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  • Friday June 14, 2024, 7:31 am
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Author Topic: Danoise Projects (This post is politically incorrect.)  (Read 2133 times)


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Danoise Projects (This post is politically incorrect.)
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:29 AM »
But first, you know what virtual boxes are, don't you? No, I'm not speaking of something real like those Matryoshka dolls, I'm speaking of non-existing software boxes; there are even some special software packages to design them on screen and for screen only (thus: virtual), or then you use some more general graphic application.

In the old days - for the young here, this is probably news -, software was delivered on some physical support (5 1/4" floppy disks, then somewhat sturdier in the 3.5" format), within some real cardbox, and with more or less elaborate / multi-colored graphics printed on those; included was a real-life manual, often glue-bound, sometimes plastic-ring- or spiral-bound, and in some cases the manual, or even two of them within the same box, came with plastified ring-binders containing loose-leafs, neatly separated, chapter by chapter, by means of an index.

Those days are gone. Also gone are the good old days where unmarried man, or even married ones whenever their spouse took the waters, here and there invited their friends for an all-boys evening at their woman-free home, promising them to project (Super-8, and no, that's not VHS, latter came later) their newly-acquired All-Swedish shorts, and sometimes they even had got some Danish ones, possibly even with some Danish in them, but having been filmed among the Danes or, and that was the point, by Danish perverts - I'm sorry if this now impregnates you with the connotation of Danish dogues; fact is, Danish films had the reputation of being at least twice as perverted as Swedish ones; I must admit I never saw any of either, so I cannot speak but by (trustworthy) hearsay.

You must also know that in French, "girl" is "fille", "french girl" is "fille danoise", and that "projects", in French, ain't but Projects-with-the-big-P, but also anything you intend to do, as in "my projects for this evening".

Then you'll easily understand that whenever I read "Denoise Projects" on bits, and that occurs a lot of times, I invariably read "Danoise Projects", it's simply beyond me, I cannot help myself, I swear, and it's in a second step only that I become aware of my Freudian.

But please admit that the developer helps me a lot in getting diverted from the original purpose of his software, since he not only thinks the obscenity of making up a virtual software box has any inherent value in it, except for selling vapor (it must be in the line of, "oh, great, the developer's able to use some 25$ end-user program designing the right angles and the shades of some cardbox for you, so holla, his own program's certainly really, really good, too!" - well, strict logic'd rather suggest vaporware to some point at least, but that's not the way buyers work...), no, he goes that one step further and puts some graphics on it which, to say it bluntly, would be prohibited by law in several European countries (not to speak of the South of the Mediterranean) for being, well, "sexist"? - the currently correct term'd be "discriminatory", I suppose:

Please bear in mind that his photographic subject (half (!) of some person in bright sunlight (!) isn't that much in accordance with his product's foremost use cases, or in other words, the pretty one exposed should come de-noised by nature, without the need of the tool in question, and hereby the gratuitous character of the chosen photo (let alone there is no box either): Remember those girls on hoods? Well, if they had come included...

And now you'll never be able to look on Danoise Projects, oh, pardon, Denoise Projects, on bits or wherever again, without thinking of Danish dogues in Scandinavian shorts. Cheers.

Danoiseprojects.pngDanoise Projects (This post is politically incorrect.)