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Author Topic: Does anyone use PocketPCs  (Read 2555 times)


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Does anyone use PocketPCs
« on: April 01, 2006, 03:39 AM »
I was just curious.

I hardly see any post in this forum on PocketPCs. Do you all only live in front of the PC ?

Does anyone who visits this forum use PocketPCs and what are their favourite software, freeware they could not live without.

I just went to and discovered that they had one of the favourites on sale :ewallet at 55% off this weekend.

Perhaps I can kick it off with a list of what I use or cannot live without.

Pocket Informant 
A very well endowed PIM - regularly updated

If you are patient, I think his anniversay date when the company was formed is around Oct 15. At that point, he has been known to knock down the price.
Beats the heck out of the software that came bundled with the ipaq and synchronizes with your Outlook.

Currently on offer at this weekend         
Keep your private info, software serials etc and can synch with your desktop if you buy the desktop version as well.

Pocket Bible   
Daily Reader
You can buy devotionals, motivational books (not many) etc

Wonderful handwriting recognition, macros, shortcuts etc

Phatnotes Professional
Great note taking utility and organizer. Synchs with desktop or Outlook depending on version

Take graphical notes. Synchs with desktop.
Bought them a while back when they had one of those mad 3 day sale when everything was at one unbelievably cheap price.

Sprite Backup 
Works - a real lifesaver

Stopwatch, alarm etc
Freeware, plus a few other freebies at his site

Magic Button
Enables you to switch between programs.

For those who struggle with typing long SMS with your handphone. Write your sms on your PocketPC and send SMS via Handphone via IR or Bluetooth. But may not work with all phones.


Battery pack pro
Utility that tracks battery condition. Launch buttons etc.

Under test- hopefully functional enough to replace ptravelalarm which is shareware
Alarm clock

There are lots of freeware but a bit overwhelming so it would be good to hear the recommendations of people here.

You can also find other freeware at


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Re: Does anyone use PocketPCs
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2006, 06:54 AM »
i use a pocketpc (5500) when i remember to make the effort. it's never really lived up to what i was expecting from a 'portable pocket computer'. things like entering notes and reminders, etc. are too cumbersome compared with just jotting things down on a bit of paper.

what a Luddite. maybe it's simply down to the ipaq 5500 not being the lightest of devices and i have an extra battery pack/case/4 gig drive attached to it so it resembles something more like the filofaxes of old, i.e. it's like a leather cased brick.

things like 'calligrapher' i've tried, then uninstalled, then tried again, then uninstalled, then tried again, then uninstalled. i would probably keep it on but i've never found it to be 100% accurate - maybe i need a faster pocket pc.

i'll dig it out later and report back what's on it.