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Last post Author Topic: FARR version 2 - discuss the best way to handle 'actions'  (Read 53826 times)


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Re: FARR version 2 - discuss the best way to handle 'actions'
« Reply #75 on: February 08, 2006, 05:02 PM »
This is my "compilation" of farr's actions, most of them based on this thread:
1-> screenshotcaptor launches screenshot captor (aka farr's classical mode)

// the following implement the way emails can be formated
2-> email [email protected] or email [subject] [email protected] or email [email protected]

3-> define subjunctive verb (i don't understand what this one does, mouser please explain it a little better ;) )

4a-> Farr.ini edit to open the text file in the default editor
  4b-> Farr.ini edit {program to edit} to open the text file in another editor other then the default

//The following implement the context menu for a file
5a-> {file} properties to open the properties of a file
  5b-> {file} rename to rename a file
    5c-> {file} delete to delete a file
      5d-> {file} move to move a file
        5e-> {file} copy copy a reference to the file to paste in explorer
          5f-> {file} zip to add a file to zip
            5g-> {file.mp3} play play a mp3 on default player

//the following are process management-related:
6a-> process kill kills a process
  6b-> {name of app} to switch to app (first result is the already running instance, second opens a new instance)
    tray process minimizes a process to tray (only exemplifying another possibility)

//Farr-related options
7a-> {file} Alnew creates a new alias for that file
  7b-> {file} AlAdd adds file to an alias
    7c-> {file} SetRule set a new rule for the file

//farr's launchbar related options:
8a-> {file} BarNew Creates a new button with this file
  8b-> {file} BarNew {group} Creates a new button for this file, in a group
    8c-> {file} BarDel removes the button for this file from the bar

//explorer options:
9a-> {file} CpPath copies the path of the file to the clipboard
  9b-> {file} ExpHere explores at the file's path
    9c-> {file} ExpLink explores at linked location

//control panel:
10a-> control open control panel
  10b-> control {item} opens {item} in control panel

// "mouser's search modifiers":
11a-> mp3 restrict search to music-defined folders
  11b-> editors modify priorities to give more priority to text editors

//web options:
12a-> g {something} search for {something} in google
  12b-> i {something} search for {something} in imdb
    12c-> define {something} search for a definition of {something}
      12d-> open donationcoder's website on the default browser
        12e-> inie open donationcoder's website on internet explorer
          12f-> ff open donationcoder's website on firefox

These actions are not necessarily what i am looking for in Farr, but more of a resume of this thread, and possible ideas for development.
Looking up at all these actions, i find that this is too much work. Maybe the best way would be to have a way to create new actions, and have people on the forum do their own and post them.


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Re: FARR version 2 - discuss the best way to handle 'actions'
« Reply #76 on: May 19, 2006, 10:49 AM »
please see this thread for more: