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Some folders are not found/matched by FARR when I type the name in the searchfield e.g.


this file exists, but there are no results in the result window. FARR is busy searching other folders, the \bin folder is not even shown in the status line at the bottom of the farr window.

But when typing without the lowercase b, the folder and file is found e.g.


or using an upper case B


both immediately result in


I don't have to type the full path, it also works when I type only the beginning of the path in the searchfield.

Has this to do with '\b'=Backspace ?

Please help! Thanks in advance :)

Best Regards
wjamoe (NL)   

Please enable modifier keyword for heuristic scoring rules. 
The modifier keyword field is present but you cannot edit it.

(This was copied from a PM to mouser dd 5-1-2016)

I think I finally found the cause
why some aliases containing '$$1' to the left or the right of the '|'  in the results window
not always work as expected.

Apparently \t and similar characters combinations like \n are expanded to tab and newline respectively.

However these character combinations can be part of a path like c:\tiddlywiki\newversion\last

test case using the paste command (inserts text in last active window) this is the only command that shows the strange effect all other commands do not give any output.

Create an alias with the following result

demo  | paste "$$1"

and the regular expression


Save the alias.

Now open a new notepad (needed for the paste command to work)

THEN reopen(!) FARR and type


Which matches the regular expression ^==(.+)

Go to the demo alias in the results window using your mouse or cursorkeys.
In the information bar it shows

paste "c:\tiddlywiki\newversion\last"

expected result in Notepad window


However result in Notepad looks like

"c:   iddlywiki

Feature request: Can you please disable expansion of the character combinations when they are part of $$1, $$c .
#filecontents has the same problem, I assume this uses the same programcode.

BTW $$u# work as expected, so no change there ;-)



Knowing that you are working on updates for your wonderfull :Thmbsup: tools, I have one request for FARR.

Sometimes an alias does not match the way you intended (or understood) especially with regular expressions this can happen.

Would it be possible to add a button to the edit group alias to copy the current FARR searchfield contents to the edit box with the label

    Test Regular Expression Here   no match.    or       Test Regular Expression Here   match

Alternatively you could fill the edit box with the current search field contents by default, then no button is needed 
Clearing the field by hand is easier than filling the editbox :D

If you want a win8, win8.1, win10 tablet tile to start and show FARR as an alternative to Break or Ctrl-Space.

Edit the Target field of the properties of the lnk file for the tile
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\FindAndRunRobot.lnk
add the parameter    -show
it should look something like:
"\program path\FindAndRunRobot.exe" -show

Without the added parameter, you would get the message
Warning: Only one copy of Find and Run Robot (FARR) can be run at a time. Second instance is exiting now.

mouser suggested to me to include the list of my recent FARR aliases for NANY2016

show a user defined list of actions/programs for a file with or without extension in the search field of FARR
farr search: filename.ext .action
farr search: string .action
link: https://www.donation....msg394054#msg394054

Start FARR with filename of selected file using right click/ context menu from within any file explorer like total commander, xyplorer, explorer, etc..
link: https://www.donation....msg392759#msg392759
Start FARR with the foldername of a selected folder using right click / context menu from within any file explorer like total commander, xyplorer, verkenner, etc..

short aliases for accessing extended farr functionalities (updated Dec 2015)

show short list of farr internal commands : ? optional-search-string

search the  launch history: /l optional-search-string

search the  alias names: /a optional-search-string

search the plugins: /p optional-search-string

searching the search history: /s optional-search-string

open farr options: /o

hibernate windows: zzzz
link: https://www.donation....msg384365#msg384365


Resize you window for multiple side by side monitors using only keyboard short cuts.

Icon         : resize 16x16.png
Keys         :  ctrl + win + cursor
Compatible : Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2012 R2, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
                  (win + cursor still works for win 7+)
Executable : see at the bottom of this post..

A large window shortens the side pointed at with the cursor direction.
A small window extends to the side in cursor direction.

You can change the sizing delta to half, one third, one fourth or one fifth of the monitor work area . Work area is somewhat smaller than the screen size because it takes the task bar into account.
You can align windows to a grid 1x1 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, or any combinations of these grids.

Short cut keys:

key combination description
ctrl + win + left,  ctrl + win + right Easily shorten or extend the width of a window to any of the four sides within the work area of your (side by side) monitor(s)
ctrl + win + up,  ctrl + win +down Easily shorten or extend the height of a window to any of the four sides within the work area of your (side by side) monitor(s)
change resize part/increment
ctrl + win + 1 define resize part as the full monitor's work area (extends side of window)
ctrl + win + 2 define resize part as half of the monitor's work area (default) window can be full, half or quarter of the screen
ctrl + win + 3 define resize part as one third of the monitor's work area (default)
ctrl + win + 4 define resize part as one fourth of the monitor's work area (e.g. for full hd monitors 1920x1080 or 1920x1200)
ctrl + win + 5 define resize part as one fifth of the monitor's work area (for large monitors e.g. 4k uhd)

Cycle trough different sizes:
 When you press a key combinations multiple times the width and height will cycle through different sizes. Use this to peek under current window or store window to the side for a moment

The following Resizing rules are applied:
 If window height or width larger than 2 resize parts - 3px then reduce the height/width with resize part  (opposite cursor direction).
 When  windows height/width smaller than 2 resize parts -3px  then extend window side in cursor direction.

Align with grid 1x1 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5
 if you extend to the sides using ctrl + win + left and ctrl + win + right, ctrl + win + up and ctrl + win + down,
 then  you can resize your window to fit any contiguous rectangle in one of the grids which as depicted below

Please Note: To maximize the flexibility this windows management tool the width and height changes are all done relative to current window position and width and height.
So this won't automatically align with the grid (like gridmove), you must extend to a side (using the key combinations) to be able align with the grid. All combinations are possible.

win resize visual.png

full work area after pressing ctrl+win+1
2x2 grid after pressing ctrl+win+2 (dafault)
3x3 grid after pressing ctrl+win+3
4x4 grid after pressing ctrl+win+4
5x5 grid after pressing ctrl+win+5
2x3 grid press ctrl+win+2 before up or down and press ctrl+win+3 before crtl+win+left or right

additional features:
- if window was maximized then window is restored to previous size automatically so you don't have to restore it using your mouse.
- when top left of window outside work area of your monitors, it will be moved to top left of work area of primary monitor, to easily restore lost windows
- can be used in combination with win+cursor in win7+

known issues:
- all windows obey their minimum window width and minimum window height, so small windows might overlap other windows when using the grid.
- no instruction apart from these.
- must add some visuals to this post.
- ctrl+win+digit is already used by windows 7+ (see post below), this tool will overrule the taskbar function.

enjoy  :D

v1.00 : first public version (downloaded 9 times)
v1.01 : added grid ctrl+win+1 to allow immediate extend when using ctrl+win+cursor (download 1 time)
v1.02 : 2x2 (ctrl+win+2) is now the default grid size (instead of 3x3)

Find And Run Robot / how to add FARR to file explorer context menu
« on: November 28, 2015, 09:45 AM »
Would you like to be able to start FARR from the context menu (right-mouse click) within a file explorer like TotalCommander/xyplorer/...

For advanced users !

1. run regedit (XP)
2. find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\ in regedit
3. add key called FARR folder
4. within FARR add a key called command
5. then modify the standard field of command into the string below **please read remark below**

     "c:\filemngr\farr portable\findandrunrobot.exe" -search "%1"

     REMARK replace  c:\filemngr\farr portable\ with the path on your computer where you installed find and run robot
6. close regedit.
7. right click on a folder in for instance TotalCommander and select FARR folder option
8. FARR will appear with the name of the folder in the search field.

1. you can create a textfile with a registry entry e.g. folder_farr_context.reg containing:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\FARR folder\command]
@="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\findandrunrobot.exe\" -search \"%1\""

Please note remark above. Extra warning use double back slashes.
2. then double click on the .reg file

--- update 1
Similar context menu for files instead of folders

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\FARR file\command]
@="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\FindAndRunRobot.exe\" -search \"%1\""

--- update 2
You can add a space at the end "%1 " instead of "%1" to replicate farr's behaviour when pressing cursor right in directory searching mode.
There might be shorter ways to do this, if so please leave your comments below.
enjoy :D

Sometimes you don't want to start the default program for a certain file extension.

