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General Software Discussion / Video Editors
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:40 AM »
Hi there,
Anybody know of, or feel like writing a utility to scan video files MPEGs, AVIs etc for the gaps between "scenes".
The target market would be all amateur video photographers who tend to use their new toy more like a video snapshot camera and produce 90 minute tapes with loads of dross between the scenes.
That dross needs to be edited out and finding the stuff - almost frame by frame, takes an eternity.
These gaps are "normally" a few frames - or seconds, with the snowy interference pattern you get on a screen when the transmission ends but the TV is left on, or sometimes just black frames.
If the entire file could be scanned and an index built giving the position to within a couple of seconds, or frames - then it would make life so much easier.
I imagine it would be "simple" enough for the user to edit a few frames from an existing video containing nothing but the type of frame being sought and then saving this as a sample.
The sample would then contain a template of the data that triggers an entry into an index.
There are obviously dozens of CODECS but I think they are identifiable by the header and the saved sample would contain both the header and frame data.
I checked some commercial products with no success so it could be either too complex to incorporate into a sophisticated editing package or, hopefully, something nobody thought of writing as a simple standalone utility.
I would imagine a product like that could generate quite a lot of exposure for the originator.

LaunchBar Commander / Minor Cosmetic Surgery
« on: December 01, 2013, 05:41 AM »
Small cosmetic error with one of the selection boxes in the "Docking Bar 2" panel of the node configuration pane.
Image attached.
Yes I am getting desperate :-)

LaunchBar Commander / Folder Node Hints incorrect
« on: November 28, 2013, 11:43 AM »
WIN XP(SP3) LBC 1.139.01

The hints being displayed for a Folder Node are being presented as the file location as opposed to the specified hint.

Removed the link as it appeared to be giving direct cleared access to my account

WIN XP(SP3) LBC 1.139.01
Configure preferences pane - the change icon pop-up is now invisible. Still there but you have to mouseover to display it

LaunchBar Commander / Deleting Command Nodes
« on: November 25, 2013, 09:27 AM »
WINXP(SP3)32bit LBC 1.138.03
If a document is dragged to LBC a command node is created.
If that command node is "right clicked" the normal windows context menu is displayed  - including the appropriate LBC shell commands.
If the windows option to delete the item is selected then the target is dumped in the trash. Probably one's own fault for being stupid. There's always a "but", but the node for the target which has been trashed, still appears on LBC but can't "command" anything 'coz the target's gone. ;D
Closing and saving the changes to LBC and then re-running still leaves the "orphan" node.
Bug or Feature  8)
Will David Attenborough be required?

LaunchBar Commander / User directory incorrectly set
« on: November 18, 2013, 05:38 AM »
WINXP(SP3)32 bit LBC 1.137.01
Even though the CONFIGDIR parameter is set to %MYDOCUMENTS%, LBC is still loading the project files for the previously active/loaded user account.
If I manually open the file for the "current" user account then when I switch users the same project opens and remains open until I manually open the pertinent file. The newly opened file then becomes the default wherever I operate from.
Attached image shows the ConfigDir file and the LBC Configuration pane.
The system is successfully utilising the local language name for My Documents because the project folders are loaded and saved to the appropriate directory when running. It's just not doing it automatically at run time.
Should I be replacing the absolute user account details for a system variable in the LBC configuration pane?
It is conceivable that I could utilise one LBC project across both the accounts but I'm unsure (Scared) whether there would be significant conflicts between default data directories for any programs activated via LBC.

WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit - Multi User 4 family members and the Administrator account
Hi there,
Just downloaded my first licence key (for use with LBC). I am trying LBC on my own personal user account and also on the administrator account. I noticed that the activated key was stored in the Program folder and also in the APPDATA folder for the user account in which I first activated the key. As a precaution I cut&pasted the key into a Wordpad file.
When I go into the Administrator account:-
1) Will I be asked to activate another key for that user account in order that the kay is also stored in the appropriate APPDATA folder?
2) If another key activation is requested, should I use the copy or grab a supplementary key.

WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit LBC 1.137.01.
System launchbar docked along left edge of screen and autohiding.
LBC docked along left edge of screen reserving space.
When a window is opened on the desktop (double clicking any Folder shortcut) and the hidden System Launchbar is activated by mouseover it flashes four times on its first activation.
Re-activating the system launchbar without changes to the desktop does not produce further flashing.
Opening another Window (again, double click any folder shortcut) produces a new window ON TOP which again causes the System launchbar to flash four times when activated by mouseover.
Again, re-activating the system launchbar without changes to the desktop does not produce further flashing.
Open another window and voilla, a flashing system launchbar.
The flashing is definitely associated with windows opening or being activated/moved to the top layer. Even if the windows are small enough not to overlap, the latest window is still considered to be new to the top layer and therefore causes the flashes.
The effect does not occur when the LBC is docked on any edge away from the system launchbar.
There must be a logical reason for it always to be four flashes - probably related to the number of active virtual areas on the system launchbar; Windows Button, Quick Launch Bar, Message Bar & Activity Bar.  If there were more toolbars active, then I am certain there would be more epileptic triggers :).
Should this be considered a bug, or a feature requiring an advisory note, to avoid the system launchbar location with LBC docks?

WIN XP(SP3)32bit LBC 1.137.01
System launchbar set to autohide
If the LBC dock is parked at the same edge as the system launchbar and set to reserve space, then both can co-exist.
If LBC is then set to slide, the system launchbar can no longer respond to a "mouseover"
If the LBC "activation zone" was set to be a few pixels clear of the edge and a few pixels wide then it should be possible to "pass through" the LBC activation zone and still find the hot spot for the system launchbar.
I'm convinced I can see the edge of both bars when they are both hidden because there are two distinct "stripes". the outermost being the blue system colour whilst the innermost is the grey "aluminium" of LBC. When the mouse activates LBC then it can be seen to obliterate the blue system "stripe".
I know the workaround is to park them on opposite sides but then again "If I can see 'em I should be able to activate 'em", and, parking things on the right always seems to conflict with resizing windows when they are already close to the bottom/right corner.

LaunchBar Commander / "Erroneous" node being automatically produced
« on: November 09, 2013, 08:11 AM »
WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit - LBC 1.137.01
If I attempt to add (DRAG) Shortcuts for documents held in another user account directly into a FOLDER node on the active LB in the currently active user account, it produces an "Access violation at address 00417236 in module 'LBC.exe'. Read of address 0000008E." I assume this is correct because I shouldn't really be able to do it - the shortcut should go into the target folder to which the node refers - I realised I was actually making an erroneous attempt in the first place. However, if the same shortcut is dragged to the same FOLDER Node in the opened Configuration pane, which would also be the same error, then it produces a new Node which is a copy of the node immediately below the target including all the elements within the "copied" node. This "NEW" node being inserted between the erroneous target and the copied node. In this instance the copied node was a MENU node, I haven't tried to simulate the error with all possible node permutations.

If multiple entries are dragged and dropped to an LBC node then each "copy" seems to require confirmation.
Why not have  a "yes to all" button. After all, if I selected them there's a good chance I do actually want them.

LaunchBar Commander / System functions not being correctly copied
« on: November 09, 2013, 07:54 AM »
WIN XP(SP3) 32bit
LBC 1.137.01
When a desktop shortcut to Shutdown.exe is created, switches are appended to the end:
"shutdown -s -t 00" for shutdown
"shutdown -r -t 00" for reboot
"shutdown -l -t 00" for logoff
when these shortcuts are dragged to LBC the switches are not copied.
Would that be a feature or a bug?

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