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Author Topic: Sharpdot mouse cursor theme for X11 desktops  (Read 2497 times)


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Sharpdot mouse cursor theme for X11 desktops
« on: March 31, 2012, 08:43 PM »
Hello all, I've finally released something that is a product of my own two hands...

I remember my early days of learning Linux, my favorite mouse cursor was the Yellowdot set, but I always wanted something a little more... sharp.  So with a little learning about drawing with Inkscape, and reading xcursorgen man pages, I came up with a theme I called "SharpDot".  It wasn't complete, because lots of the cursors I just didn't get around to drawing, and I had no idea of the symlinking mess that is still required to get complete legacy compatibility.
It languished on my backup hard drives for a few years before I dusted it off, looking for something to post to my oDesk portfolio.

VoilĂ !

SharpDot cursors for X11 desktops
SharpDot is a flat-look cursor theme for X, inspired by Yellowdot.
Main cursors mostly named according to the Freedesktop cursor spec, with symlinks to satisfy legacy and hash names for maximum compatibility with applications that use xcursors.



Replace the shell script build/install method with a proper makefile or more robust shell script.
Edit many of the SVG's for maximum compactness.
Make installable packages for systems that use Deb and RPM package management.
Multiple sizes (this would also pave the way for porting to Windows).

Many thanks to the authors and maintainers of Comix Cursors for the hard work gathering references for cursor names, hashes, and aliases needed to make the theme complete, and showing how the linking is done.