N.A.N.Y. Challenge


NANY 2015 - New Apps for the New Year Roundup

Since 2007 we have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on DonationCoder to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world on January 1st of the new year (browse previous year entries here).

NANY is really the funnest thing we do on this site, and it's one of the few times we can all play together.  There are no winners or losers, it's simply a celebration of programming and creating new software and sharing it with the world.  You can target any operating system (desktop or mobile) or even make a web-based tool.  It can be a game, utility, large application, whatever. Best of all, everyone who participates gets a free commemorative coffee mug.


Congratulations to everyone who has participated in NANY this year. I hope everyone had fun!  On behalf of everyone on the site, I thank you for helping us kick off the new year.

You can see the list of entries here: https://www.donationcoder.com/nany2015
(note this is still a work in progress so entries may be added or updated in the next couple of days)

And please show some appreciation to those who participated by sending them a small donation..


Since 2007 we have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on DonationCoder to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world.

What follows is a roundup of the entries from this year.  Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated!

Note:  The NANY event is not a competition -- anyone can participate and everyone who does gets a coffee mug commemorating the event.  Some of these are polished tools with mainstream appeal -- while others are rough around the edges or were written simply as an exercise by the coder.  They are mostly tools for Microsoft Windows.  All are free.

Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

Jody Holmes (aka Skwire) is one of the most prolific coders to call DonationCoder.com home. Skwire's big entry for the 2014 NANY event is epCheck, a utility that pulls television series data from The TVDB database, showing episode summaries, upcoming schedules, etc. Watch the screencast above and you'll see the loving care Skwire gives each application he writes. A great tool for those who like to follow their favorite TV series. To see the scores of utilities that Jody has created over the years (many based on requests at the DonationCoder forum), visit his website here.

Process Piglet
Discuss and download: here.
Webpage: here.

Process Piglet is a utility which can be used to monitor the ongoing memory use of programs and alert you when a program starts using increasingly large amounts of memory.  The author (Mouser) describes his motivation for coding the tool: "Every so ofter I notice my computer is slowing, getting less responsive, and grinding to a halt and I discover that some application, often the Firefox web browser, is starting to consume (leak) huge amounts of memory.  I needed an easy way of getting advance notice when this was happening, and an easy way to restart it when it does."  Process Piglet also has a nice concise view of top memory consumers that you can display on command.

Progress Bars of Life v2
Discuss and download: here
Webpage: here.

Progress Bars of Life allows users to create a set of visual progress bars (shown in a window or docked to the edge of your screen), that track progress towards events or goals.  Version 2 introduces many several new features, including an alert system (Zeno Alerts) that can pop up reminders at the recursive halfway point leading up to the event; so an event 60 days away will show a first reminder at 30 days, then another at 15 days, 7 days, etc.

Q-FlashCards for Android
Discuss and download: here

This is an Android platform version of the quite-popular-in-recent-years type of application that helps you learn new material (dates, birthdays, geography facts, etc.). Q-FlashCards does a quite serviceable job of bringing this functionality to the Android platform, and may be of interest to those using an Android phone or tablet.

Discuss and download: here
Web page: here.

Spews is designed to automatically switch your wallpapers on a configurable schedule.  Simply add your image folders, choose your wallpaper options and click the Enable button at the bottom.  You can check/uncheck the images paths as needed; only checked paths will be scanned for images.  It's rather resource-usage-light, so its memory footprint won't overburden older systems.  There are plenty of wallpaper switchers out there but Spews does have one special feature.  You can configure Spews to watch for processes say, running game executables, and it will automatically suspend wallpaper switching if they're found.  This can be helpful because certain game's graphics can corrupt is the wallpaper is switched whilst the game is running.

Image Capture & Upload Program
Discuss and download: here
Web page: here

ICUP will sit in the system tray. Use the hotkey to take a screen capture, and once the capture is taken, it will upload to the image hosting site http://imm.io and copy the URL to the clipboard. Double-click on the tray icon to view the history and change the hotkey. This isn't meant to be a full-blown screenshot capture utility. For those whose needs are modest and who value simplicity, this could be the ticket.

