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Addons for the Find and Run Robot Program

This page collects addons for the Find and Run Robot program that have been posted on our forum over the years. Click a link to go to the forum thread discussing the addon and download.

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An Extremely Simple Gmail Tasks Plugin

So I just discovered the Gmail Tasks app and have fallen in love. I know, I know, there's the Remember The Milk plugin, which is fantastic, but I wanted something simpler, and Gmail Tasks is perfect.

Initially, I set up an alias to send me there, but I hated having to press "Enter" to select the result that launched the htmlview, so I poked around, discovered the FScript plugin, and made a very simple plugin. Enjoy!

FARR plugin: FARR Remember The Milk

Screenshot - 9_24_2008 , 2_48_00 PM.png
The FARR Remember The Milk Plugin (FarrMilk) allows you to access your Remember the Milk (RTM) tasks and lists using Find and Run Robot (FARR). A lot of what you can do via the RTM web interface you can do with FarrMilk.

Check out these two video demos (of preliminary versions) to get an idea of what FarrMilk is: Demo 1, Demo 2

What you can do with FarrMilk:
  • View your tasks
  • Filter your tasks by task name, by list, by tag, by priority and by due date
  • Sort your tasks by task name, by priority, by due date, by date added, by date completed and by URL
  • Add new tasks
  • Delete tasks
  • Complete / Uncomplete tasks
  • Move tasks from one list to another
  • Postpone tasks
  • Change a task's properties, including its name, priority, due date, recurrence, time estimate, tags, location and URL
  • Add, edit and delete task notes
  • View your lists
  • Add new lists
  • Delete lists
  • Archive / Unarchive lists
  • View your tags
  • View tasks of your smart lists (with limitations! read About Smart Lists further down)

This is an extremely impressive plugin.

Click here to read more and download..

New FARR plugin : FFTab allow to switch firefox tab

I'm please to show my new little baby project. FFTab. FFTab connect FARR to Firefox to list the tabs and then switch them.


I'm sure a lot of thing can be done with mozrepl since everything that is doable for firefox with extension can be done through repl. I hope we have some mozilla hackers here because I would love to see plugins interacting with Firefox. Creating tabs, switching, create shortcuts, extract html fragments etc... many things should be doable.

Click here to read more and download..

FARR plugin: Bakko

Bakko - Transformations of FARR Text Field Content

  The main point of this plugin is to provide a customizable means for transforming the main FARR window's text field content.  At the moment, "customizable" means that the user can write a bit of JavaScript to operate on the text field content.  It's also possible that people could share these bits of JavaScript :)

Click here to read more and download..

FARR plugin: Akete

Akete - FARR-specific file associations

The main point of this plugin is to be able to customize how files
with particular file extensions are opened.  To achieve this end,
the user is expected to provide a configuration which specifies
associations between file extensions and corresponding methods of
opening files with those extensions.

The plugin provides additional functionality including support for:
  * multiple possible methods of opening files via context menu items
  * default context menu items (i.e. always appear in context menu)
  * overriding of method to open files via an appropriate keyword

Click here to read more and download..

Everything plugin for FARR

You need everything running, and es.exe from:

Click here to read more and download..

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