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Last post Author Topic: Why I Pirate - An Open Letter to Content Creators  (Read 39812 times)


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Re: Why I Pirate - An Open Letter to Content Creators
« Reply #75 on: April 04, 2012, 09:52 PM »
  Years ago I used to have a lot of problems with software being so loaded down with anti-piracy code that the program would either take forever to load or not load at all.  That's when I thanked the pirates out there for their hard work.  I was able to download "cracked" versions of the programs that would actually work and load in seconds compared to minutes.  And every program/game that I ever bought had that sealed EULA that tells you once you open the seal you can't return the program.  So I bought a game/program that don't work and my only recourse is what?  Can't return it....
  Same thing goes for CD's.  I can't remember how many CD's I've bought that wouldn't work because of the DRM.  Sony anyone?  What recourse to you have at that time?  Helllllooooo Pirates!  Thanks for being there when I needed you.....
  And then there's the games/programs you paid good money for that was just pure trash, not worth even $1.  I got so tired of getting crappy games that I finally learned to download the program/game from a pirate site first just to see if it was worth paying for.
  And I really hate buying a CD only to find that it only had one or two songs out of 14 that were worth listening to.  It got to the point that I would download the CD on a pirate site just to see if it was worth buying or not.  That was pretty much solved with being able to buy only the songs you like over the internet.

This is why the shareware model works so well -- you get to try it before you buy it.

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