Discuss and play: here
Web page: here.

Blasteroids is an arcade game similar to Asteroids in which you control a rotating turret in space that is under siege by asteroids. Strategy and coordination will get you to increasingly higher and more difficult levels, and you get extra lives based on increasing score. The author plans to port the game to the Android platform.

Weather Station Warlock
Discuss and download: here

Weather Station Warlock can retrieve the current weather conditions from approximately 1,800 locations across the United States and US Territories.  It works by fetching data from weather stations and can display data from multiple stations at the same time, making it handy for monitoring the weather at many locations simultaneously.

Discuss and download: here

SoloCrop can be used to quickly manually crop many jpeg images one by one. To use the program you just drag and drop a jpeg image, then click and draw a rectangle.  SoloCrop crops when you release the mouse button, saves the newly cropped image with a new name, and then autoloads the next jpeg in the same folder.

Discuss and download: here
Web page: here.

ImgFloat was designed for use with mouser's Screenshot Captor program (but can be used with other tools).  When a new screenshot is captured, it's sent to ImgFloat, which "floats" the image in a reduced-size, partially transparent window on screen while you continue to work on other things. Gives you the ability to have have on-the-fly reference material posted to the screen so easily, with the ability still to see what's happening on the desktop.

Reference Overlay Tool
Discuss and download: here.

This utility can take PNG images from a specified directory and overlay them atop any other open windows, at a specified opacity, so that the information contained in the image is available to the viewer while he or she plays a game or works with a highly technical piece of software, etc.  A little creative thought will yield other viable uses for this utility.

Wallpaper Welder
Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

Wallpaper Welder lets you easily create wallpapers for a multi-monitor setup.  It lets you assign different images to each monitor and then rescales and combines them to yield a single large image usable by the standard Windows wallpaper control panel applet.

Kyrathaba's Sudoku
Discuss and download: here.

Kyrathaba's Sudoku is an advanced Sudoku generator/solver with multiple Undo/Redo and multiple difficulty levels. Most users will probably make use of it to crack puzzles they haven't been able to solve on their own. However, it can also be used to play entire games of Sudoku, start to finish, that the program auto-generates.

Esc Close
Discuss and download: here.

This utility lets you configure a list of program names and class names that it will target when the Escape key is pressed (or double/triple tapped). If one of those applications has focus, "Esc Close" will cause that application to exit when the Escape key is pressed, just like it used to reliably do in earlier versions of Windows. Many people probably don't mind using the mouse, or alternative key combinations, to close their applications, but for those who prefer the Escape key, this program nicely adds that functionality.

Discuss and download: here.

The Rpclip program is a very lightweight clipboard monitor that will capture the text you copied to your clipboard. This is a lightweight portable tool, and no files or registry entries are left behind on your computer if you choose to remove the program.

Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility
Discuss and download: here.

This tool lets you perform a wide variety of operations on a text file, including case conversion, encryption, sorting, regular expression search and replace, checksums, etc.

Stoic Joker's Engine Displacement Calculator
Discuss and download: here.

This tool will calculate the displacement (size) of an engine using the bore diameter, stroke length and number of cylinders. It will also calculate the compression ratio of the combustion chamber and piston dome/dish measurements. This utility probably won't be of interest to most people, but I can imagine it being quite handy for enthusiasts and mechanics.

File Groupie
Discuss and download: here.

This program was created in response to a request in the Coding Snacks section of the forum. It moves (or copies) files from one folder to another in sub-folders allowing you to specify the number of files that will go into each sub-folder. You can sort by size, date, or file name.

Cameo Snack
Discuss and download: here.

This program was created in response to a request in the Coding Snacks section of the forum.  Cameo Snack sits in the system tray and checks to see if a webcam is attached every 10 seconds. Shows a tooltip balloon with the proper info.

sumatra earmarks
Discuss and download: here.

Sumatra earmarks lets you visually earmark (bookmark) any pdf page in the pdf reader SumatraPDF.  Earmarks are autosaved to a text file, and the pdf files themselves are not modified.

