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General Software Discussion / Copy (a new Dropbox-like service)
« on: May 30, 2013, 10:24 AM »
DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Copy. Let's just put it this way: I am excited to discover something new that no one's talking about (yet). And I also want an extra space coz I have no shame, so please read on.  :P

Hi DC people,
This is a new web service I stumbled upon to two weeks ago. It's similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive. It's available for free but also has a paid subscription. I am shamelessly promoting recommending this because it generously allots 15GB of space to free users.  :D

If you want to sign up, please use this link: Copy Referral Form
You and I will both receive an additional 5GB of free space if you signed up via my referral link.
Thanks!  :D

Copy homepage:

This image which I use on my Firefox Speed Dials is hosted in Copy :)

Find And Run Robot / Need help with FARR appearance tweaks
« on: May 28, 2013, 03:45 PM »
First thing:
I learned so much from this board so I hope that whatever I ask has a solution. I think this is my first time posting. I was hesitant to ask here at first because it's kinda intimidating, aside from the fact that mouser (thank you, btw) isn't a big fan of custom skinning. But then again, why not. So here goes.

First thing and a half:
FARR had been living in my hard disk unused for a long time since at the time Launchy is workable.
I like Launchy because: Hello, eye candy. And coming from a launch-via-dock culture (i.e. Rocketdock), appearance is a supplement that's no longer just an option but a reward to users (Yes, that's an emphasis  ;D).
I don't like Launchy anymore because: It's 2013 and the latest release was two Windows OSes ago. And well, it seemed to be not optimized to newer OSes and the fact that indexing i supposed to speed things up, why the heck is Launchy always lagging? Not to mention that the occasional updating of index affects my workflow to the point that I have to spend 10 minutes smoking so my PC wouldn't throw a tantrum if I continue using it (Yes, I'm a multi-tasker who abuse my RAM  ;))
So now I switched to FARR. And with slenderFARR skin, everything is operable. But because my eyes just can't take in too much whiteness, I also tried to create my own skin (see screenshots below), a "skill" I attribute to the resources I found here.

Question no. 1 has something to do with VCL Skin Builder:

1) What is HeaderControl? Coz I don't see anything change when I tested changing it with a pure neon-green image.

Question 2 still regarding VCL Skin Builder:

2) How do I change the appearance of that thing labeled "Toolbar" and "Button2"?

Finally, Question 3:

3)Since the searchbar and result box is not affected by the skin, how do I tweak its appearance? Yes, I did find it in the Options, but how do I choose colors other than what's listed in the dropdown selection? Can I used an image to make it as background?

Thank you to anyone who'll help. :)


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