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Living Room / Torrent Giant, The Pirate Bay sold, will go legal
« on: June 30, 2009, 10:23 PM »

Today is a sad day, for me at least.  Anyone familiar with torrents should know about The Pirate Bay.  It was in my opinion, the only torrent site worth a damn I could find.  According to news reports, TPB has been sold to the software company Global Gaming Factory X.  I believe the term "to go legal" means they will charge for downloads...

“We would like to introduce models which entail that content providers and copyright owners get paid for content that is downloaded via the site,” said Hans Pandeya, CEO GGF.
Content creators and providers need to control their content and get paid for it. File sharers’ need faster downloads and better quality

In other words, we pay for what we download.  We also pay for high quality downloads, which we found at TPB for FREE.  I understand their reasoning to an extent, but I never saw the day TPB would sell out.. It's truly a sad, sad day.

I'm sorry to inform everyone, the team has been disbanded after a few short weeks.

Walter Winstel

Hello everyone,

I am a beginning adobe photoshop artist, and intermediate/slightly advanced 3D Modeler looking for work. With money being tight I decided to post here looking for some people interested in my work.  I offer free instant quotes and will negotiate price as you please.  I will accept donation credits but can also work out deals for sending money, pay pal, etc.  My main work in 3D Modeling is architecture but I am open to doing other works.  I am also willing to meet certain criteria such as whether the item is textured or not, a certain poly count, etc, etc. Below are pictures of my work.

:Thmbsup: Log Cabin (Work in progress) :Thmbsup:

 :Thmbsup: Storage Shed (Work in progress, abandoned for time being) :Thmbsup:

:Thmbsup: Anchor created for JoTo (Completed) :Thmbsup:

:Thmbsup: BOOM! Maze Craze 3D character (Complete) :Thmbsup:

:Thmbsup: Cody model (version 1.0, 2.0 to come) :Thmbsup:

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / AcroSuite (retired)
« on: July 08, 2007, 07:09 AM »
Please read below for the newest version!!!

Hello everyone,
  Well, im back, as is AcroLiminator, I am still retired from the ever popular game, maze craze, but after a team fallout, my game "blitzkriegs" development has halted.  So, here I am, coding, I hope to do more then get my feet wet this time, and get serious about coding.  Im only 15, and juggling football, school, training (mma) and other things.  So, please be paitent for updates.  The current release contains only 70 130 acronyms.  I hope for the next release to have many more.  Please send any bugs you find to me in a private message and I will try to fix them.  I will add acronyms as I go, the old release of AcroLiminator had almost 200 acronyms, maybe more I believe, and the code was just overwhelming.  With that said please read below for how to use AcroLiminator, and for a screenshot.  Also if you enjoy this tool, please let me know.  I dont demand donations, or beg for them, so don't worry about it if you dont have the money. Your positive feedback is as good as your money to me.  Now on to the tool.

AcroLiminator is a tool, that helps compile a  proffesional letter, or conversation, or just rid yourself of that nasty habit.  Everyones seen them, lol, rofl, afk, brb, bbs, just to name a few.  Known as acronyms, some people hate them, some love them.  But with AcroLiminator, your acronym problems are resolved.  The tool displays a message box after a word such as "btw" with space or enter hit  after the word is typed, asking you if you would like to change the acronym to the extended word. Simply press yes, and the world is magically changed, but press no, and the acronym is displayed. Alternate versions will be released with less distracting boxes, and dialogs as my coding progresses.  Yes, that may have been hard to read, or understand, im not all that creative, just say something and I'll explain it better. Now for the screenshots.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Sorry for the poor screenshots. Also, Ctrl (control) + Q, suspends the script, meaning Acronyms wont be changed until you hit ctrl+q again.  Read below for all the acryonyms acroliminator contains.