Growl for Windows Forwarder (Plugin): Pushover
Discuss and download: here.

The open source Growl service lets you know when things happen. Files finished downloading, friends came online, new email has arrived - Growl can let you know when any event occurs with a subtle notification. This plugin for Growl-for-windows makes it easy to send real-time Growl notifications to your Android and iOS devices.

Discuss and download: here

xbmcsender is a small (open source) Python class and commandline utility that allows you to send links from one computer over your lan network (or the internet) to your XBMC computer (XBMC is an open source cross platform home theater software tool for managing and playing media files).  It's useful, for example, if you come across a YouTube or radio link on your desktop PC and want to send it for playback to your XBMC machine.  This script will send URLs (audio, video, YouTube, images) to your XBMC HTPC machine for playback, but it can also be used to send local files, which is does by first FTPing the file and then instructing your XBMC to play it from the newly uploaded location. This script itself is cross-platform; it also comes with a Windows-only Find and Run Robot alias addon.

FTP File Uploader
Discuss and download: here.

This is a commandline tool that uses cURL to upload any files whose names it parses from a text file.

WinButtons Webserver Plugin
Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

This is a webserver plugin for the WinButtons tool, allowing button configurations to be displayed by a web browser on the local network, e.g., from a tablet or mobile phone, using the WiFi network.

Kyrathaba's Text File Duplicate Finder
Discuss and download: here.

Kyrathaba's Text File Duplicate Finder takes a text file and looks for duplicate lines. The program loads each line from the text file as a new item in a listview.  Optionally, the program can save only unique entries (excluding duplicates) to a new text file.

Kyrathaba's Goodreads Manager
Discuss and download: here.

Kyrathaba's Goodreads Manager is able to take the JSON data that users of the Goodreads website can export, and presents that raw data, in addition to computing and displaying some data not shown on the Goodreads website, such as the total number of pages you've read across all the books you've recorded on your Goodreads account. It also allows you to click on an author's name and see all books by that author that you've read.

Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

Earl allows you to convert .URL files into standard Window shortcut files (.LNK). This can be helpful if you use an application that doesn't understand .URL files but does understand standard Windows shortcuts. For instance, some icon docks won't handle a .URL file dropped on them, but can work with regular Windows shortcuts.  The application creates the new shortcut files in the same directory as the source URL files, or may optionally be configured to work in conjunction with the "Send To" context menu in Windows.

WIS vCalReader
Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

For those who don't use Microsoft Outlook, appointments and reminders sent from Outlook users get stored in your inbox as "Unknown.unk" files. WIS vCalReader is a little program that can read and decode these files.

Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

JsRoboKey is a pre-alpha-stage, not-ready-for-use, open source scripting project, based on javascript and inspired by the AutoHotkey scripting language.

Minecraft Mod ServerGitBackup
Discuss and download: here.
Web page: here.

ServerGitBackup is a mod that allows Minecraft server administrators to backup the server to a git repository. It can be configured to do this on an hourly basis, for very active Minecraft servers. Could prove quite useful to Minecraft enthusiasts.

Kyrathaba's Tic-Tac-Toe
Discuss and download: here.

Kyrathaba's Tic-Tac-Toe is a no-frills tic-tac-toe program for kids that allows two people to play one another from the same keyboard/screen.

Discuss and download: here.

gaioNIBBLES is an old retro game that was released for the first time here. It's clone of the classic Nibbles (Worm) game. Complete with homemade retro music, this runs best on the DOSBox emulator.

Link Launcher
Discuss and download: here.

The author wrote this program in response to the discontinuation of iGoogle. It takes an old iGoogle style list of page links and presents it in a compact form where the user can quickly click to visit a given page.

TaoPhoenix's unfinished text file proto-components
Discuss and download: here.

DC Member TaoPhoenix released the C# source code for several unfinished tools.  These are mostly unfinished tools -- not meant for end users -- but they do include the source code, so they could be useful starting points for coders who are interested in improving them.

Discuss these entries here..

DonationCoder.com NANY 2013 Roundup Summary

For the past 7 years at DonationCoder.com we have held an annual "New Apps for the New Year (N.A.N.Y.)" event where we ask the coders who hang out on the site to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world. What follows is a roundup of the entries from this year.

