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Author Topic: A new kind of search: guided search  (Read 3727 times)


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A new kind of search: guided search
« on: February 01, 2007, 05:23 PM »
Well.. Here's They explore a new kind of search, based on chating with someone and that someone finding you search results?
I think it's just dumb, isn't useful at all but... It's fun!!  ;D
Just type your search and press "search with guide".


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Re: A new kind of search: guided search
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2007, 01:46 PM »
I tried this out with a tough that has been driving me nuts for a few days now.

As some of you know, I run a site that lists freely available programming related ebooks, at no cost. It's a labor of love that doesn't make me a dime.

I recently received a request to add some ABAP related books, only I can't find any free ones.

I thought what better way to test ChaCha's service than to make that request there?

This was the results:

Status: Connecting ...
Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: KarenK
KarenK: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi
KarenK: Hi, how are you today?
KarenK: snowing here
You: good...u?
KarenK: great!
KarenK: here's a nice graphic of the ABAP language
You: i need ebooks only
KarenK: sounds like a great career choice
You: it's not for me
KarenK: lets see what I can find
You: i run a website that lists free programming an email request to add some ABAP books
KarenK: oh cool
You: but i can't find any
KarenK: would the language be close to any other language like ASP? anything that compares so I can look there as well.
You: no
KarenK: hmm, let me look further, I program in lots of lanugages if I had some I would give to you
You: lol
You: ty
You: i am a delphi programmer, myself
KarenK: that's cool
KarenK: any XML, XPATH, XLST?
You: I have those on my site already...not related
You: i had to look up on wikipedia to even know what ABAP was
KarenK: ok, just thinking what else I could give you
KarenK: it's pretty powerful
KarenK: I'm going to revise my search, hold on
You: this is harder than finding books for borland's c++ builder
KarenK: I agree
KarenK: I found syntax, reorts code opt and scripts
KarenK: reports
You: i only list full books on my site
You: it's for students that can't afford to buy books
KarenK: that is so cooll. what is your site name?
You: started as a text file in my chatroom targeted to self learners
KarenK: I'm gonna send this take a look, it's not what your looking for though
You: yeah, not exactly what i need
KarenK: there has to be a place.
You: I normally never list resource sites or tutorial sites...or partial books that are only sample chapters
KarenK: do you charge for these books?
You: no
You: they are intended to be freely available
You: i make nothing from my site
You: it's a labor of love
KarenK: wow
KarenK: good for you
KarenK: that's kinda what chacha is
You: i am also a donationware author...meaning my stuff is all freeware unless you feel like being generous
KarenK: I say that only because I find myself solving for XY and Z. helping student and folks who make big money programming sitting at work lookikng for answers
You: I deal with mostly college kids and younger looking for help to pass school assignments or for self learning as a hobby
KarenK: hey wiat
KarenK: wait
You: that looks promising
KarenK: sure does, even if it is $25.00
KarenK: not sure though
KarenK: I used to work for Siemens
You: I am not sure how i feel with their information gathering for something for free
You: sounds a bit fishy
KarenK: yeah, I know what you mean
KarenK: lots of scams out there
You: definately
You: one of the reasons for making my list
You: cut through the scams...and the illegal crap
KarenK: agree, you will be paid back for your efforts, you sound like a wonderful person
You: i am already paid over a million times just knowing i am helping people
KarenK: ah, that is beautiful
KarenK: ABAP used to be referenced as ABAP/4 in release 3. Might be something worth searching for
You: i have watched kids in my chatroom go from messing around with trojans & viruses to developing fantastic applications
You: changing their lives
KarenK: excellent!
You: things like that make it worth the effort
KarenK: okay, it's a scam. I selected the ABAP complete reference, went to check out and it costs $100
You: whoa!
You: and they have a paypal donate button on the site too?
You: they should be ashamed
KarenK: yup, unreal
KarenK: and there's no product reviews whatsoever
You: it's sad
You: I'll tell you what you can do if you want...
You: if you come across any books i don't have on my site...or later on find any really good ones, email me from my site and i can add them
KarenK: I have the complete sets on XML, HTML, lots of web stuff, and Visual Basic
You: you should see my list
You: it's over 300 books now
KarenK: that's the site?
You: yup
You: and that last link...not free...$61.25
KarenK: yup
You: thanks for the help though
You: much appreciated
KarenK: you are most welcome
You: have a great day
KarenK: you too
KarenK: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.

Throughout the conversation, KarenK was pushing me various links to try, making the ones she thought were better rise to the top of the list. I could tell that she wasn't just shoving results at me but was actually visiting some of the sites, too.

Although I didn't find what I wanted by using ChaCha, the person I spoke with went out of their way to try to find it for me....including signing up and checking out if one of the sites was a scam....something you would never get from Google. (unfortunately it was a scam site)

And yes, it was fun & enjoyable...more than the last 2 days of unsuccessful Google searching for the same thing.

Considering today's experiences, even though I didn't get what I wanted, I just might keep this link handy in case I have another tough search to do.

Edit: added link to KarenK's profile
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Re: A new kind of search: guided search
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2007, 01:53 AM »
I had the opposite experience.  I was looking for information on a suspicious process.  The ChaCha guide kept trying to push me to forum posts around the web that were nothing more than an individual asking about the process and no responses to those posts.  I told them multiple times that the reason I was there was because all of those forum posts were going unanswered.  I even told the guide that a couple of the posts were mine, and what the screen name that I had used on those posts was.  The guide directed me to my own unanswered forum posts.