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Post New Requests Here / Dvorak keyboard converter
« on: February 11, 2007, 05:36 PM »
This is probably one for one of the script machine gurus.  How about creating a script that will change the keyboard layout on Windows from any given language (the default) to dvorak, and back again. 
  From recent discussion on another forum, it was asked if there was a Mnufacturer that makes a hardwired keyboard that will allow a user to type dvorak without changing the settings on th computer, but I thought I'd ask here and see if a script was more feasible.
 Some things it should include are:
  Tray Icon with indicator as to which layout is active
  Ability to switch with the mouse, (who can find the ctrl+? for hotkey operation?)
  it would be even better if a per user config could be set up ( so logging into a certain account would trigger the last state for that user, making it transparent almost to non dvorak users)
  A Linux equivalent,  although that's easy for anyone familiar with linux.

Anyway, just an idea.  Hope someone jumps on it.

  Hello mouser, and coders alike,
    First I have to say that I'm sorry for not being around for like the last year and a half,  I switched to using linux, and have been learning that, and some other things and honestly don't have too much use for Windows apps.  I'm not ripping Windows, or Windows coders here, or anything like theat but most of the stuff here just doesn't apply.
   Anyway, to get on with my Idea/Request;
  I've been playing around with SMF 1.1 (Simple Machines Forum, the same version that's used here for this forum.)  And I've come across a very useful add-on package for it called 'Custom Actions'.  What the extension does is it allows an administrator to create a static page based on his choice of either
<? php , [BBC], or <html>  code to be added to their site.  The problem with the software is that the usability is a bit hampered by the design.  In this ;

Notice how small the textarea input box at the bottom is.  It would be much more user friendly if the box was like;

  The files in the supplied archive are in <? php, and .xml and modify the install of SMF to accomodate the panel shown in the first image.
I don't know if the settings for the size of the textarea are in there somewhere or not.  I do not know if the settings are somewhere in the MySql database somewhere, I do however know that Mouser has had his hand in the SMF cookie pot with his awesome mods.  So If anyone would like to see if they can get it to create a larger textarea by default, or as a selection somehow it would be great.

Living Room / Been asked a MILLION times...Internet explorer
« on: December 27, 2005, 11:57 AM »
Hi Forum,
  I have been using Firefox  since 0.85 or so and have recently switched to Linux on my system.  I have installed Firefox on my mothers computer and she is also happy with it, the problem however lies in the XP setup on her system.  After "Disabling Access" to Internet Explorer and never opening it I have a never-ending supply of pop-ups in Explorer windows as soon as I access the internet.
  I've tried to teach mom how to browse wisely, but she is addicted to shopping and "Exciting" websites.  The question is how do I get rid of IE?  I've read that it is unwise to completely remove it but I can't stand it any longer.  I've killed sixteen popups so far just typing this message.  I also googled about it and thought I had hit a good article about ActiveX and removing that.  Is there any benefit to ActiveX?, What does it do? 
  I use AVG personal and that runs clean every time it runs, also using CCleaner, Xoftspy,and Starter by codestuff.  I watch open ports with Activeports by smartline and the only programs I find out of normal are something called RAS_DISP.exe that are accessing the internet, but a search of the system turn up no such file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and SOLUTIONS are most welcome.  I've kind of steered away from an active firewall because I find the training phase might be too much for mom who is not computer savvy and gets easily frustrated with questions she doesn't know how to answer.  Thanks all and Happy New Year.

I've been interested in creating a custom image of my system,(well, not the current one...more like the Ideal one).
and I have a need for some input.   I'm not sure if  should use a program like BartPE, or if I can slipstream what I want into a bootable setup disk, or if I should start a new partition and set it up according to my wants and then just save it as an image to explode to disk.  Some things I want to include are some can't live withouts, eliminated items pre-eliminated(such as xplite setup) and also a pile of archives I find myself always going back to for specific things.  Any recomendations, suggestions that you wish you'd  had , precautions, advice, or comments would be appreciated.  I hope to use DVD-rom as the media for the endeavor so if anyone has experience with a good program that will build a self installing image to store on DVD that would be a good start.

    Thanks ahead and behind,

Living Room / help with C......
« on: September 25, 2005, 09:29 PM »
I have just installed a linux on my desktop box (pclinuxOS)[ which is really well put together ] and I've been trying to compile an ip updater for dyndns.
part goes ok and shows no errors, but when i run
I get the following
gcc  -g -O2  -o ez-ipupdate  ez-ipupdate.o conf_file.o md5.o cache_file.o pid_file.o
conf_file.o(.text+0x270): In function `parse_conf_file':
/root/Desktop/exip/ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b7/conf_file.c:88: undefined reference to `errno'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [ez-ipupdate] Error 1
error encountered
using "kedit" line 88 looks like this
      fprintf(stderr, "could not open config file \"%s\":%s\n", fname, error_string);
I've said it before that I'm no coder so I have also included the conf_file.c as an attachment.(remove the .txt for the raw conf_file.c)
If any of you REALcoders can figure this out and maybe a brief description of what I am actually looking for it would be great.
BTW:  I didn't know where else to turn and this was the only place I could think of, feel free to use the dc messages to reply, or e-mail at [email protected] if the forum isn't the right place to do it. thanks again forum.

Hi all does anyone know why I would have lost the folder view in win explorer after updating windows 2k?
I rarely use explorer anymore, but when I do I use the folder (in sidebar) view exclusively, so this really kind of stinks.  Any suggestions?

I'm trying to set up mySql on Windows Server 2003 and I'm having a bit of a problem.  When I launch the Sql(at machine startup) it attaches itself to the localhost  I can connect to it while running locally, but a web app that needs the data cannot connect to it. 
  I'm new to all this server business, I may simply be overlooking something in the server setup part of it, but it would be nice if there was a utility that would detach a process from one port and adapter and connect it to another. If there is such an app I would like to know about it.

Developer's Corner / where to start learning to program in c++
« on: May 19, 2005, 05:37 AM »
Hey Mouser, and others.
  If you could recommmend only one text, or book for someone with absolutely zero c, or c++ knowledge to read as their first venture into programming (in my case besides "introduction to basic" which I took 25 years ago in High school.) what would it be.  Also would that be a good place to start?  I know that python and delphi have been mentioned as easier languages to learn, but for me, (I'll probably only learn 1 or 2 languages before I die if I start now,) so from a functionality and compatibility stand point what languages do you see sticking around for a while and staying competitive for the forseeable future?

EDIT:  I probably should have put this in the "Teach Yourself C" Main forum instead of a reply,  feel free to move it, I couldn't figure out how.

Finished Programs / IDEA: Small shell switcher for windowsXP
« on: April 30, 2005, 01:00 PM »
With the many advanced filemanagers and replacement shells at large today I think it would be useful to have a small program that would allow a user to add, remove, and change shells at their leisure.
  I think that with the Bluebox shell there was at one time an included app that would do this, but my recent re-interest in alternative shells has left me wanting a DECENT program of this sort.  The program could run in a dos box with no gui, just text menus but would include the features I've laid out.
  The program should be able to log a user off and back on again after changing the shell in the registry,  or at least log the user off and change the shell, requiring the user to log on again.
   I can almost get this function using a bat file, except I don't have the right version of DOS to get the 'Choice' commands needed.  Someone who knows how to code could probably code this in a few hours??
  Any way, that's my idea.

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