The NANY event is not a competition -- anyone can participate and everyone who does gets a unique mug commemorating the event.

Most of the programs this year were done for fun by the coders -- some are polished and ready for public use, while others are a little rough around the edges and were mainly done as a proof of concept.  All programs are freely available for download.


In no particular order:

Carbon - website / blogging framework
An open source blogging platform focused on producing static web pages with a minimal amount of fuss.

A wordpress theme intended to be a good minimalist starting point for creating custom themes.

Text Merge from CSV and Template text files.
Can batch generate large numbers of text files by filling in templates from a csv file.

Customizable Remote Administration Panel
A portable launcher tool where you customize buttons to perform actions.

Easy Screencast Recorder
A tool for recording of desktop video; supports arbitrary codecs including webm; can be run portably.  Does not include tool for uploading. Integrates well with Screenshot Captor tool.

Progress Bars of Life
A productivity tool that shows the amount of time remaining to any number of custom calendar/clock events as progress bars.  Show progress towards the current hour, day, week, month, year, graduation, your lifespan, etc.  Can be docked to side of screen.

Contractor's Work Log
An online service for tracking the hours you spend on projects.

Blast Off!
A simple game playable in browser or downloadable -- try to launch your rocket past moving obstacles.

A utility that turns text files into .wav audio files using Microsoft's Text to Speech (SAPI) tools.

2x2 List Sorter
A utility that will take a text file list and help user rank the items into a sorted list based on pairwise preferences.

Super Simple Photo Resizer
A tool for easily cropping and resizing photos and then automatically uploading them to facebook, twitter, or flickr.

RAT (Renegade Audio Transcoder)
Easy to use tool that will take audio or video files and convert them to a variety of audio formats (FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG).

FreeNAS Brute Forcer
A tool for bruteforce recovery of lost FreeNAS passwords.

Beta Tester Tracker - Program to help authors & beta testers
Tool that can be given by coders to beta testers for them to fill out and submit testing reports.

A java-based (online playable) deductive logic puzzle game similar to sudoku.

Paste Button
Simple tool that lets you copy and paste text by holding mouse button.

Automatic GST calculator
Small specialized utility which makes it easy to fill in 10% GST tax values.

Tab Launcher
A customizable tab based application launcher.

CommandPromptHere for FARR
An addon (fscript based; source code included) for the Find and Run Robot program, to support opening of command prompts of different types in file directories.

JSHintHere for FARR
An addon (fscript based; source code included) for the Find and Run Robot program, to support running the jshint javascript tool on js files.

DiffWith for FARR
An addon (fscript based; source code included) for the Find and Run Robot program, to support easy comparison of files using arbitrary file comparison tools.

A tool to quickly batch crop many jpg photos of book pages.

Simple commandline tool that will upload a passed file to Imgur (anonymous upload only), and put the url of the uploaded image on clipboard.  Includes tool to integrate it with the Screenshot Captor tool.

tmdiff - Formatted Output of Time Differences in C
Open source C code library that returns a nice human readable string describing the elapsed time difference between two time/date values.

A tool that can perform a variety of operations including conversion of html encodings and creating files from templates.

PDF Batch Saver
A tool that will batch download/render web pages and save them as standalone pdf files.

PRNter Widget
Tool for sending raw .prn printer files to laser printers to perform low level raw operations like setting page counts, etc.

Find Long Names
A utility to scan directories and report all files found whose names (and/or paths) are above a certain length, and which may cause problems because of windows filename limits.

A unique addon for the game Cortex Command, which can generate huge numbers of random gun weapons.

A power user's tool to keep applications and services running even if they may be stopping/crashing for undetermined reasons.

Skyrim Character Manager
A tool for helping you manage and inspect the save files for characters from the computer game Skyrim.

Open source (RUBY) commandline tool that can move PDF files based on the text embedded in the PDF file.

UpdateGraphic - Cody.png

NANY 2011 :: The Event Closes

Welcome to DonationCoder's month long Super Celebration of Software!