With the aliases below, you can pass the file name to start a program which you can select from your user defined menu.

Use it as follows:

First search and find the file using farr's search field or directory traversal.

Then select the file multiple times [Cursor Down] and then [Cursor Right] to display the file name in the farr search box.

Then press <dot>

Then select the program you want to run it with F1..F9, or use the [Cursor] keys.

To shorten the list of menu items you can enter a string after the dot,  then only lines matching the string and the file extension.

jump to latest version  https://www.donation....msg394054#msg394054

Have fun :Thmbsup:

Find And Run Robot / some aliases I'd like to share
« on: July 04, 2015, 04:26 AM »
Some aliasses I use a lot

for listing the farr commands similar to gohelp
? optional-search-string

for searching the  launch history
/l optional-search-string

for searching alias names
/a optional-search-string

for searching plugins
/p optional-search-string

for searching the search history
/s optional-search-string

for opening options, no [Enter] required, use this at end of the search field

for hibernation
zzzz  (anywhere in the farr searchfield) (requires nirsoft's nircmd.exe in aliasdir)

Below you find my alias export for these commands.
To import you can select (the lines you like) copy them to the clipboard (ctrl+c), open FARR (ctrl-space or Break), type gooptions to edit options, go to Lists >>Aliases/Keywords/Groups right click in the list, select Import: Paste Preformatted Alias Groups

update textual : all
functional update : /o and zzzz

1000>>>? optional-string ; help FARR commands>->Farr all commands:>n>History - List past Searches (use Del to remove an entry) - historys | restartsearch historys>n>History - List past Launches (use Del to remove an entry) - historyl | restartsearch historyl>n>Alias - List all - agroups| restartsearch agroups>n>Alias - Reload all - goareload | restartsearch goareload>n>Plugins - List All, Configure one - aplugins| restartsearch aplugins>n>Plugins - List All, choose one to Reload - preload| restartsearch preload>n>Plugins - Reload All with pause prompt - rplugins | restartsearch rplugins>n>Plugins - Alias Reload All - goreload| restartsearch goreload>n>Options Edit - gooptions | restartsearch gooptions>n>Toolbar Config - gotoolbar | restartsearch gotoolbar>n>Help show farr helpfile - gohelp | restartsearch gohelp>n>Quit - goquit | restartsearch goquit>n>About show including license key dialog - goabout | restartsearch goabout>n>Restart close and open again | restartsearch frestart>+>^\?(.*)>#>$$1

1000>>>/a optional-string (to search aliases)>->dummy | dosearch agroups $$1>+>^\/a(.*)

1000>>>/l optional-string (to search launch history)>->dummy | dosearch historyl $$1>+>^\/l(.*)

1000>>>/s optional-string (to search search history)>->dummy | dosearch historys $$1>+>^\/s(.*)

1000>>>/o ;to edit farr options settings>->dummy | dosearch gooptions>+>^\/o(.*)
1000>>>/o (at end of search field to edit farr options config settings)>->farr options auto start | dosearch gooptions>+>\/o$

1000>>>/p optional-string (to search plugins)>->dummy | dosearch aplugins $$1>+>^\/p(.*)

3000>>>zzzz hibernate>->Hibernate "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate | "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate /ICON=nircmd_icons\standby.ico>+>.*zzzz

3000>>>zzzz (to hibernate windows)>->Hibernate "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate | "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate /ICON=nircmd_icons\standby.ico>+>.*zzzz.*

I hope you like them... they saved me a lot of time  8)


If you missed the 50% discount for basic4android Enterprise at bitsdujour last week. :tellme:

You can download a trialversion at
Very easy transfer and debugging of programs via wifi, bt, usb, emulator.

You can use my coupon code to get the (same) 50% discount 8)
    b4a enterprise inc. 2 years free upgrade now US$ 119/2 (= about 55 Euro including VAT/BTW)
    b4a standard inc. 2 months free upgrades now US$ 59/2 ,

The PLIMUS purchase page link is: http://www.basic4ppc...ndroid/purchase.html

* b4a discount50percent.txt (0.01 kB - downloaded 451 times.)

---- some conditions
- Only new customers can use the coupon.
- You have to go to the purchase page and click on the Plimus button.
- You have to enter your coupon code in the coupon field in order to receive the 50% discount.
- you have to order/pay using plimus.
- This coupon code can be used by max 20 new customers.

- After purchase I will receive a notification mail that someone has used the coupon.
- I will receive up to 4 additional years of free upgrades (one for each purchase). :D
- This offer can be terminated at any time by Anywhere Software.

BTW I am not affiliated with this company, just a very happy customer, who passes on his coupon code, in exchange for up to 2 additional yrs of free upgrades.

Find And Run Robot / Exporting FARR result list using snagit TXT mode
« on: September 21, 2013, 09:23 AM »
Currently there is no option to export the results from the FARR window. I would have loved that option.
I tried to retrieve the data using ahk and nirsoft sysexporter, but could not get the info from the TNextgrid.

Snagit in txt capture mode helped to accomplish this task.
This works with very old versions of Snagit too [it is not freeware]

You first want to limit the number of columns and it is probably best to use small icons, each file on a separate line:

Start FARR options
  Program Options > Settings > Display Options
  Report Columns
    switch on/off extra columns
  Result Display style
    (.) small icon Report
Save FARR options.

Start a FARR search

Start Snagit config.
  Put Snagit in TXT capture mode
  Select the output format (file, clipboard,..)
Start selecting

Choose the FARR result window.
All visible lines from the file list will be copied.

Now you can use the file list in other programs to sort, journaling or create batch files
e.g. for backing up these files, etc...

Don't forget to restore your FARR display options and Snagit settings afterwards.

My list contains 600 items, ms will block after about 30 results.

I added a time.sleep(60) command in (and had to import time) to fool the (b i n g) search engine.

Each input line takes 60 seconds, it makes the script more human.....

So I don't have to enter lost of  subselections (600=20x30 input items)  :D

See both changes in the code below between the line with ======== on it

Code: Python [Select]
  1. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. # imports we need
  3. # include top level directory (needed to import from helper below)
  4. import sys
  5. import os
  6. #201302 wjamoe added import time ===================================
  7. import time
  8. #=============================================================

Code: Python [Select]
  1. def DoSearch(self,id,label,search):
  2.         # this function does the main work -- take a search term
  3.         # return a list of results
  4.         results = []
  6.         #initialize result with engine name and id
  7.         baseresult = {"engine":self.get_searchenginename()}
  8.         if id!="":
  9.             baseresult["id"]=id
  10.         if label!="":
  11.             baseresult["label"]=label
  13.         # ok grab a web page using our search terms
  14.         content = self.SearchWebPageGrabContents(search)
  16.         # and now parse results
  17.         addresults = self.ParseWebPageContentIntoResults(search,content,baseresult)
  18.         #201302 wjamoe added delay of 60 seconds =============================
  19.         time.sleep(60)
  20.         #=============================================================
  21.         # add
  22.         results.extend(addresults)
  23.         # return
  24.         return results

The testrun for 2 items takes 120 seconds  :(


[request] can you add an option to rearrange the order of the Find and Replace patterns?

Changing / moving the order of the entries in Find and Replace are not registered.

I was trying a very simple html to wiki format converter

e.g. remove htmltags
in first Find and Replace
select en cut pattern, disable entry

paste this pattern
in 4th Find and Replace

fill pattern in first/top Find and Replace

Original find and replace pattern in 1st Find and Replace is still executed when enabled?
when I enable 1st entry it still removes html tags: "<[^>]*>"

Moved pattern on 4h entry is ignored when enabled.
It does not replace the html list items <li> into *

Find And Run Robot / alias for toggle internet proxy
« on: July 29, 2012, 03:51 AM »
You might like this, it is a simple alias for toggling the internet proxy on/off

"%FARRDIR%\Scripts\Control Panel (cpanel)\Internet Options (cpanel).lnk";;;sendkeys {sleep 1500}+{TAB}{HOME}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}%l%x

it will show the new state .

if you want to reverse the state press {SPACE}

you now have to to press {ENTER} twice to commit the setting

  • this version only  works for english version of windows (Lan settings, proXy)
  • it only works if your system administrator did not disable the communication dialog (5th TAB)
  • there are no built in checks, to verify the above!

maybe you can modify it and upload a version for your language.


