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  • November 19, 2019, 11:04 PM
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Author Topic: [feature request] concerning Alias Action Keywords  (Read 2604 times)


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[feature request] concerning Alias Action Keywords
« on: May 16, 2007, 08:32 AM »
Hi mouser,

from the documentation :
For example, you could create an alias named +hexedit
whose result contents are:
C:\Program Files\HexEditors\HexEdit.exe "$$1"

Now you can type in your search:
+hexedit mydocsearch...

As you type mydocsearch words, FARR will let you search for files as normal.
After you choose the result, instead of launching the result file, you will be presented with
C:\Program Files\HexEditors\HexEdit.exe "SELECTEDFILE"
Which you can then launch.

Is it possible when there is only one possible result, which is the case in this example (C:\Program Files\HexEditors\HexEdit.exe "$$1") to directly launch C:\Program Files\HexEditors\HexEdit.exe "SELECTEDFILE" ?
Now we have to press enter twice...

[bug report] also concerning the alias action keywords, if there is multiple possible results :

For example,
Enqueue | C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe /ADD "$$1"
Play | C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe  "$$1"

when searching... if you select result #1, Enqueue is pre-selected
if you select result #2, Play is pre-selected
if you select other result, nothing is pre-selected
i would prefer having enqueue (in this example) pre-selected every time (or none like in other type of alias...)

keep up the good work, i can't wait for the next release... !


PS: Candy Labs has just released an evolution of AppRocket (seems like it is very multimedia oriented), maybe some ideas for future release of our beloved FARR ;)
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