--->Acronyms included<---
1. btw - by the way
2. brb - be right back
3. lol - laugh out loud
4. lmao - laughing my *** off
5. roflmao - rolling on the floor laughing my *** off
6. roflmfao - rolling on the floor laughing my ****ing *** off
7. bbs - be back soon
8. ttyl - talk to you later
9. ttul - talk to you later
10. ttus - talk to you soon
11. ttys - talk to you soon
12. lmfao - laughing my ****ing *** off
13. wtf - what the ****
14. wth - what the hell
15. wtfh - what the ****ing hell
16. bak - back at keyboard
17. h8 (not really an acroynm, something that just really bothers me) - hate
18. cul - see you later
19. g2g - got to go
20. gtg - got to go
21. idk - I dont know
22. cul8er - see you later
23. omg - oh my god
24. imo - in my opinion
25. imho - in my humble opinion
26. afk - away from keyboard
27. afaik - as far as I know
28. yt - you there
29. hth - here to help
30. ltns - long time no see
40. bfn - bye for now
41. ttfn - ta ta for now
42. gal - get a life
43. otoh - on the other hand
44. asl - age, sex, location
45. idc - I dont care
46. asap - as soon as possible
47. b4 (another one that bothers me.) - before
48. btdt - been there done that
49. eom - end of message
50. fubar - fouled up beyond recognition
51. fya - for your amusement
52. fyi - for your information
53. hhoj - haha only joking
54. hhok - haha only kidding
55. iae - in any event
56. stfu - shut the **** up
57. imnsho - in my not so humble opinion
58. iow - in other words
59. iykwim - if you know what I mean
60. jk - just kidding
61. l8r - later
62. irl - in real life
63. jam - just a minute
64. nrn - no reply necessary
65. obtw - oh by the way
66. oic - oh I see
67. plz - please
68. ty - thank you
69. yw - your welcome
70. np - no problem
71. sol - **** outta luck
72. pmfji - pardon me for jumping in
73. atm - at the moment
74. bc - because
75. cst - central standard time
76. est - eastern standard time
77. etr - early to rise
78. im - instant message
79. mst - mountain standard time
80. phat - pretty hot and tempting
81. pin - personal indentification number
82. r&r - rest and relaxation
83. rip - rest in peace
84. c&c - comment and criticism
85. tba - to be announced
86. tbd - to be decided
87. sob - son of a *****
88. sos - save our souls
89. tgif - thank god its friday
90. tia - thanks in advance
91. wom - word of mouth
92. b\c - because
93. bcnu - be seeing you
94. bmg - be my guest
95. bta - but then again
96. cfn - ciao for now
97. cid - consider it done
98. fwiw - for what its worth
99. gl - good luck
100. gra - go right ahead
101. gw - good work
102. iac - in any case
103. ik - I know
104. kis - keep it simple
105. nbd - no big deal
106. nrn - no response necessary
107. oh - off hand
108. otp - on the phone
109. poc - point of contact
110. pov - point of view
111. pos - parent over shoulder
112. tafn - thats all for now
113. tbh - to be honest
114. w/e - whatever
115. wfm - works for me
116. wtg - way to go
117. wu - whats up
118. html - hyper text markup language
119. css - cascading style sheet
120. cu - see you
121. aamof - as a matter of a fact
122. f2f - face to face
123. gg - good game
124. w/ - with
125. m8 - mate
126. mlb - major league baseball
127. nfl - national football league
128. nba - national basketball association
129. ufc - ultimate fighting championship (im training to be in it, couldnt resist putting it)
130. pfc - pride fighting championship

Now with well over 1000 lines of code, I have decided to start work on the ability to add your own acronyms, this is gonna take the longest, so this is the last update for a bit, I hope to have a new better icon in the next release aswell.

If you have any requests for acronyms to be added, please let me know, also if there is enough demand I will make a child safe version (change "curse words", remove un necessary ones, etc.)

---> Special thanks <---
Mouser for providing this great forum
Everyone at the donation coder forum
All the helpful people at autohotkeyforum
Notepad ++ (definately check it out if you do coding)
Anyone who has supported and helped in this project for the temporary icon
ImageShack for hosting the images

you may also contact me at [email protected]
and [email protected]

Thank you everyone! Sorry for the long post.

-- Walt :)

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / AcroLiminator
« on: May 29, 2007, 07:46 AM »
Hey all,
 Yeah, I know the name sucks, as does the icon, but im new.  The program simply replaces acroynms, with the full word there used to represent.  Some words may cause clashing conflict, but overall it works.  I have a beta tester, whos tested it, and says it indeed does work, I have also done a little testing myself.  I guess this program could be nifty for professional conversations where you wanna cut down on the acronyms and sound more professional, I just had the idea, and decided to make it.  The program currently contains a whopping amount of 377 acronyms, all hand typed. But ofcourse I didn't think up all the acroynms, I must thank and with many of the acroynms.  Well I guess thats it, please post any errors you have, and let me know what you think.

 Description - AcroLiminator, does exactly what its name says, for example when you type btw the word will change into by the way.  It currently doesn't contain a full list of acronyms it contains but I plan to add that soon enough.  You will know the script is running by noticing a yellow smiley face in your programs toolbar, when you roll over it the dialog box Acroliminator.exe will show.  Hope thats enough :).
-- Walt

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