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Screenshot Captor / Re: Links to Reviews and Comments - Add yours!
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:44 PM »

Screenshot Captor seems to have ideas a little above its station. Far from just being a screenshot app – and, rest easy, it does do that – it'll grab images from your webcam, and it even includes a full suite of scanning tools to make sure your documents look their best.

Screenshot Captor / Congratulations Mouser for #1!!
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:42 PM »

"Screenshot Captor seems to have ideas a little above its station. Far from just being a screenshot app – and, rest easy, it does do that – it'll grab images from your webcam, and it even includes a full suite of scanning tools to make sure your documents look their best."

Great work and well-deserved recognition!

Hi Mouser,

nice to hear that you're looking for more feature ideas.

I remember some old ideas (but didn't find the original forum-topics):

  • customizable toolbars, buttons for more (all) menu entries (my most commonly used functions are'nt available as toolbar buttons)
  • bigger toolbar buttons
  • customizable hotkeys for menu entries (functions)

You have the bigger toolbar buttons, so that's great :-).

I'm on board with allowing customization of the buttons - at least letting us add some of the great built-in effects to the toolbar (pixelate for me).

I use this nearly every day at work even though they provide SnagIt. Nothing beats the yellow highlight box you have without doing a lot of work. Time for another donation to help keep this worth it!

Thanks for the great software!


General Software Discussion / Re: Synergy Plus
« on: July 16, 2010, 09:30 AM »
What Synergy2 and its derivatives have lacked is a two-layer approach to handling the mouse inputs like Multiplicity (Stardock). Because of this, if you install Synergy2/Synergy+ as a user, it will only accept input when you are running user-mode programs. When you switch to admin-mode programs, it will not accept input until you switch back to user-mode.

If you install Synergy2/Synergy+ in admin mode, it will only accept input when you are working on admin-mode programs. Whichever window has focus determines which "mode" you are in.

The proper solution for Synergy2/Synergy+ to run as desired in Windows Vista / 7 is to have two service apps, one for user-mode input and one for admin-mode input. This is fairly well documented in MS development documentation and various developer forums, but it's a pain to implement.

A potential road block to this development approach is that the Synergys are coded to work across OSes as well as computers, and OS X / Linux don't have the same execution model as Windows.

The whole reason I use Synergy instead of my licensed Multiplicity Pro is that I have Windows PCs and a MacBook Pro (running OS X sometimes and Win 7 sometimes) that I share my KB/Mouse with. Multiplicity does not come with an OS X client/server. When I run Win & on the Mac, I deal with the few times I run admin-mode programs by typing on the Mac keyboard. It's a pain, but it works.

1. The calling script is written in what language?
2. Do you want a command-line app that just returns the new test to stdout (CON:)?

I have a few thoughts... if I can write a function that you can embed in your script, then keeping the file size between calls is much easier. If I write a quick DOS program to do this, then I'd build it this way:
if you call the program with only the file name, I will return the file size to you. If you call the program with the file name AND the file size, I will return the new file size, a newline, then the text beginning at the character+1 position you submitted as the second parameter to the call.

This should be pretty easy, IMO.

except for the easy theming, I would recommend Drupal. Mind you, however, such a rich feature set comes at a price: complexity.

To get started quickly you could try the package from acquia which bundles drupal and load of modules.

Drupal will not be perfect. I can help a little if need be.

I completely uninstalled Acquia - you don't get any of the real benefit of it unless you want to pay them.

Take a little time to learn about Drupal. I am a LONG TIME Mambo / Joomla site builder who finally made the switch.

Joomla has some real coolnes and ease-of-initial-setup, but you quickly run into problems if you want to deal with EVENTS. com_events is pretty much dead, and the new version they are coming out with kinda sucks (at least when I tested it). Have you ever looked at the DATABASE?? ?OMG someone needs to be shot (OK, I'm a database NAZI). And the new rage on Joomla is to offer open source components, but charge for the download service. Sure, it's legal, but don't start b****ing when someone takes your open-source component and offers it for free to the world - also perfectly legal.

I rant.

Drupal is a minor pain to get right, but you get so much more control, and even true MULTISITE ability.

Other than that, go with Typo3 (v4)

Screenshot Captor / Minor issue: Transparency value
« on: May 20, 2008, 04:03 PM »
This may seem picky, but the Transparency value for objects is confusing. Since an object's level of transparency (more accurately, translucence, but let's not go too far) goes from opaque (no transparency) to transparent (infinite transparency), wouldn't it make sense for a transparency value of 255 (your highest) to be completely transparent while a value of 0 (your lowest) to be completely opaque?

If 0 is transparent and 255 is opaque, it's really a measure of opacity, not transparency.

Thank you.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Auto refresh - thumbnail view
« on: May 20, 2008, 03:49 PM »
Same here.

Living Room / Re: password-protect external HD (USB)?
« on: February 01, 2007, 09:09 AM »
Truecrypt is really a good way to encrypt a thumb drive or USB hard drive. You just need to know a couple of things...

If you are going to carry this drive between computers and can't guarantee that the computer you will be connecting to has TrueCrypt installed on it, then you'll probalby want to put the TrueCrypt program on the drive with it's driver installation feature. What you will wind up with is an external drive that will take up TWO drive slots on the PC you are connecting to. One for the TrueCrypt software and one for the NTFS (hopefully) partition.

If TrueCrypt will be installed on all the PCs that you will be connecting to, then you can format the entire USB drive as a TrueCrypt volume and have the software auto-detect and auto-install the device when you plug it in.

It's not a simple program to install and understand, but if you take a little time to experiment, you'll come up with a setup that will serve you quite well.

I'm not a TrueCrypt god, just a basic user.

Adblock - Filters ads from web-pages
Adblock Filterset.G Updater 0.2.6 - Synchronizes Adblock with Filterset.G
Add Bookmark Here 0.5.5 - A convenient way to add bookmarks.(ESSENTIAL)
AJAX Yahoo! Mail [Viamatic WebMail++] 0.5 - Preview messages in your Yahoo! mail account.(FAIR - I could live without it)
All-In-One Sidebar 0.6.1 - Quickly switch between sidebars, view dialog windows such as downloads, extensions, and more in the sidebar, or view source or websites in the sidebar. It includes a slide-out button and a toolbar, all of which can be extensively customized.(VERY ESSENTIAL)
Colorful Tabs 0.3 - Colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appeal of the interface.(ESSENTIAL)
Console² 0.2.5 - The next generation error console.
Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0 - Prevents download links opening a blank window.(ESSENTIAL)
Duplicate Tab 0.7 - Allows you to duplicate a tab, or to merge the windows.
IE Tab - Open IE-only pages in "embedded IE" !!!(ESSENTIAL) - keeps me from opening IE just to see how a page will render in IE
ListZilla 0.7 - Outputs an alphabetical list of extensions to a text, vB code, or HTML file. (This)
Location Navigator 0.6 - An extension that lets you increment/decrement a portion of a location.
PDF Download - Allows to choose whether you want to view a PDF file inside the browser (as PDF or HTML) or you want to download it!
PlainOldFavorites 0.5.6 - Use Internet Explorer Favorites directly from Firefox - I don't really use this.
Tab Preview 0.3 - Preview tab contents on mouseover
Tabbrowser Preferences - Enhances control over some aspects of tabbed browsing.(ESSENTIAL)
Talkback 1.5 - Submit a crash report to
View Rendered Source Chart 1.2.03 - Creates a Colorful Chart of a Webpage's Rendered Source
ViewSourceWith - View page source with external application (ESSENTIAL)
Web Developer 0.9.4 - Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.(ESSENTIAL)

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