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I Googled for spell checkers and first came across Tinyspell and looked at various alternatives.
While Tinyspell shows errors as you type, it wasn't as easy to check existing text which is why I went for Clipboard Help & Spell, which overall suited my needs more, which is why I chose to donate.
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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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Google Calculator


GooglePlus - View Google search results in FARR as you type

This plugin allows you to choose from five different Google search types including Web, Local, Video, Images, and Books and will display search results in real time based on your search criteria. You can also choose to display extended information specific to each search type for each result.

gp   - This will present you with the 5 different search types (Web, Local, Video, Images, Books) as shown above. Select one of the search types by typing in its name to filter the search or using the arrow keys to select and then press tab to activate that search. Tip: Typing "gp" followed by two spaces will recall the last search you executed since launching FARR.

gpw - Alias for web search. The same as typing gp +web
gpl   - Alias for local search. The same as typing gp +local
gpv  - Alias for video search. The same as typing gp +video
gpi   - Alias for image search. The same as typing gp +images
gpb  - Alias for book search. The same as typing gp +book
gph  - Alias for GooglePlus search history. This will show you a list of all your previous searches since launching FARR.

Click here to continue reading about and download the plugin..

Alias: Google Maps Directions

recently i find myself using this feature quite frequently so made an alias. just copy the code & paste into Farr's "Aliases/Groups" section.

1000>>>Google Maps Directions>->Directions from $$1 to $$2 |$$1&daddr=$$2 /ICON=icons\google.ico>+>^gm ([^\s]*) ([^\s]*)

note: i use whitespace to separate the query words, so do not separate terms that include region, country, etc. e.g Wigan,UK will work but Wigan, UK won't.

English-Vietnamese Translator plugin for FARR using

blog clipart
I know a lot about translator plugins. I really want one like defnir , but with Vie-English translator smiley Can you guys make me one :p
Thanks so much ^^ << This site :p ( I have no idea about coding yet

Here you go.. It is very simple so if it does not fit your needs (I do not speak Vietnamese) just open fscript.js and modify it. To make it even easier for you, you can use firebug for firefox ;)

BTW: invoke by "bt" => can be changed in fscript.js as well


FARR MostRecentlyUsed

Screenshot - 7_9_2008 , 9_29_41 PM.png
The FARR MostRecentlyUsed plugin shows the contents of the 'My Recent Documents' folder or a list of most recently used files of applications storing their most recently used files in the registry.

You can get it from here:

Typing mru in FARR will give you a list of your most recently used files.

Use the following modifier keywords to change the search:
+byname : Force sorting by name
+bydate : Force sorting by date last modified
+.[ext] : Filter results by file extension [ext]. More than one can be used, e.g. +.h +.cpp

To show a list of most recently used files for selected applications, use the following modifers:
+msvc8 : Show most recently used MS Visual Studio 2005 files
+msvc9 : Show most recently used MS Visual Studio 2008 files
+office : Show most recently used Microsoft Office 2007 files
+wmp : Show most recently used Windows Media Player files
+foxit : Show most recently used Foxit Reader files
(You configure your own in the config file)

This is a MUST HAVE plugin.. Extremely useful.

Click here to read more..

google dollar exchange rate plugin

While the donationcoder server was down I tried to put together a plugin based on the javascript SDK that takes a number as an input and queries google what that amount of dollars exchanges to in swedish kronor. In the finished plugin that swedish kronor part should of course be customizable to whatever currency the user prefers.

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