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Post New Requests Here / auto pixel color clicker
« on: October 24, 2009, 07:09 AM »
I need something that can find a certian color in a window and click on it.
The color it needs to find should be easy to specify as the color needed to be selected changes often. If possible it would be nice to have like 4-5 colors that it will auto click on with an adjustable delay between clicks. Also it would be nice if it still worked on the window even if it loses focus or could somehow even work in the background.

I do have that live previews enabled under Vista and the only truly live Shot it shows is of the activated window.

To understand what I mean, you need to start up say 2 games with action on screen.

Minimize 1 and keep the other focused.

Now, look at the taskbar thumbnails.

The activated game’s preview is a true "live" shot and shows game movement/stat changes.

The minimized game’s preview shot shows only a capture from the second you had minimized it.

In static apps such has Office you would never notice that minimized window is an old screenshot not an actual live preview.

So you must load 2 games with constant movement and changes to see what truly I mean.

To catch you up to speed, I am running 7 games concertly and pulling 98% Cpu usage daily and constantly.

I have to focus on each game individually to see what the current status of my individual characters are, to know if it’s time to restock items in my store, see how much $$'s I made and if my pet is starving or not.

However, when I switch game focus there is a high chance that 1 or 2 of the games will jam. Turn unresponsive and black screen.

Yet that character is still online and their store is still operational. I know because I can view the store with another separate character in another instance of the game, but that 1 instance of game is blacked out only on my end.

Really weird. IF I had a true live capture view of all minimized windows it would be a true heaven sent blessing to me.

I have searched, searched & again searched with now more & more refined terms and the only thing that even sounds promising again & again is Visual Task Tips

I found yet another newer version, it swears to work on Vista and also says it would be silly to use it on Vista at the sametime, since Vista does have the capability built-in. It installs fine but, when I run the app on Vista64 it does absoutely nothing except sits pretty in the taskbar and lets me adjust it’s settings, to no avail.

I did use Visual Task Tips avidly at one point under XP and it worked very well, but I don’t remember nor realized if it was true "live" shots or not, at the time. Also, I wasn’t gaming back then and would have never noticed.

I do know there is an ALT-TAB wannabee "improvement" to Vista’s built-in one that is supposed to show live pre-views & was orginally made for XP. It’s not what I want, but I can settle for even that. However, again the only true "live" shot it shows is that of the active window.

I know Skrommel(sp?) had made a dual monitor app
which showed the other monitor's open apps on the current
monitor which you are using. My PC back then was not powerful enough to run it, flawlessly.

I do still have dual monitors and such an app that Skrommel has already made comes sooo close to what I need ;)

The problem with making this puppy for me is that I am running on 64bit.

Hehe...but I do fully have this new of quad of mine set to boot in auto mode to over-ride the driver signing thingy ;p

Please, I am begging, make a full Truely Live Thumbnail Preview for Vista's Taskbar. Or even some sort of a Live Desktop Viewer of minimized windows which works on 64-bit Vista. I do fully realize and expect such an app to be somewhat CPU intensive.

Keep Rockin,


Post New Requests Here / A few viruses, trojans & a rootkit or 2
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:27 AM »
I'm wondering if it's past due my time to switch AV's.

I am currently using KAV within ZAPS7(Zone Alarm Suite 7). I have decided that I'm not happy with ZAPS's AV counterpoints resource usage.
KAV's stand alone is far better on resource usage and has already gained my the close yet distant past.
After reading an article http://techsupportal...ecurity_scanners.htm by Gizmo, I find myself wondering if Nod32 is worth a shot.

Nod32 vs KAV under XP Pro SP2 & Vista Ultimate
Dell 4600 Beefed
2.8g HT cpu
256 geforce
1.55g ram
XP SP2 IE 6(tweaked to the max)
Vista Ult retail(fresh install)

Post New Requests Here / A better DU Meter
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:11 AM »
How about a DU meter that has the same capabilities has the orginal paid version with the added benefit that allows the user to see what program is actually DLing or UPLing in real time.....

Many times the original DL Meter shows internet DL and/or UPL going on in my system and even I get hard pushed trying to figure out what program is doing what.
It would be nice and quick to find that info inside my DL UPL meter....instead of me having to guess and then dig around inside my firewall...safer too ;)

Despartely Seeking a used non-OC'ed NorthWOOD

40 US or under is a immediate certs for me.

NoN-DOA on arrival guarantee is a gotta have plus+++++!

<a href="http://wantitnow.eba...Name=STRK:MEWIN:POST">I Want it Like NoW!</a>

Need PayPal to make the deal a super quicky!

PM me!


Living Room / ..just come on in to learn about a new "trick"
« on: October 22, 2006, 03:25 AM »
..just come on in to learn about a new "trick"[/b]

I won the drawing here and just posted my review.

I came here in order to find a better non indexing file searcher.

Find and Run Robot is close...but not what I once loved and Lost.

I became a member to get FARR's full key.

I also did some reading here.

 I just started playing with VBS a little while ago. I haven't made anything significant to share here and I am trying to learn VB2005.

What I recommend is the below.

