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Living Room / Graphix
« on: April 16, 2005, 05:55 AM »
I make this post in the members only-section because it is rude to say what I am about to say to everybody (or as least I think so ;)

Mouser, your programs is exelent, your programs is made with care and that good!

BUT the gui-icons look like windows 95 gui's...
The Gui-setup is ok and usefull, but the Ok / Help  buttons has icons on them.. A green jerky icon is right beside looking really old and not nice at all. The same with the ? and other icons used in your programs.

I dont use themes in win XP, so I am not sure how it looks in other themes, but when I see the green  awfull icons I remember my days when windows95 was the greatest thing around...

I feel your programs would look more proffesional without the jerky grafix!
(It would be nice to see good grafix, but use your time on coding).

I showed some friends your programs and the where afraid the didnt really work good with xp sp2 beacuse it looked like it was made for 98. ... (ok, some of my computerfriends suck, but nevertheless ;)

DesktopCoral / Suggestions
« on: April 16, 2005, 05:20 AM »
Here are my few cents:

Some programs / tasks should be able to use the whole screen, and not bee affected by DesktopCoral. Maybe make a list like in Prosess Tamer?

The opacity is really confusing.  I would suggest to remove the ability to have a background-option in DesktopCoral, and rather have a "switch" ON/OFF for making it invisible.

Option of having a taskbaricon or not. it would be nce to just open main exe again to get the prefs-window. But this isnt half as important to me as 1 & 2.

DesktopCoral / Bugs?
« on: April 16, 2005, 05:12 AM »

I have put this program into my startupfolder to make the most of it.
But sometimes it starts up with a different Opacity setting, showing itself.
I can't reprosduse this everytime, but its sure is bug-looking  ;)

When you open the settings-window it sets the opacity to 5% or so.
But the slider isn't always agreeing, it sometimes moves WAY up, but the opacity is nearly 0 (it looks almost gone, but the slider says 8% or so...)

When do it save the options? My gf sat it to make her top (no, the screen-top... guys...) me free of windows, she had to go into the settingswindow, change opacity and pressed ok. Here computer crashed right after that, and when it started up again, it was where she sat it... Not the same opacitylevel either, but I guess thats a bug #1 foult...

Thats all I found, its a good program nevertheless  :up:
the behavior of setting where it should be seems a littel buggy. It CAN be me being silly, but I feel its bugging me... ;)

DesktopCoral / Usefullness
« on: April 16, 2005, 05:01 AM »
Why is this software usefull?

Let me show you a scenario, tell you why and maybe give you some hints of usefull software allong the way.

Ever had a program the you whould like to monitor, it didnt take up much space one the desktop, but everytime you used the "Maximize"-button in another program it got hidden? Well, this is a program that can help.

I use a program called Samurize (, but it could just a easily be coolmon ( It could even be mIRC (the part where you see if people says hi), or Gaim ( , a multi-protocol instant messaging including msn).

They use a part of the desktop to show you usefull information. My Samurize-setup shows things like tasks, what my winamp hits towards my ears, time and such. I wanna se it, even if I use Firefox ( , a good and free browser) and hit the maximize button.

This is what DesktopCoral do. It makes a "hidden" window along one of the sides of your desktop and keeps maximized windows away. Here is a screenshot of my setup (look on the right side of the screen)

So, if I start a program that maximize itself i don't loose contact with my information (Now, why would this information be so important? Well.. I like to see how much memory programs use, and samurize shows it to me, what tasks are started? Samurize show that too...  ;)

Thank you Mouser, this program is making my days a little easier and more userfriendy :)

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