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Post New Requests Here / auto pixel color clicker
« on: October 24, 2009, 07:09 AM »
I need something that can find a certian color in a window and click on it.
The color it needs to find should be easy to specify as the color needed to be selected changes often. If possible it would be nice to have like 4-5 colors that it will auto click on with an adjustable delay between clicks. Also it would be nice if it still worked on the window even if it loses focus or could somehow even work in the background.


I only have the latest flavor of .Net.  I make sure of that purposely, because having older versions are nothing but a freaking giant disk waster when it comes to space.
No, I'm not pushed for space, but I do believe in the cleaner the better. Sure, some proggies complain(especially the Older ones(while installing cause .net 2.0 ain't on board), but I manage to get them installed and my 1 & only    latest version of .net steps in and does the rest of the trick on it's own.


I am still using your VIP0.2.9 Test, since I only have the latest .NET installed.

I am thrilled with the changes you had made to it due to my suggestions.

I have become very dependent on using it now.
I also feel that ViP was costumed tailored to fit me and my needs to perfection.

With that said, please accept my small incentive to continue future development.



I just got done playing with your update.
VIP0.2.9 Test is absoutely perfect!
It does indeed have a nice quiet start up now and places everything back to where it was upon exiting. That makes running it and restarting it very smooth now without me having to add any input whatsoever, very sweet!

I only wish that I could help you with solving intermittent slowdown issue. The only thing I notice on this end, is that Vista's DWM.exe's Cpu usage seems to go up a notch while ViP is on. Maybe it's related or not. I wonder if the slow down would happen on a machine with 2 GPUs. It would be a nice test to do.

 :D :-* :D OMG! You are so fast!  :Thmbsup: :-*

You have not only redone it, but have it up and already to go!

As for your question about preferring to have the target windows of the previews be minimized instead of maximized when Video in Picture exits. I was going to say yes, most definitly for my situation. However, for others I am not sure but I have a hunch it would also make most of the masses happier too.

I am very happy to hear and see that your interest is now rekindled with working on the program.  :-*

I will also eagerly post info about it in other forums and share it with all I know.

Keep Rocking,


Glad you liked it. I haven't had much success in spreading the word about Video in Picture even though it is one of my most useful and used applications on my computer. Perhaps people don't like that it's Vista only?

I think people just don't know it exist and have not had the idea yet to try to improve Vista's already nice thumbnail preview feature.  :P  :up:  ;)

With a 1 GB graphics card, you have about 4 times as much GPU memory as I do and probably a better processor on that GPU.

I already have added Video in Picture to my "must have" basic staples programs toolbox.
Alias though, it is causing bad responsiveness problems while I am playing the game. I find it to be really strange that it is causing this. It doesn't seem to make any difference if I have it showing 7 previews or none at all, the game play is still effected to the same degree. However, other apps such as OutLook, my VOIP phone and so forth seem to be unaffected.
It still has been more then super fantastic using Video in Picture for the past few days, none the less. None of the games have crashed once since I have been using it to check their current status. Now, that in itself is a miracle to me and one great tedious timesaver. Before, when one game crashed and 2-3 always did at least twice daily when I checked their status, it took me about 20-35 minutes to reset each one up. So, for now, I am only running Video in Picture when I need to check game status. Because of this, two parts of Video in Picture are quickly becoming annoying to me, since I'm restarting it alot. The first is the warning pop-up about it not being compatible with dual monitors. I already know this and I don't need to be told everytime. The second part is when I shut it down, it maximizes every window upon exiting. I counter it by hitting "show desktop" in windows quicklaunch tray and amazingly it causes all game instances to minimize without switching focus and causing crashes.
Despite the above problems, I will still full heartily continue to use Video in Picture daily and more often than not. It has already become invaluable to me and I would greatly miss not having it.

As for sliding the previews out of the way to see pop up windows beneath, you can try right-clicking on the tray icon and mess around with the "Alignment" and "Pin Previews To..." options. If you choose "Snap to Grid" in "Alignment", you will be able to drag all your previews at once by just dragging your first preview on the left.

Thank You! I did quickly managed to find the "pin to desktop" feature, on my own and I have been happy has a lark ever since :D

Oh yeah, just so that you know, you can crop your thumbnails by placing your mouse over one and holding down the Ctrl key.

Super neato feature! I love the cropping mat!  :-* overlooked one major thing though, while a errrrr.....
I'll just say, while mapping a certain other feature out, lol.
I'll let you figure it out.  ;)

I also love how it auto hides all the open windows on the task bar.

I still have no suggestions for any feature to be added to it. I don't think I ever will.

