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Seedling's Software / Re: Hi Everyone / Random MixTape Maker ideas
« on: August 11, 2008, 02:40 PM »
'sort all' and 'minimum by artist' features sounds good.  when i get some time i'll add these.

Seedling's Software / Re: New App! File/Folder Date Organizer
« on: July 28, 2008, 09:25 AM »
Are there different kinds of sorting or only date based?

at the moment it's just date sorting as i was trying to make something identify older files vs newer ones. i had thought of making an a-z sort (for sorting music files) but havent done that yet because that should be done right (reading tags, etc). but could otherwise be used in general for properly named subfolders

Seedling's Software / New App! File/Folder Date Organizer
« on: July 26, 2008, 03:47 PM »
File/Folder Date Organizer

What's all this then?

Quite simply, this little app will search through a selected folder and
reorganize everything in that folder (keeping relative paths intact) into
dated folders.

need an example? ok:

let's say you have the following folders

c:\my stuff\something old (files in this folder are dated Feb. 2005)
c:\my stuff\something new (files in this folder are dated Mar. 2008)

Select 'c:\my stuff' as the search folder and you'll end up with this:

c:\my stuff\2005-02\something old
c:\my stuff\2008-03\something new

seems simple and useless... that is, of course, unless you have literally
hundreds of folders and random file sitting in that folder!

How does it work?

All files in the root folder are treated as separate entities and put into
their respective dated folders based on their own file date.

All folders in the search directory are kept in the exact path structure
as they sit in that folder. The date is determined by the newest file date
found within that folder and it's subfolders. Because of this, it ideally
works with folders that only have one level of subfolders within itself.
If you use this in folders that have multiple layers of nested folders,
the files/folders being moved to a dated folder will all be grouped by the
very latest file within that entire tree!

Operations can be logged (enabled by default) so you can keep track of
where your files are moved to.

Have fun cleaning up! :)

This application is NOT unicode compliant so it will not move any scrictly
unicode named files/folders.

download link:

Seedling's Software / Re: feature suggestion
« on: June 24, 2008, 07:15 PM »

I have a small suggestion, no biggie. Would it be possible for it to create playlists based on the number of songs? I'm a little OCD and I like all of my
playlists to have 300 songs. I can chop and crop myself, but I just thought I would ask. Thanks for a fun program!  :)

yeah, i can do that :)

Would it be possible to use the "modified" or "created" fileld for filtering?
like an actual file creation/modified date? i'm sure it can be done.

i recently had a computer meltdown and am setting up my development environment again. as soon as i get that up and going then i can go about adding some features.

thank you all for your replies.  they've been helpful and insightful.  I'd still like to hear of anyone else who may have had to deal with these things, too.

thanks for that info! :)

What you're describing sounds like a registrar front. Most private registrars put their own information in the whois of any domain they are currently the registrar of, and you have to contact the registrar themselves in order to get the personal information of the actual domain owner.

Hope this helps, Ehtyar.

Yeah, I figured, but it looks like a completely fake front

Did you try to ping the Website and get the IP where it is hosted?

I have the IP and information of that host, but I have yet to contact them to find out any more info.

The main thing I'd like to avoid is spooking the people into obscurity.  I'd rather 'catch them in the act'.  That's why I was hoping to find some other way to find info about who these people are.

I'm having a problem with a particular site blatently using our company name and published content without our permission to promote web-sales for themselves.  I've looked up the general domain whois sites and found that this person (or persons) is hiding behind a seemingly well-known (based on all the google hits I got) service or company called Domain Discreet.  So finding the actual owner of this site has been a challenge.  All phone numbers on the site go to a recorded message that states 'someone will get back to you'.

Has anyone here ever have to deal with this?

If so, I'd really like some advise on how to get more information about the owners of this particular domain.