Even if you are to lazy to try this....wake up and try it.  :-*

 A Free DNS Server That's Better and Safer Subscriber Eric Villarreal writes, "Open DNS offers their DNS server free of charge to replace the DNS servers that one's ISP uses.  They claim it to be faster, safer (from phishing sites, which are blocked), and smarter as it changes typos like .og to its correct form, .org and so on. I've been using it for a few days, and it does what it claims.  Just one more little thing to keep things safer.” Nice find, Eric. I tried it and it works well.

I needed to write about my PC has less of a battle and usin this DNS server pratically made Peer Guardian almost

Mouser...try it dude.

I'm just so impressed by the effects of normal/casual surfing use that I am recommending this DNS change to be a must Have "DO" for all my friends.

No account/login is needed.


Mini-Reviews by Members / MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: October 22, 2006, 02:37 AM »
MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003
Upgrades to TrayIcon Pro from Wingo, Trayicon, Trayicon Standard, Trayicon Menu or Trayicon Standard products are for free, please send an E-mail
Product Support [email protected]
DownLoad Trail here
Meta Products is currently discontinuing all other versions of this product
Tested On: WinXPPROSP2, Pentium4 2.8 with 512 ram

More screenshots can be viewed here

TrayIcon Pro is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 application that was developed to let you quickly run your favorite applications and folders directly from the system tray.
TrayIcon Pro lets you add icons for these applications and folders to the tray itself or into menus that sit behind icons in the tray. Finally, the functionality of our whole TrayIcon range is brought together in one easy-to-use application.

The new version adds support for Netscape Bookmarks and Opera Hotlists as well as a history of recently browsed URLs. So, you can easily browse Web sites directly from your tray!

Another great feature is the ability to minimize any of your application to the system tray. TrayIcon Pro adds its button next to the standard Minimize/Maximize/Close button to all windows. You can choose to minimize the application to a separate tray icon or to a menu in the tray.

The new version allows you to protect icons from being started with a password - to limit access to some programs if the computer is shared between several users.

Here is my input.

MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro is good...very good.
It is fairly easy for newbie to figure out "How To" program it without the need to dig to through the Help files.

The way it's GUI works is whats a bit abnormal.

The GUI is both tabbed and each Tab also changes with the selection on it's drop down list. While programming my user settings I found the GUI's interface to be a bit of niggle for it was un-Windows like to me. However, once I figured it out, it was a cinch....just remembering How To find an particular option setting each time was a different story.

The program's installer was smooth. I had no complaint from either Kaspersky or ZAPS.

TrayIcon Pro displays a list of shortcuts which you pre-program. To bring the list up...the amount of time....compares to me initially opening my Windows Start Menu. There is a very big hesitation. I only programed TrayIcon Pro with my DeskTop shortcuts.

I have roughly 100 DeskTop shortcut's. I have 3 HD's on board and I do expect things to be slower then average due to the amount I have.

TrayIcon Pro is just a menu of my shortcuts. The same as your regular Start Menu.

I wanted & wished more from it.

It teased me.

It's memory usage grows bigger the longer it's used. It doesn't matter if it's menu was accessed or not. It's memory usage tops at about 20 megs but never lessens after it reaches that.

I found it hard yet easy to use. The hard part was I could open things faster without it by just clicking on my DeskTop Shortcuts what this product is supposed to replace. To give it a fair shake I tested a few other products of same category and I found the above statement to be true with all ;)

I could open things just as fast with TrayIcon Pro as I can via XP's Menus. I found I was forced to read through TrayIcon Pro's list & that takes time. I'm just so accustomed to using Desk Top Icon positionings instead of actually reading to find what I need.

I tried and tested other alternatives.

I found 2 others that meet my needs but still lack.

They are both "Docks"

I don't care for DOCKS yet I do like their punch much.

They both beat Object Dock, in my book, when it comes to their memory consumption.

Y'z Dock wins when it comes to memory consumption.
It's Memory consumption is almost NIL when the "auto-Hide" feature is used....yet it is very snappy.

RK Launcher is a spin-off of Y'z Dock it is an improved GUI of the original Y'Z's

It accepts gadgets from StarDock consumes more memory and I think is stolen code.

Both are freeware. Y'Z' Dock's development appears to have been discontinued sometime in either in 2002 or 2003 and the website is now down(hence the direct link). It's author, M.Yamaguchi works for Konami and it appears that he really upset Apple when he made this app & released it for free to all Windows user  8) I would love to see a Vista version of it done by him.

There is also my old tried and true fall-back app which is the one I think I will return to. I use it all the time to save my DeskTop Icon's Positioning. It's fantastic for that and only needs to be run if the the positioning gets messed up. Accidentally grabbing an icon and hitting the edge of your screen with it will definitely mess them up & some games will too. It also has a feature to make the background of your icon labels invisible. That isn't even the best part yet. It has super duper bonus feature which auto hides your DeskTop Icons, until you mouse over 'em ;)

It's called Iconiod

It is Sillyware and free for all. The Silly part of it is that it can actually make your DeskTop Icons Dance! That is really fun to do at the office to someone who is getting on your nerves :P

BTW, Iconiod is also working perfectly in my Vista RC1 OS. I don't know whether or not if it's installer will, but when installed via XP and launching the executable via Vista it will run. ;)


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