I am way better off using it than when I was not.

It is an awesome program you have made and I bet MS would be very interested in it.  ;) 8) :)

There's also alt-tab which I think shows live previews of all windows at the same time.

Thanks!  :)
I would have had to keep all Windows maximized for all thumbnails to be truly live shots, even with the ALT-Tab and Flip3d feature



Not exactly. It works with all applications, as long as they are not minimized.

I don't watch movies much on the PC. If I am remembering correctly, I think Media Player does show live previews in even minimized windows.

What I meant was that you can keep them all in windowed mode, and not minimize them, and then just see their previews in the taskbar.

Chuckling...Now, that is an idea that never even crossed my mind and should have long ago. I guess I'm just to much of a clean desktop freak to have ever thought of it. Your idea would be very doable. I could slide all the open windows to the other monitor, then shut it off and yet still see all of the live stats when needed in the thumbnail previews. Plus use Skrommel's dual monitor app it would be almost a nearly perfect solution. :D

Also, you may want to give VideoInPicture a try, it might be adequate for your situation. Unfortunately, it's still a bit buggy

Uhmmm...WoW! Video in Picture is indeed the ultimate solution for me!
It's way more awesome than what I wished for and wanted in the first place. I never hoped of actually being able to legibly read the print in any truly live thumbnail enhancement program! Muchless have the ability to resize and place them where ever I want. Then to top it all off
Video in Picture's app is very small in size, has 0% CPU usuage, only 13.6k memory usage and works on Vista 64-bit. I am literally flabbergasted!
I have had it running about 30 minutes now. When I first started it up I got 2 Retry/Ignore warnings. These type of warnings are a frequent happening on this PC anyways because I knowingly do have the CPU kept quite busy with all of the games running on it.

I was going to come in here and suggest but I see that jgpaiva has beaten me to the punch.

What a punch it is! My socks were truly knocked off :)

I think it might work for your needs but there are some quirks about it that you need to know.

Only one "quirk" I've noticed so far, then again maybe not, I haven't learned how to fully set it up yet. Right now, I have to slide the thumbnails out of the way if a window opens up underneath them. Then again I also have 7 enlarged thumbnails up and plastered all over, lol.
I'm enjoying watching all my games at once for the very first time almost more than I enjoy playing it :p

Currently, the program will only show resized, live preview thumbnails on the primary monitor of your screen (no multi-monitor support).

I simply don't care if you ever figure out the multi-monitor support issue. I hope you do if that is what you want. I am just so thrilled with being told about and using this gem you have had made that it doesn't matter. Besides that, I would only want the thumbnails on my main monitor anyways ;) I seldomly use my other monitor unless I need to keep a very close eye on a few apps or games at once. Now, I will even use the other monitor even less because I think Video in Picture will make having to use it obsolete.

You may experience a slight slow down in your system for an unknown reason. I think having many live thumbnails in a resizable Window taxes your GPU although not your CPU.

So far, I am noticing no slow down whatsoever. I have a 1GB stock ATI GPU, so I expect none. The game itself is not a graphic intensive one either, plus I only have all the graphic features turned on in only one of the instances.

I have no constructive comments or ideas to give to you.

Video in Picture seems as polished has any app can be to me.
I can't see any area of the app which needs any improvement.
It's way more then what I ever expected to find.

Oops, there is just one little thing that does bugs me about it.

I have googled for hours in vain and I never came across it.  :-*

I greatly thank you both, jgpaiva and videoinpicture, very much for making my wish come true.



Vista does have live preview, if open 2 movies at a time, hovering over the taskbar buttons displays both of them moving.

During my searching, I did stubble across a few mentions of that. It has something to do with Media Player being fired up and works specifically for with/that.

I do not run the games in full screen mode, still each instantance does take a large amount of screen space. The game is an online one. There's only 2 choices full screen or almost full screen but draggable and not cursor responsive resizable because the game simply does not allow it to happen. Keeping all 7 instances open with dual monitors does not allow me to view each one's individual current status, without switching window focus. I have 1 widescreen & 1 17-inch monitor hooked up. It's impossible and I have done more then tried.
If I could somehow resize those windows it would be highly possible, but I can not. 

Having the ability to resize these game windows would be a semi-satisfactory solution to what I really want. It would be a livable solution but not a very convenient one.

A better solution would be something with a windowed interface that can show a true live preview of each minimized app inside. It would be super awesome.

The only thing that could top that, is a true live taskbar preview.

Thanks for your super fast reply.



I do have that live previews enabled under Vista and the only truly live Shot it shows is of the activated window.

To understand what I mean, you need to start up say 2 games with action on screen.

