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  • Thursday September 29, 2022, 6:39 pm
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I can confirm the behaviour Robbero described.

Often with Outlook or Firefox the replacements don't work. Nothing happens 'til I open auspex with rightclick on the trayicon.
Also doubleclick on trayicon doesn't work at this time.
When any keyword in Auspex is clicked the software seems to wake up.

I think timns shout douplicate the entry-posting to the new location first, before discussing at the new place.

So what shall we do?

Discuss here or at the new thread?

On using your programm I imported a text file which worked very well. Now I have a lot of entries in the "imported" folder.
Is it right, that the autoscroll feature in the list window isn't implemented yet?
If the list is loger than the window I can't move entries from one folder to another.

Tested with Word and Notepad (XP and Vista). All other E-Mail-adresses are also not working. They worked correct with v.0.65.

Screenshot Captor / Re: guidelines for region selection
« on: July 13, 2010, 02:44 AM »
I support this suggestion.


Screenshot Captor / SC doesn't remember print-options
« on: April 01, 2008, 04:59 AM »
Hi Mouser,

the "print screenshot"-dialog doesn't remember the print-options.
I'm a german user, and margins of 1 Zoll are too large for me, so every time I change all margins from 1 Zoll to 0.3
but SC doesn't remember these the print-margins.

I tried to edit the "ScreenshotCaptor.ini" manually but this has no effect for SC.
I changed the ini-file lines:
printop_marginbottom="1" , printop_marginleft="1" ,  printop_marginright="1" , printop_margintop="1"
  • printop_marginbottom="0.3" , printop_marginleft="0.3" ,  printop_marginright="0.3" , printop_margintop="0.3"   [0point3]
  • printop_marginbottom="0,3" , printop_marginleft="0,3" ,  printop_marginright="0,3" , printop_margintop="0,3"   [0komma3]
  • printop_marginbottom="2" , printop_marginleft="2" ,  printop_marginright="2" , printop_margintop="2"
but the "print screenshot"-dialog doesn't care about and allways shows 1 Zoll for each margin.


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