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Author Topic: SOLVED: Grouping (Skwire)  (Read 3510 times)


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SOLVED: Grouping (Skwire)
« on: January 04, 2014, 04:21 PM »
I would like a variation of contro text tool.
I have a script for processing paragraphs according to this simple rule : Each paragraph is preceeded by an asterisk (*) and end with an asterisk (*)
Usually i do this work manually .
But now, similar to contro text tool, is automated in base to a number of lines.
For example each four lines insert an * in the beginning of the first line, and other * at the end of the last line.
The lines are proposed similar to contro text tool
The same module may be useful. Only that now the purpose is not eliminate the rest of the lines (and remain only the first of each grouping) . Now the purpose is group the lines with * .

By example :
Select the first line to be group.
Select the number additional to the first one to be grouped. suppose is three.

Then the program will put an * at the beginning of the first line, and at the end of the fourth line.
Then an * at the beginning of the fifth line, and at the end of the eight line. And so on until the final

You can make a widow if the last group don't have four lines.

Best Regards


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Re: SOLVED: Grouping (Skwire)
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 07:51 PM »
Skwire I think we can close this post.

I try in the pspad forum and with a macro is possible to group the way i wanted :

this is the macro in the pspad context (for more information go to pspad forum english section)

you can record a macro and call it repeatedly,
cf. a similar task in a previous thread:

(I'll just update your formatting to the needed steps.)

Place the cursor at the beginning of the text.
Go to:
Tools: Macro: Start/Stop recording (Ctrl+F5)
and perform to following steps (key presses):


Then press Ctrl+F5 again and enter the macro name like asterisk_3_lines

Then go to
Tools: Macro: Macro manager
select number_lines_1_2 and click play x times
and set the appropriate number depending on the number of lines.

If you set more macro runs than necessary, you will have to correct the extra asterisks in the last line.

(If you have "Extended Home/End" options active, you would need to take that into account (Program settings: Editor (part 1): [x ]Extended ...)

Goes well with those instructions.

Best Regards
I am using intensivily too the Contro Text Tool

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