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Author Topic: KPL - Kids Programming Language  (Read 7040 times)


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KPL - Kids Programming Language
« on: May 10, 2006, 12:20 AM »
This sounds really great if you have kids - looks like they spent a lot of time getting this easy to use and smooth.
And it's donation based? nice!

What is KPL?

KPL stands for Kid’s Programming Language. KPL makes it easy for kids to learn computer programming. KPL makes it fun, too, by making it especially easy to program computer games, with cool graphics and sound.

Can I learn to program?

If you are using a computer to read this on the Web, you can certainly learn to program! Programming is really good exercise for your brain, too.  The skills you already have that you will let you learn to program are reading and typing and math. As you learn to program with KPL, you will also learn something called ‘computer logic.’

A computer program is simply a series of instructions to the computer. Computers are very good at following instructions, but they must be told what to do very precisely, and using logic that the computer understands.  When you learn KPL, you are learning how to do that. When you learn KPL, you are learning how to make a computer do anything you want it to do – including play games!

KPL is for games?
We invented KPL because we think learning is best when learning is fun. And the whole point of games is fun, of course! It’s also true that playing games is the thing that computers are used for more than anything else in the world. Computer graphics and computer sound make for some very fun games!

Because we were thinking about these things, we designed KPL to make it easy to program computer games.  So it’s easy for you to make computer games yourself! KPL is not only for programming games – it’s for learning other things, too. But learning is best when learning is fun, right?

Show me some games!
KPL comes with several games, some of which we will show you below. Note that these are games you can play, but that they are also KPL programs which you can read, learn from, and change. The idea is for you to make your own games – but these fun examples will help you do that!


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Re: KPL - Kids Programming Language
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2006, 07:10 AM »
I heard about it a while ago, but it was not until your post that I thought "Duh! this might be the thing to throw at my brother." - he's currently playing with HTML+JavaScript, which isn't really the best way to learn to program (bad syntax checks etc.)

I had thought about C/C++, but well... he wants to play around with graphics, and to do that in C/C++ I'd have to write up a whole little framework for him -  :hanged:
- carpe noctem