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  • Tuesday October 4, 2022, 5:13 am
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Author Topic: Prevx2.0 beta (anti-malware)  (Read 5916 times)


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Prevx2.0 beta (anti-malware)
« on: May 18, 2007, 08:47 PM »
Hi all,

I posted about my work's product Prevx1 a while back, but we now have a new major version available for public testing. The beta is moving along swiftly because thus far it has proved quite stable. Indeed, it is actually resolving previous issues that were hard to track down, rather than introducing new issues. The overwhelming majority of people are finding it to run perfectly stable.

Although it is meant to be an alternative to traditional security products that have been having an increasingly hard time keeping up with the volume of malware out there today,

Announcing the new and improved Prevx2!

What's new:

- Improved real time reporting and malware determination
- Faster determination process
- New community database structure
- New rules engine
- New jail functionality
- New policy structure and increase number of security policies
- Improved Registry protection
- New "Sandbox" style analysis engine for analysis or unknown programs
- Improved compatibility with 3rd party products enabling Prevx 2.0 to co-exist
- New Enterprise features and functionality for Corporates
- Support for 200,000+ agents within a Corporate
- Performance improvements
- Enhanced memory management
- Reorganised Jail function
- Implementation of user feedback
- Text changes

You can find instructions and the download link here:

If you're using Windows Vista then make sure to follow the link at the very beginning to the Vista version.

We would be grateful for any feedback you might have, just follow the link to Support in the program itself. Of course let us know if you encounter any issues, as well.

The short version of what Prevx2 is about:

Prevx2 is an anti-malware application that uses behavioral analysis, herd intelligence, and automates all the work that makes it so hard for traditional solutions to keep up with the volume of today's malware. It handles all different types of malware to eliminate the need for a bunch of different programs for different kinds of threats. At the same time, it's also perfectly capable of co-existing with your current security software.

Prevx2 uses a "community watch" concept where everyone reports any suspicious behavior that's seen, so the experts can pro-actively track and catch the bad guys before they can harm anyone. Don't worry, it's only technical information about program files, it doesn't have any reason or any ability to look at anything resembling personal info. Prevx2 introduces a strong multi-layered approach that is unlike anything available today. Malware writers like to put hundreds of new costumes on the same malicious programs so your antivirus can't recognize it. Prevx2 looks at them from every angle so that it can see right through the bad guys' attempts to make the same virus look like something new, which means that detection for one item can detect hundreds or thousands of new ones that use the same tricks. More than anything, though, it can recognize that a file is going to harm your computer before it ever runs, even if it's never seen it before. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, we don't need to take a DNA sample to figure out that it's a duck ;)

No system is perfect, but the community watch concept is a tried and true method that works, and it's no different on the internet. The same goes for automating today what we had to do by hand yesterday: things get done much more quickly, and in greater numbers.

Although it is made to suit the needs of those that don't wish to run multiple security products on their system, it's also made to work alongside traditional solutions as well. This new version works alongside other products even better than before, and is better at accommodating technology updates in these products. So you don't have to uninstall what you already have if you want to try it.


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Re: Prevx2.0 beta (anti-malware)
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2007, 10:44 PM »
sounds quite interesting.. i'd like to hear some experiences from our security minded experts.