you use my WinMouseTipCalc.

WinKey Enhacement Project isn't just a hotkey manager idea.
I try to enhance system functionality by new original ideas to interact with it. <Win>-key - just a more suitable (to do not conflict with other hotkeys, many other applications usually which uses) modifier that allows to realize calling for the wep-functions, by using hotkeys.

i am too obsessed with hoekey
-electronixtar (July 05, 2008, 10:08 AM)

to tomos and lanux128:

I fixed this "bug". Try new MouseScroll! You can switch in the Alt+Tab menu to next or previous item only by <Win>+scroll wheel up or down.
If you release the <Win>-key, then selected item(window) will activated. To escape Alt+Tab menu just press down <Esc> while you holding <Win>.
Also one very useful preview feature I found, testing MouseScroll: if you press down <Alt> while <Win> is holds you can see (check) the selected item(window). It will be activated, but Alt+Tab menu do not hide. If selected item is not you want to switch to, you can continue to scroll mouse, selecting other items in the Alt+Tab menu and preview them by <Alt>.

it scrolls through all windows in one direction (forwards), but it only scrolls between the two last shown windows when I scroll in opposite direction

tomos, I have not seen your links at my past visit to the forum.
thank you for them. I think with them I can realize windows arranging by <Win>-key.

there are a couple of other hotkey scripts here (dc) that move windows around - I'm happy with grid

Now AHK-source and mousescroll.exe (you can find similar code without WinKey modifier in the Help of the Autohotkey compiler) links available!

I only want to include simple MoveGrid functionality into the final WinKey-program when I'll collect all ideas for all keys that might be used with <Win>-key.

About gridmove.. I think you just described what gridmove does, i can't understand what you're asking for..
I do not use GridMove last time and forgot that it has hotkeys (because i did not used them) too. But now I see that "FastMove is a faster alternative to Command mode.   /*incomplete*/""
I meant that I prefer to use simple <Win>-keyed move windows to its positions, without any generation of grid on the screen. Anyway I'll try to make it by myself.
I have an idea: IMHO, it would be greate function to realize window arrange function (as standart system one called by right click on the taskbar) temporarily for exx. by holding CapsLock.
If somebody would make (or already made) such function, please, lem me know about it and give me a link.

Finished Programs / Re: ALT-TAB edge of the screen (new)
« on: July 01, 2008, 09:34 PM »
Also you can try virtuawin - manager of the virtual desktops. It makes possible to switch between any counts of virtual desktops just by touching edge of the screen. It is customizable whith modifiers, knocking, desktop and mouse wrapping, etc.

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