N.A.N.Y. 2011
NANY '11 has closed and we're busily going through the entries with a fine tooth comb to package them up for the grand unveiling toward the end of January 2011. In the meantime you can see all the Entries on the NANY 2011 board.

We tried something new with this year's NANY: in an effort to maximise the fun and productivity of the event we decided to start NANY midway through the year giving the coders the ability to start the process early and aim to build a substantial new project. And it's certainly been exciting to see activity increase on the NANY board through the year. Many coders posted Teasers both to whet the appetites of the members and to get feedback on their projects.

NANY Numbers 4.png

The end of the year is often a hectic time, which only increases the challenge to complete the NANY Entry. Some Pledges have been fulfilled early whilst others have had to be withdrawn due to other commitments and other Pledges have remained open or not progressed past the Teaser stage but will hopefully be developed later.

From my perspective NANY 2011 has been a wonderful success that has allowed greater flexibility in the Event. 47 Pledges through the year is huge, and to get 31 completed NANY's is an awesome achievement that the DC community can be very proud about!

Teasers (Unfinished - though look out for updates and late completions)

Pledges (Unfinished)

Withdrawn Pledges

Huge Software Give-a-way

As part of the New Year Celebration we've been joined by some very generous software developers who are offering full licenses to their professional programmes! This software has been specially selected to enable our hard working coders (and their helpers) to produce high quality packages.

More details will be posted in the next couple of days...

A Word About DonationCoder

DonationCoder.com is a site for people who love computer software, and like the idea of supporting each other's work through donations - it's funded entirely by individuals who join the site. Since its founding in 2005, the site has grown steadily and has well over 200,000 registered members from around the world. Of course it's free to sign up at our site and join in on the community forums. Our DonationCredits system was designed to make it as easy as possible for users to make small donations to specific authors and fellow site members (read more about our DonationCredits here: http://www.donationcoder.com/Donate/Credits.php).

The programmers at DonationCoder.com are dedicated to providing professional quality software and professional quality support; other DonationCoder.com members are active in the forums reviewing and discussing all types of computer and software issues.

The New Apps for the New Year event was started as a fun way of celebrating the New Year. Dubbed NANY (New Apps for the New Year), this experiment has become a yearly tradition on the site, and represents the playful and generous spirit of the site and the people who visit it.  The event celebrates the joy of programming and is open to coders of any ability, whether they are regular members of the site or not.  All participants receive a mug featuring our beloved bird/duck mascot Cody -- there are no winners or losers.

UpdateGraphic - Cody.png

The Official NANY Update

NANY 2011: Event Update

NANY 2011 is a bit of an experiment this year, in an effort to maximise the fun and productivity of the event we decided to start NANY midway through the year giving the coders the ability to start the process early and aim to build a substantial new project.

We are now halfway through the event and to date we've seen a steady rate of Pledges and a great deal of activity around the Entrants who have released Teasers and opened up their projects for forum discussions.

NANY Pledges
NANY Entrants pledge that they are going to release a new application for the New Year at some stage before December by posting a Pledge Thread on the NANY 2011 Board, instructions can be found here.

To date we've had 22 Pledges!
NANY Activity 2010_10_29.png

The NANY challenge, although competed by individuals or groups, is performed in the midst of the community and offers the DonationCoder community ample opportunity to get involved with the event through the N.A.N.Y. 2011 forum. Find a project that interests you and get involved with its development: feature discussions, bug testing and Teaser feedback. It's great to see the development of general forum interest as the event progresses:

It's exciting to see the NANY pledges capture the interest of the DC Community, in particular TaskDaddy and Auspex have generated a lot of discussion!

