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Post New Requests Here / Re: Folder Organizer/Sorter
« on: March 31, 2019, 01:27 PM »
You could try totalcommander (

First change to the folder with the files, compressed folders and compressed files, then to open the search dialog press:
Specify wildcard for the files you want to copy e.g.
(Optionally Enter a string you are looking for in those files, to limit the result)
Check the box before
  [v] Search archives (except for UC2)
Press button
  [Start search]
..wait.. then when the list of files is shown press
 [Feed to listbox]
All filenames are now shown in the normal tc window.
Select the destination folder in the other window
To copy the files to the destionation folder. Go back to the window with the search results, and select some or all of the files, press

ready  :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: September 03, 2017, 12:13 PM »
Just to be complete, creating the autoexec.bat file was and is also possible from the DOS commandline (cmd.exe in windows), I do not know if this is true for freedos, though.

COPY CON FILENAME copies keyboard input to filename.

use [Ctrl-Z] after your last character, do not forget an [Enter] before [Ctrl-Z]. 8)

for example

Code: Text [Select]
  1. copy con autoexec.bat[Enter]
  2. <type here your first line>[Enter]
  3. <type here your second line which is verry very very .....................................................................................long I think max 255 chars>[Enter]
  4. [ctrl-Z]

In case the destination file already exists, DOS asks permission to overwrite the existing file.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Possibility to chain searches?
« on: August 12, 2017, 02:10 AM »
maybe some alternatives

You could drag the executable to the toolbar, which adds an icon, then search for the file, drag drop the file onto the added icon. The icons can be reused ;-)

If you do it the other way around, so first find the file, then select a program to open it, there are several alternatives on this forum.

Open with is also available via right click on the file, select the first option: shell context menu.., then select open with.


Find And Run Robot / Re: Assign hotkeys to user-toolbar items
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:47 AM »
Instead of linking to a single .exe,
you can put the aliasses as suggested by skajfes in the menu.

title: an&ything
program: path to your version of farr.exe
parameter: -search alias or +alias

You can then use alt-y to execute the aliass, use the cursor+enter or alt+digit (also suggested by skajfes) to choose your option.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Assign hotkeys to user-toolbar items
« on: July 22, 2017, 03:00 AM »
there is a prehistoric way of doing this ;-)
use '&' just before a character in the title of the item

e.g. &mail as title for the item
it will appeas as mail
2017-07-22 , 10_00_51 - Find and Run Robot 2 _ 2017 (week 29) 22 July,  Saturday, 09_57 (day 203_365).png
Then you can use Alt-m to open the mail item

or m&ail if you want Alt-a to open the item

this does not work for menu items with an icon


It is a pity that the auto screencap article refers to sourceforge instead of :-(

It was not possible for me to add a comment to correct this.

Living Room / Re: Where was DC mentioned today?
« on: July 17, 2017, 11:43 PM »
I think it is the RSS feed from your own blog ;-)

Google search returned this for 'donationcoder 2017' as the third result

regular forum - Forum - Index
July 16, 2017, 01:24:39 PM; Proudly celebrating 10 years online. Donate now to become a lifetime supporting member of the site and get a non-expiring license ...

It looks like it predates the recent donations.

10 years, wow, let's celebrate, keep the good work going !

KR wjamoe

Or you can try this without an external file

Watch the space after nn (this will increase the speed, farr will recognize you alias early

As soon as you type nn[space] it will display the complete list of entries from the Result(s)

Typing nn em will get your emacs result

2017-07-12 , 21_55_45 - Edit Group Alias.png

KR wjamoe

@slc7 if you mean folders accessed outside farr using windows file save dialog you can add "the folder"


to your the search folders in farr options.

if you want to see your previous commands in the search field in Farr, use Ctrl-up.

K.R. wjamoe

Mouser, that would be great! :up:

By all results do you mean all shown results, or really all results (multipage)   ;)

you can use snagit in txt mode to export results

see this post https://www.donation....msg338397#msg338397

Some folders are not found/matched by FARR when I type the name in the searchfield e.g.


this file exists, but there are no results in the result window. FARR is busy searching other folders, the \bin folder is not even shown in the status line at the bottom of the farr window.

But when typing without the lowercase b, the folder and file is found e.g.


or using an upper case B


both immediately result in


I don't have to type the full path, it also works when I type only the beginning of the path in the searchfield.

Has this to do with '\b'=Backspace ?

Please help! Thanks in advance :)

Best Regards
wjamoe (NL)   

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: February 14, 2017, 10:54 PM »
The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets is also one of the books I am reading.

Please enable modifier keyword for heuristic scoring rules. 
The modifier keyword field is present but you cannot edit it.