Minimize 1 and keep the other focused.

Now, look at the taskbar thumbnails.

The activated game’s preview is a true "live" shot and shows game movement/stat changes.

The minimized game’s preview shot shows only a capture from the second you had minimized it.

In static apps such has Office you would never notice that minimized window is an old screenshot not an actual live preview.

So you must load 2 games with constant movement and changes to see what truly I mean.

To catch you up to speed, I am running 7 games concertly and pulling 98% Cpu usage daily and constantly.

I have to focus on each game individually to see what the current status of my individual characters are, to know if it’s time to restock items in my store, see how much $$'s I made and if my pet is starving or not.

However, when I switch game focus there is a high chance that 1 or 2 of the games will jam. Turn unresponsive and black screen.

Yet that character is still online and their store is still operational. I know because I can view the store with another separate character in another instance of the game, but that 1 instance of game is blacked out only on my end.

Really weird. IF I had a true live capture view of all minimized windows it would be a true heaven sent blessing to me.

I have searched, searched & again searched with now more & more refined terms and the only thing that even sounds promising again & again is Visual Task Tips

I found yet another newer version, it swears to work on Vista and also says it would be silly to use it on Vista at the sametime, since Vista does have the capability built-in. It installs fine but, when I run the app on Vista64 it does absoutely nothing except sits pretty in the taskbar and lets me adjust it’s settings, to no avail.

I did use Visual Task Tips avidly at one point under XP and it worked very well, but I don’t remember nor realized if it was true "live" shots or not, at the time. Also, I wasn’t gaming back then and would have never noticed.

I do know there is an ALT-TAB wannabee "improvement" to Vista’s built-in one that is supposed to show live pre-views & was orginally made for XP. It’s not what I want, but I can settle for even that. However, again the only true "live" shot it shows is that of the active window.

I know Skrommel(sp?) had made a dual monitor app
which showed the other monitor's open apps on the current
monitor which you are using. My PC back then was not powerful enough to run it, flawlessly.

I do still have dual monitors and such an app that Skrommel has already made comes sooo close to what I need ;)

The problem with making this puppy for me is that I am running on 64bit.

Hehe...but I do fully have this new of quad of mine set to boot in auto mode to over-ride the driver signing thingy ;p

Please, I am begging, make a full Truely Live Thumbnail Preview for Vista's Taskbar. Or even some sort of a Live Desktop Viewer of minimized windows which works on 64-bit Vista. I do fully realize and expect such an app to be somewhat CPU intensive.

Keep Rockin,


General Software Discussion / Re: Autoreplace in clipboard
« on: October 18, 2007, 12:44 AM »
Spell check & correct contents of Windows clipboard.

You need to have Word 97 or higher installed. To use copy text to clipboard & click on the script. After corrections are complete you can paste the corrected text back to the original or another document.

Copy the following script below and paste it to a new blank .txt file then rename it to Spellcheck.vbs


Function SpellCheck()
  'compatibility check
  On Error Resume Next
  Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
  If Err Then
    SpellCheck = "Your system does not support Spell Check." & vbcrlf & _
                 vbcrlf & "You must have Microsoft Word 97 or higher " & _
                 "installed to enable this feature."
    Exit Function
  End If
  On Error GoTo 0
  With oWord
    .Visible = false
    Set spellDoc = .Documents.Add
    'trap errors for empty or invalid clipboard contents
    On Error Resume Next
    If Err Then
      SpellCheck = "Unable to spell check current clipboard contents." & _
                   vbcrlf & vbcrlf & "Highlight text selection to spell " & _
                   "check, use Ctrl + C" & vbcrlf & "to copy it to " & _
                   "clipboard, then click the Spell Check button."
      Exit Function
    End If
    On Error GoTo 0
    strIn = spellDoc.Content.Text
'   spellDoc.CheckGrammar()
    strOut = spellDoc.Content.Text
    If strIn = strOut Then
      results = "No spelling corrections made."
      results = "Spelling corrections copied to clipboard."
    End If
    spellDoc.Close False
    .Quit True
  End With
  SpellCheck = results
End Function

General Software Discussion / Re: custom submenu on the start panel
« on: September 01, 2007, 11:34 PM »
You're Welcome ak_!

I finally managed to get it up on my website.

Feel free to visit it for more info.

General Software Discussion / Re: custom submenu on the start panel
« on: August 31, 2007, 03:03 AM »
Whitelion> is there a way to remove the items (other than going to the registry) ? How do i uninstall the program ?

Ahhh...I forgot!  :-[

Now with uninstaller and a context menu resetter!