Teasers: Feedback Required
Teasers are a way for the NANY Entrants to give prospective users the opportunity to play with an early build and hopefully get some valuable feedback for the development.
  • Webcam Diary
    Mouser decided on this application based on a Poll -- now he's asking for feedback on what features users want in a Webcam Recording/Diary Utility. Now is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this application's development!
  • DCDisplay
    DCDisplay will be a replacement for CDisplay (which hasn't been worked on for years).
  • Scion Character Manager
    An electronic character sheet for a RPG called Scion that tracks character stats, calculates dice pools for all the basic actions, and allows the user to add their own actions, weapons, purviews, knacks, and rules that get auto calculated.
  • TaskDaddy
    TaskDaddy takes a single line of input from you and turns it into an Outlook task without having to open the full interface of Outlook. It's intended to be a quick way to input tasks. It is inspired by Bob Menke's Add Task script, written in VBScript. It works as both a GUI and a command line tool. DaddyDave also has a Features Poll to get user feedback on Future / Missing features.
  • NetLaunch (Now with GUI!)
    Netlaunch is a program to launch applications based on Network status.   It functions in both Agent (GUI) and command-line form.
  • Auspex - a Windows Productivity App
    Auspex will present the busy PC user with several enhanced input features: Replacements, Completions, Corrections, Runs and the Big Clipper.
  • ContactFX
    A versatile Addressbook and Contacts editor with FARR integration.

Are you a Coder just itching to get in on the act?
We've had specific requests for an enterprising entrant who's keen to fulfil someone else's dream. If you're keen to participate but are looking for an idea why not check these out and contact the author for more details?

Anyone can get involved with the NANY event by offering their talents to the hard working entrants to help with the ancillary aspects of their entries. Volunteering on NANY projects is a great way for everyone to get involved with the Event, coders and non-coders alike!

We also have some great tools to give-away to help you get the job done:

Add your name to the list and get involved over in this thread: NANY 2011 :: Calling All Volunteers and Entrants wanting a hand

If you can help with the following specific requests please get in touch with the Entrant directly (and let me know if you want to take advantage of the software give-away):

Alphabetical List of Pledges

The N.A.N.Y. Challenge

N.A.N.Y., which stands for New Apps for the New Year, is an annual event here on DonationCode.com where we challenge coders of all experience levels to release a brand new FREEWARE / DONATIONWARE application to celebrate the coming of the new year.

The NANY events are a celebration of software for coders and users alike - it's not a competition and there is no winner, but there is lots of challenge and plenty of rewards.  No matter what you're looking for, you're bound to find something of interest in the NANY Entries over the years; and when you do, don't forget to pop a donation to the Entrants.

A vibrant forum allows users to follow the entries from the initial Pledge, through various Teaser updates to the Final Release, offering valuable feedback and suggestions for continued improvement.

If you have an application that you've always wanted but never found, why not head over to the 2011 Suggestion Thread and explain your idea? Hopefully a coder will get as excited as you are!

NANY History
The current NANY: 2011

nany-2010-button.jpgA total of 23 coders pledged to release a new free application by the 1st of the new year.  And in the end there were 26 NANY Releases (and several small mini-releases).

As we always do in this event, we saw a wide range of submissions, from full professional-quality applications, to small toy experiments by novice coders, and everything in-between.  All of the releases are available and free for public use -- just follow the links on the NANY 2010 Page to go to the project page and download link.
nany-2009-button.jpgIn 2009 we had 44 coders of varying degrees of experience Pledge to release a New Application for the New Year, and by January 1st we had a whopping 35 New Applications posted on the NANY 2009 Forum. Full details on the NANY 2009 Page.

All the Applications are free to use, and the forum is a great place to offer feature requests or report issues. Many of the Applications are just the start of something bigger and will be developed further, so it is also a good place to keep up with their development.
nany-2008-button.jpgSome of the programs are rather specialized and whimsical, some are just a little silly, and substantial and serious.  But you'll probably find something that you find useful amongst the 16 New Applications.

Do you have an mp3 collection? Use "WTF!? Music Info" to generate charts showing the statistics of your collection.  Do you need help staying motivated to keep to your new year's resolutions? Try "Point Motivator", an innovative motivational tool and tracking diary. Details of all the entries are on the NANY 2008 Page.
nany-2006-button.jpgThe inaugural year saw over 20 new applications released for the New Year!

See all the details on NANY 2007.

SUPPORT THIS WORK! Help support special events like this by joining the site and donating to the authors.

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