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Living Room / Re: Awesome photos
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:26 PM »

This is kind of off topic, but I couldn't help but notice...

Count how many fat people are in there. Here's the total.

Now, the next time you are in a public place with 20 or more people, count. Compare.

Naa.. it couldn't have anything to do with our higher standard of living, greater leisure time, and overall easier way of life.

Just corn sugar.

I have a Samsung  CLX-3175F.. it's color, and has a scanner/copier built in.  It can also do faxes (if you are into that sort of thing) and it has wi-fi built in, so it doesn't have to be teathered to your PC.  I got a deal and a half on it as well.

I've had it for about a year, and I still get amazed at the print quality. No problems at all with it, even after the time the wife used glossy inkjet paper in it  :trout:

I had a similar issue in Vista due to the UNC network path that my documents folder is setup to use.  I just changed the ini to portable mode, and it worked just fine.

DC Gamer Club / Re: Alien Swarm - another free game from Valve
« on: August 15, 2010, 09:06 PM »
Forget free on PC, I'd happily pay for this to be on XBox Live or PSN!

General Software Discussion / Keyword Generator/Manager
« on: January 07, 2010, 03:28 PM »
First off, no, it's not for a website that I'm trying to sell Google adds on...  8)

But I do work with documents most of the day, and I do have to make sure that they are easily searchable (in a private online kb, or in e-mail folders), so I like to use keywords.

Unfortunately, as I have yet to find a better way, every time I create a new document, I have to manually go through the article, and my list of 100 or so keywords every time.

So my question to the masses, does anyone know of a free/cheap tool that will parse through a list of keywords and a document, and generate a list of matches?

Here's what I did on my pc...

I started with XP 32bit
Added 2 gigs of memory (to be just under 3 gigs)
 - Things ran nicer, but still, not great

Installed Windows 7 64bit
 - Things started flying

Going to 7 and 64bit made a HUGE improvment to my pc.  Also, I use Vista at work (tech support & excel tool programming),  and all of the things that annoy me in Vista, are fixed, and actually make sense now. 

If you have the drivers to do it (right now, I still can't get any of my old printers working, and my Realtek audio driver front end is no-where near as functional as it was in XP), I highly suggest you do.

Also, the pre-order was a great deal, but a bit too late for that now...  8)

LOL, you posted that as I was editing my post...  :Thmbsup:

You know, I think I might have just spotted something.  We have roaming profiles here, and in my C:\Program Files\ScreenShotCaptor directory, I have a 'servername' directory.  In there, I have "users$", my account name, My Documents, DonationCoder, ScreenshotCaptor, and then a Screenshots directory.  This is on a clean install.  That looks quite unusual to me.

(testing something)

And it will run in portable mode....

but it won't run with the ConfigDir INI set to %MYDOCUMENTS% (which was commented out)

but it will when it's set to %PROFILE%

I think I got it.  The extra directory you called out above gave me the idea for the fix.

Are there any registry keys or files that are not in the Screenshot Captor directory that I can try to clear out to do a new install?

Hello Mouser,

Yes, earlier versions of Screenshot Captor have worked.  I've used the last 2 versions on the same pc, same install of vista.  The last version that I was on was the mistakenly uploaded 'debug' version of Screenshot captor that threw up the extra dialog box when saving a file. 

This version installed fine, with no errors.

Humm, I just installed, and now when I try to start screenshot captor, all I get is a window with the windows white X in a red circle.  This was an update from the previous version.  Uninstalling, deleting the directory, and reinstalling didn't work either.

I'd add a screenshot, but well, errr...

Living Room / Re: Eggnog season is upon us!
« on: November 06, 2008, 06:06 PM »

The only Egg-Nog recipe that you need.  Just don't be a whimp and cook it to make it custard nog.

I found it.  Somehow someone shoe-horned a 199x in a year field.

I swear I did a new topic, but it's not there.  So I apologize Seedling if I'm mucking up this thread.  I keep getting a "199x is not a valid integer".  This can happen when adding, or removing tracks.  It's not always the same MP3 file that is listed in the statusbar that causes the error.  Help!

not sure what's going on with any board issues, but i did have a couple questions for you re: your troubles:

1) which version of the program are you using
2) what type of media files is it having trouble with (i.e. mp3, wma, etc.)
3) (if known) what type of tagging system are these files tagged with? (ID3v1, ID3v2.x, ApeTags...)

I'm running  I have a few wav's, but afaik, they should be almost all MP3's.  Also, i do believe that they are all tagged with ID3vX tags.   

I swear I did a new topic, but it's not there.  So I apologize Seedling if I'm mucking up this thread.  I keep getting a "199x is not a valid integer".  This can happen when adding, or removing tracks.  It's not always the same MP3 file that is listed in the statusbar that causes the error.  Help!

Ok, wow.  That was disturbingly fast.  Thanks a ton.... 

I have a good (but old) keyboard I use at work, but the enter key gets stuck sometimes.  It would be great if I could turn of repeat on just the enter key.

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