Complete with another flavor too  8)

General Software Discussion / Re: custom submenu on the start panel
« on: August 30, 2007, 07:21 AM »
You could also rigtclick start button and select "Open All Users", create a new folder and add shortcuts there. For a customized look, rightclick on the new folder and select customize... See pic.

That's really nice and simple! I really do like the simple ways!

How about something even simpler?

Like adding it Here?

To your Start button's context menu.

This will do it for you

In a fully configurable fashion ;)

Choose anything you want & even get ideas for more!



I think this is what you want, Curt!

Open RegEdit

Go to HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\Shell Small Icon Size

Enter any number preferably from 16 to 48

LogOff and then back on.

Remember the orginal setting in case you don't like the results.

This setting will change the icon sizes under the detailed view within explorer windows.

Warning, it also effects the ones in the tray area too.


Make me a Sig :)

TY for

the few smiles

I like those infos to be shown at all time when I am searching for some picture

Curt...I'm still more a wake then what my freaking browser is. No, I won't leave you hanging  ;)

All are freeware and are ones I cant live without
Info tips - gives you an exaggerated/educated version about all highlighted free
Those are all free, all just "perk" your OS  up and cause nothing else to start.

There are others all free...just extended versions.

I answered your initial question.

I gave you a freeware result.

Oh...I forgot to mention to the rest of you(Darwin).

Xentient Thumbnails once installed onto XP just worxs.

It requires 0, yes ZERO resources in order to work.

Yeah, it has to be steered correcttly....but you know how very scrounge like I can be.

Any APP that adds to XP without nessitating...another start up blah blahg

Does clearly what it was made to do without adding to consumption...

Has all my AMENS!

I already did this. My XP install has all of the goodies from Vista "ideas" yet is better.

Add it...X to your toolbox.

In the mean time if you happen to come across a 3.2 northwood JLK.

I have 2 sticks of 256 PC800 to deal on.

Now....excuse me...hafta go figure out Hacketyhack + midnight in unleashed

This is excellent! And the combination with QTTabBar's new thumbnail popups accellerates the pair to the absolute excellence, because now you don't have to 'search' for the right picture, but can see in a glance what might be the right one, and then just point at it, and up comes the BIG thumbnail from QT.

Sadly I cannot show you a screenshot of the QT thumbnail, but here is one (thumb) of the Xentient picturized icon thumbnails. Even though they are small it is a lot easier this way to locate what you are looking for:

...Even though they are small it is a lot easier this way to locate

Using Xentient Thumbnails is perfect for me. Because I don't have to bother clicking on each individual image for a preview. Instead I can open any folder and see the image immediately.

You can also add the Vista touch to XP.
Meaning that you can get the icons of images to be the actual image(s). This saves the need on clicking on each individual image to take a peek at it. This method is the best for me.

Xentient Thumbnails (Freeware)A utility for replacing the generic icons of image files with thumbnail icons of the actual image. [Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP]

ImageConvertor Plus is really nice also. It shows a preview of a selected image in the content menu, but is pricey.

Post New Requests Here / A few viruses, trojans & a rootkit or 2
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:27 AM »
I'm wondering if it's past due my time to switch AV's.

I am currently using KAV within ZAPS7(Zone Alarm Suite 7). I have decided that I'm not happy with ZAPS's AV counterpoints resource usage.
KAV's stand alone is far better on resource usage and has already gained my the close yet distant past.
After reading an article http://techsupportal...ecurity_scanners.htm by Gizmo, I find myself wondering if Nod32 is worth a shot.

Nod32 vs KAV under XP Pro SP2 & Vista Ultimate
Dell 4600 Beefed
2.8g HT cpu
256 geforce
1.55g ram
XP SP2 IE 6(tweaked to the max)
Vista Ult retail(fresh install)

Post New Requests Here / A better DU Meter
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:11 AM »
How about a DU meter that has the same capabilities has the orginal paid version with the added benefit that allows the user to see what program is actually DLing or UPLing in real time.....

Many times the original DL Meter shows internet DL and/or UPL going on in my system and even I get hard pushed trying to figure out what program is doing what.
It would be nice and quick to find that info inside my DL UPL meter....instead of me having to guess and then dig around inside my firewall...safer too ;)

Despartely Seeking a used non-OC'ed NorthWOOD

40 US or under is a immediate certs for me.

NoN-DOA on arrival guarantee is a gotta have plus+++++!

<a href="http://wantitnow.eba...Name=STRK:MEWIN:POST">I Want it Like NoW!</a>

Need PayPal to make the deal a super quicky!

PM me!


Awesome find Babis!

