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  • November 15, 2019, 01:16 AM
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Author Topic: Rarely Addressed Risks by Productivity Systems  (Read 3391 times)

Paul Keith

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Rarely Addressed Risks by Productivity Systems
« on: June 12, 2010, 04:19 PM »
Sorry for the confusing title, this is more of a private "add as I get more ideas" thread but I wanted to have this out in the open in case other people have additional topics to add:

  • Big Bang Adoption Malaria - The case of being too boggled down from the mass transferring of your tasks from one system to another.
  • Unstable Capture Environment - A case where you can either be unable to possess a capturing tool or be in a hostile place with no free space to work by yourself.
  • Zero Adrenaline-State Notetaking Experience/Training - Similar to the above except it's not just the environment but you yourself not being able to trust your productivity system because you didn't test yourself under stressful circumstances.
  • Time-crunching Schizophrenia - The case where the taskee has lost all sense of context for why a task needs to be done and merely follows a set of schedules and quotas in order to "be" productive.
  • Morbid Anxiety - The state where you feel overwhelmed as you're setting up your system and cramp out. Symptoms include looking for a Life Coach to bail your system out by unparalyzing you.
  • Acquired Productivity Encouragement Syndrome - The state of ruining a stable life because the productivity system insists there's a problem or being unable to keep yourself from recommending a system that hasn't helped your own life vastly but since it's new or shiny or good enough for now, it must be sold to the world as a five star quality application.
  • Helpatitis A - The state of becoming productive by helping teach others to be productive while you are still unproductive resulting in a random set of mostly asinine advises where the followers learn as you learn except they ended up paying you as you go along your journey to become a richer guru.
  • Helpatitis B - The state where you end up helping lots of people productively by giving them a place to whine and share their needs transforming the spot into a hang out place without really taking into consideration and adding those advises into improving your system.
  • Syphon List - The state where a user is left constantly sinking his teeth on the quick tasks on his list and being unable to shrug off the habit without breaking the entire system and is forever doomed to suck off the contents of the list or push it away completely in the hopes of getting a temporary reprieve and find a better alternative system to move his tasks out of.
  • Mass Burger Syndrome - The state of only becoming more productive via your system because it annoys you to the point that you eventually keep brute force batching the tasks on your system and then burn out and then repeat the cycle again as soon as your task lists fills up once again.
  • Tourlet Disorder - The state where you become productive from a system not because you follow it through and through but because you allowed the system to help you capture all these stuff to do but because the system still doesn't help you, you cheat and end up creating a skimming list where you drop pick from a set of tasks and only do those regardless of efficiency, growth reward or logistics and then drop off that stack of lists until one day you pick it up again and "tour" the contents of the list. This also includes people who make lists, do some tasks on them, forget about them, re-make a new list and repeat the cycle all over again.
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Re: Rarely Addressed Risks by Productivity Systems
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2010, 05:08 AM »
ooh, i like these. very good.