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N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 17, 2012, 11:32 AM »
I checked it (1.1.0. 117)
Keep on top of other windows.

But it doesn't stay on top.

In what way doesn't it work?

By default Echo minimizes and hides when it becomes deactivated. If you keep this default setting, then "stay on top" will work but you won't ever see it, because Echo will hide as soon as you switch to a different window. If this is the part that doesn't work, you need to do

Tools -> Preferences -> Display -> MinimizeOnDeactivate and set this option to False.

If you already use that setting and stay on top still doesn't work as expected, please give more details.

ps: isn't it possible to put a little pin icon on the toolbar?

First Echo would have to have a toolbar :-) I'm still in two minds about whether or not it needs one. If the toolbar appears, then this setting will be included.

I will add a keyboard shortcut though, and maybe an indication in the status bar.

As App said, you can pretty well control what shows up.  The places that I know that use it never show animated gifs.

Do they also do text-only ads? (Does Mouser want text-only ads? I'm just emoting here!) It's ironic that they would bill themselves as "wonderful" and a way to make ads "awesome", while showcasing it with the worst, most universally hated type of ad (well, except the pop-up, that's even worse).

Plus, on top of the front page, they get all crybaby-like about me using adblock. My response is, if your site looks "unfinished" when people use adblock, redesign your site so that it doesn't.

So maybe they really are wonderful, my judgment is admittedly superficial. All I'm saying is that when I look at their front page, the "wonderful" part is not on display.

(Remember OpenCandy? Trust us, we're cool, we're great, we're new, innovative and revolutionary and really nice... Nope, sorry, you're just another adware business, good-bye. I'm getting the same impression here. Maybe what they mean is they are "wonderful" to advertisers, but that too often means "hair-puling awful for everyone else".)

Disclaimer: none of the above is meant to influence Mouser's decision on whether to run with the experiment and how to run it. I'll be keeping dc whitelisted in adblock for the experiment, regardless of the implementation. Above I am just reflecting on how the "wonderful" thing comes across to me as a target.

But if you are going to do experimenting, I would also encourage you to experiment with Project Wonderful, as well.

Whoa... looking only at their front page:


they do ugly, animated (!!) gifs with garish colors, which totally make it impossible to read the text they are sitting next to. I don't know, but that seems rather last century. As the person on the business end of an ad, I'll take adsense over this any time.

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 17, 2012, 07:35 AM »
- double click on icon Enables/Disables the clipping

Double click, I don't think so, because a single click is used to activate the main window. And anyway, since Win7 (and Vista? not sure) now hide all the icons by default, it's generally too much clicky work for my taste to get to the icon and then click some more.

There will be a hotkey though. As for when, I've made the mistake of answering that question way too many times and I know better now :-)

- Pin function (with automatic refresh when copying a text to clipboard)

If you mean the "stay ion top of other windows" feature, it was implemented in 1.0.6, the version before last. Grab the latest version here.

You should totally do it. I don't have any advice on how, and it's probably all for the better that I don't :-) It'll be interesting to see the results.

Already added an exception in adblock, let me have the ads!

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: RightNote PRO 50% off
« on: February 16, 2012, 10:20 PM »
Wow. We have the original inspiration right here.  Little did I know. 

Ouch, that hurt. But right is right, I have amended my post.

Thanks for the new release!

Just tested it with VK_APPS and it seemed to work fine  :up:

When I looked at the code, it was already handled. (It does need some special handling, because Delphi does not have a name built-in for this key, so it could not be displayed without additional hand-holding. It's a bug in XE and XE2, listed on QualityCentral).

What was missing was that I forgot to add the key to one of the groups, as AH always checks all keys in a group (alpha, numeric, etc.). So it could display it, but wasn't checking for it. I'm sorry it took so long!

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: RightNote PRO 50% off
« on: February 16, 2012, 06:58 PM »
Tranglos is a force of nature. No one can predict which way he will jump when he comes to the crossroads of making a decision.

That totally includes myself.

Also, no one can predict which decisions he'll later rant about months later exclaiming how he can't believe he made the wrong one. ;)

Hey, in all fairness, I believe in equality in ranting. I rant just as often about how I can't believe other people made the wrong decisions! :)

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: RightNote PRO 50% off
« on: February 16, 2012, 06:55 PM »
I'll be interested to see if tranglos springs for RightNote, when the discount arrives  ;)


Everyone should buy RightNote if it helps them do what they do! I'm just too old to make the switch.

It'd be interesting to know just how many hours mouser has spent developing Screenshot Captor.

Ditto. I'd love it if every app said that in the About box.

Congratulations to mouser!

You know tranglos I'm starting to think more and more the idea of grabbing a $10/month hosting account with unlimited or large storage space and just using encrypted ftp may be the way to go.

It's not nearly as convenient and automatic, but it does offer the control and also can serve as a backup place to host an emergency backup website..

That's what I'm thinking. One thing to keep in mind in that case: the ISP may not allow storing personal backups in web hosting space. I know Dreamhost doesn't. Their least expensive plan already gives unlimited storage (within reason, but what hard limits there were initially are now gone), but this space is explicitly for stuff you serve on the web.