Ava Find's interface looks to be right up my alley.  :Thmbsup:
I find DT Search's gui to be a bit clunky.

I can't wait to use it. It has been indexing for an hour & still is going. I have 3 HDs so it's expected. It is a pricy one but it looks like it may be just worth overlooking the expense with this puppy.

Nice post! I'll have to check out Directy Opus again. <a href="">Find as you type</a> for I.E. is a super nice one to have.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: December 31, 2006, 01:14 AM »
I hope you all had nice Christmas.

Here's just a quickie update.

Xavier, the maker of KeyLaunch, has not yet sent me a early stable version of KeyLaunch. Nor has he corresponded with me since my last post. I think the Christmas rush had alot to do with that on both of our ends. I think I will drop him a line tonight.

I'm posting here now to tell you about a new alternative which I just found last night for clearing my desktop of all those ugly, yet so handy icons/shortcuts.

Last night, while surfing, I managed to some how run into <A href="http://www.idesksoft...m/>DesktopIconToy</A>. After I installed it and started it, it promptly messed up my icon arrangement, so be forewarned! Later when I got un-mad at it, I started to play with it and soon found myself becoming intrigued with it.

I found it offers more configuration abilities than my old and trusted and heavily used solution, <A href=""%20&nbsp;class="postlink"%20target="_blank">Iconoid</A>. It seems to be extremely more snapper to show the icons while also staying under Iconiod normal average memory usage. That gives it straight up pluses in my book.

It also has the added sweet ass ability to hide icon text until moused over.

<A href="">More ScreenShots</A>

What cool things could you do with Desktop Icon Toy?

Dance Desktop Icons
You can drag and drop desktop icons to make them run around the desktop, and double click the desktop to stop the running icons. According to your drag and drop time, the desktop icons will run with different speed, more quickly, more speed.
Hover Effects
You can add visual effects when mouse hover desktop icons, like dance icon, shake icon text and blink icon text.
Icon Size
You can change the desktop icon size to 48x48, 64x64 or 128x128.
Automatically Hide Desktop Icons
You can automatically hide desktop icons when mouse off the desktop or desktop icon. This can give you a pair of bright eyes to see your beautiful wallpaper.
Arrange Desktop Icons
You can arrange desktop icons by many shapes, such as:
Clock (all the icons will be aligned as a clock showing the exact hour)
Circle (creates a circle in the middle of the screen)
Cross (creates a cross in the middle of the screen)
Around (all the icons will be positioned around the desktop)
And more...
If you like, you can also:
Arrange the icons precisely with <CTRL + Arrow Key>.
Add animation effects when arrange desktop icons.
Configure to automatically re-layout when change screen resolution, adding/deleting icons.
Customize layout order (eg: place "My Computer" to last one).
Sort icon by name (Ascending or Descending) .
Remove Icon Texts
You can remove the classic ugly text of desktop icons, optional, instead of a cool pop-up tooltip. The whole desktop will become neat and tidy.
Lock Desktop Icons
Have you ever need to place some desktop icons in a specific place for better working, but always by careless or windows move them to back? Use this function, you needn't care this problem again. You can also add animation effects for it.
More Funny Things
You can remove all desktop icons, and only keep the icon texts.
You can change desktop icons to small mode, all the icons will become small, and icon texts will be placed on the right of icons.
Other Features
Remove desktop icon shortcut overlay.
Save and restore desktop icon layout.
Change icon background or text color, and you can even make the background of icons transparent.

System Requirements

Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 operating system

My top 3 criteria for these icon hiding programs until moused over are:
Restorability(reliability of) of lost icon positions
Memory + CPU usage
Configurability and ease of use

Iconiod has a bug that really bothers me. It stores it's saved icon location file in a temp folder. I dump my temp files regularly thus lose Iconiod saved positions file usually when I most need it. I have tried saving this file to another location and it does not work when re-inserted.
I do not yet know if DesktopIconToy suffers with this flaw yet, since I have only been using it for a tad over 24 hours now.

DesktopIconToy is giving me a problem with renaming files/shortcuts. While doing so my cursor goes erratic along with the file name text.
Iconiod renaming files/shortcuts are done with normal ease, but the cursor needs to stay positioned on your desktop.

Iconiod is freeware
DeskTopIcon Toy Co$ts 20 bucks US.

I really like DeskTopIcon Toy's ability to not only hide my shortcuts but their text too, until moused over.

Is it snappiness and the above mentioned ability worth shelling 20 bucks out for? I don't know yet.

If it can retain memory of icon positioning then maybe it will be worth an investment.....if I can figure out how to stop the strange effect it does when I renaming desktop files.


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