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Author Topic: Highlight certain dates  (Read 4288 times)


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Highlight certain dates
« on: May 14, 2019, 05:20 AM »
Hi, I was wondering if it would be an interesting add-on to be able to highlight certain dates?
I have no idea how much work my suggestion involves, so here's what I imagine the end result to be:

If the coloring field "highlight date" was added to the "configure colors" option, then the user could somehow add rules for this highlighting.

For instance 1st of May is a bank Holiday here, so highlighting 1st of May with a red color on all instances of 1st of May forever would be one example.
Then either from just the ini file or through GUI add a table of "exceptions" (as MS Project calls it) for T-clock to highlight.

If that sounds interesting, having the option to add a formula for calculating the date to highlight would make it even better.
One example for a formula would be Easter Sunday. A western date of interest which many European holidays depends on.
Ie. 20 and 40 days after Easter Sunday are bank holidays here...

In VBA and Excel I'm able to use the following formula to calculate Easter Sunday:

Public Function EasterDate(Yr As Integer) As Date
  Dim x As Integer
  x = (((255 - 11 * (Yr Mod 19)) - 21) Mod 30) + 21
  EasterDate = DateSerial(Yr, 3, 1) + x + (x > 48) + 6 - ((Yr + Yr \ 4 + _
      x + (x > 48) + 1) Mod 7)
End Function

I'm happy to enter this or similar code manually, making the highlighting very customizable, or select it from a dropdown-list as you do for selecting first week of the year.

Is what I'm trying to explain realistic? Interesting?
I'm happy to make donations to make it happen.


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Re: Highlight certain dates
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 05:35 AM »
Hi dooniem,

You can check UK's Kalender (free)
It has 'HolidayGenerator' which may help you.




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Re: Highlight certain dates
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2019, 06:02 AM »
Hi and thanks for replying so quick Anand!

I downloaded and tried the "HolidayGenerator". That works great for generating a list of holidays to highlight!
It even had built-in Easter date, so in my opinion I think you solved the hardest part!

If I'm not mistaken, T-clock can't do anything with the generated .hol-file? Seems like a Outlook holiday format.

If T-clock was able to to read and use the generated .hol-file for highlighting dates, that would result in what my original post tried to describe!

The actual UK Kalender software didn't at first glance seem to be as good as I find T-clock for my usage.

Since this feature now seems easier to implement for an untrained eye such as mine, is more likely to see this added to T-clock?