At some point they noticed people (myself included...) kept personal backups under their /home directories and decided they didn't like it. What they did was give everyone a separate, free ssh/ftp account that's specifically for backup, but limited to 50 GB, or you can buy more.

Other ISPs may not have this policy, but it's something to take into account.

Other than that, ftp gives you plenty of options. SFFS and other backup apps do ftp, but I'm thinking an even better option would be to use something like WebDrive (is there a free alternative?) that maps an ftp account to a drive letter and just keeps it open all the time. That way uploads are transparent and you can throttle them better. Down here for example all ISPs offer only asymentric links, with fast download but a really limited upload bandwidth, so throttling is useful.

Glad you're asking about it, because I've been thinking the same thoughts lately. To your requirements I'd only add that I'd rather not have to use yet another app specifically for online backup. I'm using four separate backup apps already (not all running at the same time, but still). Better to re-use tools I already have.

That pretty much excludes all the web-based online services :-)

Have you considered (s)ftp to your hosting provider? At Dreamhost I have the least expensive plan (ca $110 a year), and that includes 50 GB specifically for backup, outside of the /home directory. 50 GB may not be enough for your needs, but perhaps there's an ISP out there that can do better. You probably already use a backup app that does ftp, and in any case it can be easily automated in all kinds of ways.

And, most desktop backup apps (SyncBack, Backup4All, etc.) will give you the level of control that you need, plus encryption (which you didn't mention, but you're going to encrypt the backups, right? :-)

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 15, 2012, 02:54 PM »
checking    Minimized  in the properties  box  fixed  it   in the installed version  but no option to do so in the portable version   

Create a shortcut (in the Start menu, for example) that points to the portable version. Then you can set the property in the shortcut.

but echo places  2  icons  in the customize notifaction area  only shows  1  in tray but not in customize   heres  a pic

Echo doesn't add two icons. I'm not sure why that is, but Windows 7 can't seem to keep track of the icons correctly at all. On my system:


Some apps don't have icons at all, some are listed four times, each time with a different icon... This is not a fault of the application. I can understand multiple listings, perhaps Windows creates a new entry when the file location or version number changes, but the icons mess is something else entirely. It isn't Echo's doing, and the problem occurs with all kinds of apps. In the screenshot, even Windows Explorer did not get the correct icon (and it should not show up in the tray at all).

New (February 2012): StopWatch is now hosted on my site at This thread is still good for support and new version info, I'm not going anywhere :-)

A standard installer and a portable version are now available. Latest version direct download:

New release 2012-02-15
ActiveHotkeys version 1.3.1 build 16

ADDED: support for the VK_APPS key (context menu key). Thanks, ewemoa!

Download the latest version here

Thanks for the response.

Do you know of an app that uses it in a hotkey?

Back when I made the original query I was in the process of writing one that did (this was in AHK) -- but I didn't end up releasing it.  Apart from that one I don't recall any at the moment.

Tried it, and sure enough, VK_APPS can be used in hotkeys. I'll add a test for it. Thanks!

Any comments on the following?

Is there already support for VK_APPS (the key that brings up the context-sensitive menu)?

(I checked the thread so far, the docs, and the app itself but didn't have much luck figuring this out.)

Let me get back to you on that. I am not sure VK_APPS can participate in hotkeys. Do you know of an app that uses it in a hotkey?

General Software Discussion / Re: website design
« on: February 14, 2012, 04:31 PM »
Btw, check out their new website for an upcoming version 2. Truly beautiful simplicity, even better than the original.

General Software Discussion / Re: website design
« on: February 14, 2012, 04:24 PM »
I like this very much

Beautiful site! Love it, and I know what you mean.

If you're looking for a free solution, it may not be so easy, because the aesthetically best designs aren't. Then it depends on what you need more: the css and javascript to display the menu, or a professionally designed color scheme and graphics?

For the former, you could find a web page with a css menu that you like and just copy the menu code from source. If there are any license issues, they will usually be specified in the source code comments. You can almost certainly find free css / javascript menus on various scripting sites, too; they tend to be public domain (they are just simple algorithms, after all). Or use a free theme as an example (the Fusion theme for wordpress has a nicely done menu and is free).

For the latter (graphic design), there's no easy way. I couldn't design my way out of a bathtub, so I did eventually buy a commercial theme (ca $35, there are cheaper ones too). It's hopeless when you don't have the skill or the tools.

Then there are commercial apps that come with ready-made designs that you can use directly or tweak. These apps come prepackaged with moderately well-designed graphics, such as buttons, themes and color schemes that you can fiddle with. For example, you could try Easy Button & Menu Maker. It sells for about 20 Euro, so not cheap for a one-time use, but it's something you could consider. Perhaps even a trial version would suffice.

(Then there are more expensive, advanced ones such as Xara or Artisteer. I don't think there are free alternatives that would also include ready-made designs.)

New (February 2012): ActiveHotkeys is now hosted on my site at This thread is still good for support and new version info, I'm not going anywhere :-)

No changes in functionality, but a standard installer and a portable version are now available. Latest version direct download:

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 13, 2012, 05:40 PM »
hi tranglos    ive got echo to start with windows  but when restarting   echo main window shows for a second or  2  as the desktop loads is there a setting to prevent the main window from showing it does this with the portable and the installed version thanks

Tools -> Preferences -> Startup behavior -> StartMinimized, and set it to True.

That should work, but you can also make the equivalent setting in the shortcut used to start Echo. Right-click the shortcut, select Properties, and in the "Run" (or "Run as", not sure what the English version of Windows says) select "Minimized".

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 13, 2012, 03:06 PM »
New release February 23! (Version 1.1.0 build 117)
Is it a "back to the future" version?

You'll catch up eventually :-)

It was staring me in the face and I didn't get it. February 12, of course. Or 13, where I live. Not 23 at all. Sorry :-)

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 12, 2012, 08:58 PM »
New release February 23! (Version 1.1.0 build 117)
Is it a "back to the future" version?

You'll catch up eventually :-)

Nice, clean, web site
Agreed. Well done, tranglos.

Thanks! It better be, after all the time it took!

Next I need to refresh the other apps I've released here on DC, build installers and help files, and then bring back all the vintage stuff from the freezer. Just for kicks - and for those who haven't seen it - this is what websites looked in mid-nineties :-) There should be a museum for such things.

(But it does load about 10 times faster then WordPress.)

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 12, 2012, 05:51 PM »
New release February 12 (Version 1.1.0 build 117)

Echo now has a permanent home. I've been restoring my site at, and that's where Echo lives. (The design is still in flux, and it is certainly not optimal for the task, but after four years of hair-pulling, I've had to decide on something! It's there.) However, I will still be updating this thread and use it for support, so don't go anywhere, Echo fans! :)

See the top post in this thread for download links.

New in this release:

CHANGED: This release uses a different editor control for the "edit clip" dialog. The change was necessary, because the editor I originally used had some random-but-annoying problems with the Addict spellchecker, such as ignoring obvious misspellings, even though they were recognized as such and got the proper red wavy underline. (That editor also has a nagging non-standard behavior when selecting line-wrapped text.) The new editor has an almost identical functionality, with a few minor differences, e.g. no support for marking modified lines. At the moment URL highlighting is not possible either, sorry about that! On the flip side, incremental search is now supported in the editor (press Ctrl+E).

ADDED: Option to automatically mark edited clips as sticky: Preferences -> Editing clips -> MakeEditedClipsSticky. This option is disabled by default.

ADDED: Option to update the date and time of edited clips: Preferences -> Editing clips -> UpdateClipTimestamp. This option is disabled by default.

ADDED: Option to always refresh the current view after editing a clip. Preferences -> Editing clips -> AlwaysRefresh. This option is disabled by default.

Why this may be useful: When you edit a clip, you are changing its text and probably its length as well. Using the other editing-related options, editing a clip may change its timestamp or make it sticky. Depending on what view was active when you started editing the clip, it is possible that after editing, the clip no longer "fits" the view. For example, the view shows only clips shorter than 10 characters, but the edited clip is longer. Or, the view contains only clips with URLs, but you have deleted the URL while editing. By default, when you save the clip, Echo does not refresh the view, so that the clip you were editing remains selected in the view. This seems to be the most natural behavior, but in cases similar to the examples above it may cause the view to show a clip which does not belong. If you enable this option, Echo will always refresh the view when you finish editing a clip; in this case it is possible that the edited clip will "disappear" from view, if it no longer matches its filters. (You can also refresh a view manually at any time by pressing Ctrl+R. Note also that when you use the newly added "Save as New" command, the view will always be refreshed.)

ADDED: In the external editor you can now save the text as a new clip instead of replacing the original. Click the "Save as New" button on the toolbar (or command in the context menu). When you use this function, Echo will always refresh the current view.

ADDED: In the external editor, option to keep the editor open after saving a clip. To enable it, click the Options button and make sure "Close Editor on Save" is unchecked. This way you can continue editing a clip after using the Save or Save as New commands.

ADDED: "Refresh View" command under the View menu (Ctrl+R). You can use it to refresh a view manually, for example if the view was not refreshed after editing clips, and the edited clips may no longer belong in the view (e.g. because their text, date or length has changed).

IMPROVED: When you edit a clip in the external editor, Echo no longer suspends capturing clips. This means Echo can now capture text copied inside the editor as well. (When editing a clip in-place, capturing is still suspended, because new clips cannot be added to the list while the in-place editor is active.)

IMPROVED: Echo now properly restores the selection of multiple clips in some situations, e.g. after using the Copy (Ctrl+C) command.

IMPROVED: Loading clips is now faster and Echo uses less memory to display a view.

FIXED: When a clip was edited and saved, Echo would not update the clip's size on the clip information bar (display only).

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo
« on: February 11, 2012, 07:52 PM »
Just came here to thank you. I've been using Ditto for years, and finally I found the perfect replacement... There are too many features I love, so thanks a lot.

I love when someone says that :-) so thank you! And welcome to DC!

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