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  • November 12, 2019, 12:28 PM
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Author Topic: UV Outliner now has a Free Version (Requires .Net 4)  (Read 1702 times)

Paul Keith

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UV Outliner now has a Free Version (Requires .Net 4)
« on: February 20, 2011, 11:31 PM »

Not much in the way for formulas but some of you who want a simple minimalist outliner and feel TreeSheets is too complicated or OneNote makes it too easy to add columns may like to take a look at this application.

Hoist is the closest thing this has to TreeSheets' capability of zooming in and out.

When your outline becomes big enough, it is very convenient to work with just some part of the document.

This can be done by using Hoist feature from View menu. When applied, current row of a document becomes the root row, and only sub-rows can be edited.

What this basically means is that this is the closest thing you can have to an outliner that feels like you are using a simplified Microsoft Word (look at the screenshot - that's not WordPad) and yet have a system that allows you to basically have sub-projects without it acting in a weird rectangular manner like how most TiddlyWiki outliners work.

There are two modes in outliner:

Text editing mode
Row selection mode
In text editing mode outliner works just the same as a usual text processor. In this mode you enter or edit text.

In row selection mode work is done with the whole row. For example, if you need to change font settings for entire row, you can switch to row selection mode and change font setting.

To enter text editing mode you can press F2 or click mouse button on the text.

To exit text editing mode and to enter row selection mode you can just press Esc.

It's also one of the few programs that still attempts to have an optional edit mode for precision formatting.

Finally it rivals NANY Tree List for having some of the most user friendly keyboard shortcuts for an outliner:

Keyboard shortcuts:

Move current row up   Ctrl + Arrow Up
Move current row down   Ctrl + Arrow Down
Increase indentation   Tab
Decrease indentation   Shift + Tab
Expand sub-tree   Ctrl + Plus on numeric key pad
Collapse sub-tree   Ctrl + Minus on numeric key pad

Really all this lacks is a search as you type textbox but most outliners don't have that either. It's not something I would use and in fact I didn't download this at all but it deserves it's own thread for being slightly one of a kind when you consider the total package it brings.

(All this lacks is a bit of an exaggeration. I can't figure out how to install .Net on a Virtualbox XP so all .net applications are out. Also it couldn't hurt for this app to have a search box, a vertical view like Outline 4d, cross marks like the Auto Focus software, etc. etc. but again as a total package, it's hard to find a program like this that is able to cross the middle line between simplistic beauty and sub-project/sub-task handling. Even mindmaps dare not to have a hoist feature except for expensive programs like PersonalBrain or Mixed Thumbnail viewers like the recent Evernote interface or In-program file managers like Compendium.)