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No problem, Perry. I should have specified that I try to copy only text.

What is really strange is that I have no problem copying in Excel with CH+S.

It is text I am referring to, not format. Copying text using Ctrl+C and pasting using Ctrl+V works fine, but the same thing done using CH+S does not work (only sometimes it works, but I can't figure out exactly when and why).

I tried it but it still does not work as it should be. Sometimes it works to paste with Ctrl+V after I used CHS, but sometimes it does not work. I also found this strange behavior (both with Ctrl+Alt+Q and F8): I paste something with Ctrl+V and then I can paste directly from CHS, without using Ctrl+V. But this does not always work either.  :(


I have some problems using Clipboard Help+Spell with Access. I want to copy/paste data between tables and/or forms. When I copy something it appears in the Quick Paste Menu (Ctrl+Alt+Q), but when I select from the list what I want to paste (by clicking on it, or by selecting the corresponding number) it does not appear in the Access form or table.

Did anybody have this problem? I am doing something wrong? I am using Office 2007 and I have no problems paste-ing in Word or Excel.

Thanks a lot,


One other option would be to use Notepad++ with the XML Tools plugin.

You can configure Process Tamer to ignore MSTS. It should run normal then.

To do this, open Process Tamer, go in Configuration, in the lower part of the screen (under Application Name & Explicit Rule) right click in the empty area, then select Add Rule, navigate to the location of the MSTS executable, select it and click on Open. It should be added to the list. Make sure that it is set on Ignore.

I'm using Revo Uninstaller and I am satisfied with it. It's plus is that when you uninstall a program, you can tell it to scan the HDD and the registry and to remove the files/registry entries that belonged to that program but were not removed.

I think that this can be easily done with Windows Power Shell. Does anyone know more things about it?

Living Room / Re: Scenes of the Recession from around the world
« on: March 19, 2009, 08:25 AM »
Sorry, I didn't intended to accuse you of anything. And I totally agree with you:
bit of optimism is welcomed and probably necessary too.

Living Room / Re: Scenes of the Recession from around the world
« on: March 19, 2009, 08:06 AM »
eventually things will get better.
Someone, somewhere, have probably said that some billions years ago, before the last Big Bang!  ;D

Time appeared with B. B. Don't you agree that things will get better? I think that the affirmation is correct, the question is for who they will get better.

Living Room / Re: Scenes of the Recession from around the world
« on: March 19, 2009, 02:00 AM »
Where I leave things look badly too: many companies do not have enough orders, some have collapsed, some  have fired a lot of people, and the construction segment is also powerful hit, as less people buy houses or apartments. There has been a rush to buy, to get credit, to spend money, before the recession begun, but now it is very hard to get a credit from the banks and some people are having problems paying their credits. A lot of Romanians worked abroad, in Western Europe, but many of them had to come home as there are great problems too. Unfortunately, they were very important for out economy, as they sent important sums of money home.

Sure, things will get better, the question is when. And, very importantly, which is the lowest point we will reach.

For Perl I use Notepad++ with NppExec extension.

For C/C++ I use Code::Blocks with MinGW compiler, but I'm thinking very seriously at using Notepad++ for this also.

I've tried it and searched some forums. findstr does not support unicode.  :down:

So, find must be used, and it seems to be really complicated to use it for this purpose.

For those that do want to donate using amazon, I used this service and I can tell you that it was ok. No problems, no hassles, you can try it with confidence.

It was hard for mouser to set it, but it is very easy for use to use it.  ;)

I think that the only way to do it is how Ehtyar suggested. i'm no expert in Windows Command Prompt, but I do not think that it is powerful enough to make changes in files. If someone knows better, please correct me!

One alternative would be to install ActivePerl or Python and to write a small program to do this, if you think that all the trouble is worthwhile.

General Software Discussion / Re: alternatives for PDF
« on: March 14, 2009, 03:35 PM »
The portable version of Foxit does not install any toolbar and the plugin is optional, it appears when you check for updates. I'll try PDFX and see the results...

kalos, could you specify if this is for Windows or Linux?

General Software Discussion / Re: alternatives for PDF
« on: March 14, 2009, 02:08 PM »
So which one do you think is better? Foxit or pdfx?

I use Foxit and I like that it loads much faster than Adobe and I really like the Firefox plugin.

I often get requests from people outside the US who can't use paypal.. there are 3 shareware payment services we support that i think should cover these people, but id be more interested in adding new payment services which specialize in international donors.

So that's why I wasn't able to use Paypal.  :)

It looks like the amazon web payment system makes payment really easy for users if they already have an account, and it charges less of a fee than paypal, so that's all good. 

This new method of payment is very useful. I had no problems with amazon until now and the fact that we can use it and it charges less than paypal makes all your effort worthwhile.

General Software Discussion / Re: Force Firefox?
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:42 AM »
Does this work for you?

"1. Click the Start menu
2. Click Default Programs
3. Click “Set program access and computer defaults” (or go to Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs, then click on "Set Program Access and Defaults")
4. Select Custom then click on the drop arrow
5. Look for “Choose a default web browser” and select Mozilla Firefox
6. Click OK "

It worked for me (problems with Yahoo Messenger). I took it from: http://support.mozil...102005&forumId=1

But again: you can only see the individual application traffic while it's happening (the apps are shown as long as they have active connections, though).

This is a small drawback, but this is what I was actually searching for: to see the individual application traffic as it's happening. Now I just have to wait and for the "strange" traffic to appear and see what is causing it. Thanks a lot f0dder!  :Thmbsup:

Actually I think it has what I need: "NetLimiter 2 shows list of all applications communicating over network it's connections and transfer rates."

I'll test it tomorrow, anyhow, thanks a lot f0dder!

I use Startup Control Panel and Startup Monitor from

Thay are free, simple, do not use to much resources and I have never had any troubles on XP.

Did ever happen to you to see that there is network traffic generated by your computer (in general something small and constant, for example 10 k) that is unusual and you have never seen before? You probably want to know what program/process/service generates that traffic and why it generates it. So, does anyone know a free program that displays the amount of traffic generated by each process?

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