(This was copied from a PM to mouser dd 5-1-2016)

I think I finally found the cause
why some aliases containing '$$1' to the left or the right of the '|'  in the results window
not always work as expected.

Apparently \t and similar characters combinations like \n are expanded to tab and newline respectively.

However these character combinations can be part of a path like c:\tiddlywiki\newversion\last

test case using the paste command (inserts text in last active window) this is the only command that shows the strange effect all other commands do not give any output.

Create an alias with the following result

demo  | paste "$$1"

and the regular expression


Save the alias.

Now open a new notepad (needed for the paste command to work)

THEN reopen(!) FARR and type


Which matches the regular expression ^==(.+)

Go to the demo alias in the results window using your mouse or cursorkeys.
In the information bar it shows

paste "c:\tiddlywiki\newversion\last"

expected result in Notepad window


However result in Notepad looks like

"c:   iddlywiki

Feature request: Can you please disable expansion of the character combinations when they are part of $$1, $$c .
#filecontents has the same problem, I assume this uses the same programcode.

BTW $$u# work as expected, so no change there ;-)



Knowing that you are working on updates for your wonderfull :Thmbsup: tools, I have one request for FARR.

Sometimes an alias does not match the way you intended (or understood) especially with regular expressions this can happen.

Would it be possible to add a button to the edit group alias to copy the current FARR searchfield contents to the edit box with the label

    Test Regular Expression Here   no match.    or       Test Regular Expression Here   match

Alternatively you could fill the edit box with the current search field contents by default, then no button is needed 
Clearing the field by hand is easier than filling the editbox :D

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: EaseUS EverySync 3.0
« on: September 11, 2016, 12:49 PM »

thanks for the tip

the link for the (zip file) with the serial number appears in small font on the order page (no email was sent ;-)

just below the order item on the webpage where you entered your email address


it looks like %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% is mapped to




etc for other extensions

BIG speed optimization for the extension alias,
when using this you can use two spaces between filename and the command (instead of spaces and a dot)


regex   ^((.+)\\(.+)\.(\S+))\s+\.(.*)$


regex ^((.+)\\(.+)\.(\S\S+))\s\s(\S*)

which reads as

anly line containing a '\'  (=this is part of the path of the filename)
some characters
a '.'  (=start of the file name extenstion)
at least two characters but not spaces (=file name extension, this helps when browsing for files)
followed by two spaces (=the separator between the file name and the command)

and a number of non-space characters (the command to look for in the extension alias)

For the filemanager shell extension, replace the dot by  a space):
so replace

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\FARR file\command]   @="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\FindAndRunRobot.exe\" -search \"%1 .\""

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\FARR file\command]   @="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\FindAndRunRobot.exe\" -search \"%1  \""

BTW the second alias for items without extensions is optional.


If you want a win8, win8.1, win10 tablet tile to start and show FARR as an alternative to Break or Ctrl-Space.

Edit the Target field of the properties of the lnk file for the tile
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\FindAndRunRobot.lnk
add the parameter    -show
it should look something like:
"\program path\FindAndRunRobot.exe" -show

Without the added parameter, you would get the message
Warning: Only one copy of Find and Run Robot (FARR) can be run at a time. Second instance is exiting now.

You have to wait many seconds (seems to hang) when one of the files in the launch history is situated on an external USB drive which went into power save/sleep mode. (farr  v2.226.01 26 June 2015). If you try a second time it is lot faster, because the drive is active again ;-)


did you look at freeware including au3 source
from their site:
When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around.

Drop a group of different files and folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or performs other defined actions.

You can define how to filter your files (by name, directory, size, date, properties, content, regular expressions) and associate one of the 20 available actions to perform (Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Rename, Delete, Split, Join, Encrypt, Decrypt, Open With, Upload, Send by Mail, Create Gallery, Create List, Create Playlist, Create Shortcut, Copy to Clipboard, Change Properties and Ignore). You can also organize your associations in profiles and automatically scan monitored folders at a defined time interval to process included files.
instead of the big icon, you can also integrate with SendTo in context menu (see Options).

(please note there are some interworking problems with programs like gridmove and smallwindows)

run simple commands on the file in search window

just add
[Enter] run in DOS window $$5 $$4-file | %systemdir%\cmd.exe /k $$5 "$$1"

c:\path somewhere on your disk\names.txt .sort
will start msdos window which shows the sorted lines from names.txt

c:\path somewhere on your disk\names.txt .notepad
to open file names.txt with notepad

other possible commands :
type, del, remove, cd, c:\path\par2, c:\path\unrar x, ...

Sometimes when editing the search field this alias is triggered (too eraly) when the file name extension contains only one character.

By changing the regex




the extension alias is only triggered when there are at least two characters in the file name extension (after the dot).

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