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Hi - I use hotkeys to automate stuff at work, where we all (120+ employees) work on an IE app that requires entry of data, waiting for screen changes, switching to other apps and pasting data, etc.  I've got some things well-automated on my machine.  Problem is everyone has a slightly different configuration and most all have zero native ability to re-configure a script to their machine.  

What I'm looking for is the rough shell of a script, that on first-run on user's machine, it would ask simple questions or give simple instructions as it progressed, to obtain the references it needs to "gel" into a workable code on that users machine.  

Sounds much more complicated than a "snack", but wanted to get the idea in writing so it could be fleshed out.  Hopefully, this is not something long ago figured out by folks smarter than me!


Finished Programs / SOLVED - lock window positions on startup
« on: May 12, 2011, 10:20 AM »
Hi - forgive me if this is a done-deal, but could not find anything so thought I'd ask for it. 

I use AHK scripts for lots of stuff, and want to expand to some new areas.  Most of what I do involves copy/pasting from IE to Lotus Notes or other IE windows, sending keys and such like that.  I'm aware it would be more elegant to use the object model to get into whatever I'm working with, but I'm not that smart.   :tellme:  So I usually end up with coordinates to which I'm sending left downclick action.  If I move my windows, obviously that kills the code.  I open the same windows at work every day, and would like them to always open in exactly the same place, so that macros I write will find links where they should be.

Any ideas? 

Thanks - Larry

Finished Programs / DONE: IDEA (silly help really)
« on: February 08, 2011, 03:43 PM »
Guys this is so lame I'm embarrassed to even ask.  I'm using autohotkey to write a stay-resident macro to kill a #$%#$(# message box our app developers put into an IE based application we all use every day.  It is a notice box that pops up on nearly every file we work on, and we have to click it "ok" to make it go away before proceeding.

What I've written works ... once.  I cannot get the stupid thing to loop and twiddle its thumbs until the next instance pops up.  Here is what I have:

WinWait, Windows Internet Explorer, There are APP data/U
IfWinNotActive, Windows Internet Explorer, There are APP data/U, WinActivate, Windows Internet Explorer, There are APP data/U
WinWaitActive, Windows Internet Explorer, There are APP data/U
Send {Enter}
Sleep, 100

The actual error box says "There are APP data/info related errors, Click the App Data Error tab to get full details" but by using macro recorder I wrote the above and it works.  I suppose I need to put this into some kind of while ... loop or something, but I'm just too tired at night when I get to play with this stuff to think it through.

A little help?  Please?

I don't know if this is a rant or request for help (some measure of both probably).  I'm involved in a project which is publishing a user manual to a large company's portal.  Unfortunately, the company uses Vignette 6 (with embedded Ewebedit Pro version 2.6) which is sort of a lobotomized Dreamweaver wannabe.  When we attempt to use CSS the code is stripped out, and we are forced to use sort of the old style HTML practice of using tables for everything.  I have been able to get the CMA (content management application) to accept in-line Java such as onmouseover and things like that, but no code which requires declarations in the head of the document is allowed to remain - obviously the company is hyper-worried about security concerns. 

I understand their concerns but it sure limits what we can do.  I want to write calculators which accepts input and returns output - can't.  I would like to create tool-tip type of additional info boxes which pop up and stay up (not disappearing in six seconds like the normal HTML "title" does) but so far no joy.   

Anyone with great ideas about how I can work within these restraints?  So far, pure HTML and in-line Java seem to be the only tools I have available.

Thanks for reading, and any thoughts

Uncle Larry

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