FARR Plugins and Aliases / farr gmail google mail plugin
« on: July 15, 2012, 08:33 AM »

This is my third farr plugin. This time for gmail  (again modified from gtasks)
It allows you look at your inbox and to send emails in the popup window of FARR.

One of the advantages of a  mail plugin(s) is that you can use it in a popup window
while you are looking at another webpage in you browser.

screenshot of gmail plugin (Windows XP, old version of IE)

gmail screenshot clean small.jpg

how to install
unzip the zipfile in subfolder Plugins

* (84.57 kB - downloaded 806 times.)

there should be four files in the subfolder gmail of Plugins
e.g. c:\Program Files\FARR\Plugins\gmail\gmail.ico

default farr alias for this plugin is gmail
if you want to overrule the alias, please read description for my yahoo and operamail plugins.


FARR Plugins and Aliases / farr operamail or fastmail plugin
« on: July 15, 2012, 07:59 AM »

my operamail (hosted at fastmail) plugin shows your in-box and allows you to compose and send emails.
 (it is a shamefull copy of the GoogleTasks javascript by rulfzid).

the default command/alias is
you have to login into the site as usual.  IE will remember your username and password.

How to install:
unzip file in subfolder Plugins of FARR
it should now contain 4 files (fscript.dll, fscript.cfi, fscript.js, operamail.ico) Do not put anything else in this folder.
e.g. c:\Program Files\FARR\plugins\operamail\fscript.dll
* operamail screenshot clean small.jpg (62.82 kB. 350x288 - viewed 1958 times.)

start FARR, go to options (Ctrl-O)
Program Options  >> Settings >> Plugins and Update
press button [ Click to Examine and configure Plugins..]
press [ Find and Reload all Plugins ]
press [OK]
<you can overrule the alias operamail  by another unique available alias>
press [Close]
press [Ok]

screenshot operamail



Would it be possible to show the comment for a file from the descript.ion-file during a find?

In my case the description file contains a lot of extra information about the specific file,
and therefor makes selecting the correct file even easier.
Some examples of descriptions
         old: wether the file contains an old version of a document or
         seen: wether I already finished viewing a specific videofile.

Adding the description field would require an extra column(small icons) or row(big icons) to display the info.
                  this will probably slow down the search, so displaying this data should be optional
                  Program options Display Options Report Columns e.g.
                  [ ] descript.ion

I use total commander all the time to add descript.ions using Ctrl-Z shortcut
Previously I used to rename the file which is not possible when the file is open.
TC allows me to add a description even while the file is open.

I currently also use the description properties editor of rainer @ bahr. De  at  wWw, rbahr, de
you can easily update the descript.ion within farr using Right-Click>>Properties>>Tab description

It would even be nicer to let farr also search in the description files, but that is probably too much of a change.
Farr needs to search inside the description file during a search instead of "only" displaying
the description-line belonging to a file from the search result (when available).


FARR Plugins and Aliases / farr yahoo mail plugin
« on: July 05, 2012, 02:58 PM »

my yahoo mail plugin shows your yahoo in-box, allows you to compose an email and access contact addresses.
 (it is a shamefull copy of the GoogleTasks javascript by rulfzid).

the default command is
you have to login into the yahoo site as usual.  Only Once if you allow IE to remember your username and password.

How to install:
Create subfolder yahoomail in folder Plugins of FARR main folder e.g. \FARR\plugins\yahoomail\
Put all 4 files from zipfile in that folder (fscript.dll, fscript.cfi, fscript.js, yahoomail.ico)
(do not put anything else in this folder!)
* (124.05 kB - downloaded 463 times.)

  • start FARR, go to options (Ctrl-O)
  • Program Options  >> Settings >> Plugins and Update
  • press button [ Click to Examine and configure Plugins..]
  • press [ Find and Reload all Plugins ]
  • press [OK]
  • <you can overrule the command yhm by another (available) alias>
  • press [Close]
  • press [Ok]

screenshot yahoo mail plugin.jpg

When you follow links in your email. Use right-click-context-menu option back (multiple times) to go back to your inbox.



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