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Coding Snacks represent the best of DonationCoder.

On a special section of our forum, anyone can post an idea for a small custom utility/program.

Coders who hang out on our forum keep an eye out for interesting requests and when they see one that catches their interest, they code it and release it to the public for free.

People who find the tools useful are encouraged to donate directly to the coders to show their appreciation.

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I could just die!!!! This was so fantastic!! Fabulous set up: with introductions to what it is, why people want it, etc. Incredible, useful, explanations. Shows something is available for everyone. Unbelievable demonstrations. It was just amazing. You must be exhausted, but, I hope, very pleased. [about the screencasting review]
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What are Coding Snacks?

Coding snacks are small custom utilities written by coders who hang out on DonationCoder in response to requests posted on our forum.

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Release: On Screen Button That Sends Keyboard Commands: WinButtons 1.0.0

Application WinButtons
Description Display a window with large buttons to allow applications to be started, commands sent to applications, submenu's to be shown, useful for a touch-screen equipped computer

Display a set of large buttons, with descriptive captions, that can open a sub-menu, start an application, send keystrokes to another application (using WinSendKeys), or whatever can be done using a windows command-line. The window can have enabled/disabled a border, close button, taskbar button, different colors and sizes per button, display a bitmap or icon instead of a text-caption, hide itself (and optionally a preceding chain of WinButtons instances) during execution of a command, wait for completion of the command, or exit after starting a command.

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