Thanks In Advance :)

Seedling's Software / Re: feature suggestion
« on: March 28, 2008, 10:06 PM »
ok, you got me ;)

i'll actually have to encode some files with this thing and debug it to see what the problem is ;)

i've just been very busy lately, but i'll try to take a look at it some time this week.

thanks as always :)

Seedling's Software / Re: feature suggestion
« on: March 23, 2008, 02:19 PM »
i've recently had to do a complete os reinstall so i have to get my ide setup back up to snuff.

wrt new formats, i'd just have to read about it and add some kind of support. currently (in the initial search) it allows files based on file extension. when it builds a playlist it goes a step further and checks the validity of that filetype. i.e. if flac files are allowed and the file in question has the extension '.flac' then it checks the standard structure of the file to verify that it is, indeed, a flac file.  i suppose i could save a lot of headaches by eliminating this rigid check and just check extension only, but i don't like that idea.

as far as creating a local file store of your collection via a sql db file (or any kind of db file) i've thought about that before and do like the idea, but i don't see it happening any time soon. i'm not opposed to it, i'm just not all that adept in sql or database creation in general.

thanks for the suggestions

this problem actually surfaces in even a single-width bar. i fixed it via a workaround really, but it seems to work nonetheless. :)

here's some code to drop into your project to call the dcupdater
(this is borland builder code. adjust for your compiler)

// store application path
AnsiString AppPath = ExtractFilePath(Application->ExeName);

           // fix working path to AppPath

// dcupdate filename without extension
AnsiString AppName = "<yourappname>";

// append path with dcuhelper file
AnsiString dcufullpath = (AppPath + "\\dcuhelper.exe");

// create command line arg string
AnsiString comlineargs = ("-ri " + AppName + " \"" + AppPath + "\" \"warning\" -show");

// run dcupdater tool

Seedling's Software / Re: New App! WTF!? Music Info
« on: January 31, 2008, 06:37 PM »
Gosh, another bug. The new version does not read FLAC files at all :(

Also, are you planning to add Unicode support?

Dumb, stupid, oversight. Now fixed and up :)

i'll add unicode support, but not sure when

Seedling's Software / Re: New App! WTF!? Music Info
« on: January 31, 2008, 11:27 AM »
new version with some internal fixes is now available.

grab it here:

ok option added in redundancy tab.

check it out:

it has always filtered out the must-have; the thought being, that no matter what you have chosen, if you only wnat 3 songs of x, then that's all you're going to get, period.

it's easy enough to add an option for this.

ok, i get what you're saying. i'm gonna have to monkey around with that to see if i can come up with a decent fix (or workaround) for that problem.

re: window size:  i just checked my copy and it seems to retain the window size i last have it set to.  i will say that there is a minimum window size set statically to 800 x 600 (for folks who still use this antiquated display size) so you can't make it any smaller than that.  i'm not exactly sure if this is what you're experiencing.  but if you enlarge, stretch, or whatever beyond its minimum size, it should (and does with my copy) retain that window size and position to be restored upon next run.  i suppose i could get rid of the 'minimum size' to allow the form to be shrunk down (if so desired); is this what you're asking for?

re: m3u files:  someone had asked for support for m3u files being dropped, etc.  i had intended on adding this feature, but got caught up in all these other internal fixes.  i will add this to my 'to-do list' for the next build.

re: tags:  after you mentioned v2 tags last time, i was already thinking to do this (as it just makes better sense). this WILL be done in my next build.

thanks as always for your helpful suggestions and feedback :)

with regards to ID3v1 vs ID3v2, the app checks all possible tags for this general information.  it's not meant to be a tagging app with every specific type of tag listed etc. (altho it could be, but that's in a different direction).

what it does (re: tags) is search thru v1, and if nothing found then v2, and if still nothing found try APETags as a last resort, if still nothing is found, it uses only the filename as a source string to be checked by keywords.

i'll have another build shortly ;)


ok! go get it... and here's how i tested and it's working:

  • use keywords
  • keyword priority
  • multiple genres selected
  • artist keywords
  • use must have list

(you can use any of the keyword search options you like, this was never the problem)

search dir: ..\t\ (for 'T' artists)
artist keywords:  'tool'

a) list filled with must-have titles (no matter the genre)
b) list filled with all of the Tool songs in the \t\ dir
c) list filled randomly until time limit was met.

if you're still having problems, then i don't know what to say! :O

i hope it works for you so i can get on to polishing this thing ;)

thanks for the help! :)

thanks a lot!  this is the exact reason i started this project.  i'm glad you like it.

ok, so i just posted a new build ( beta). give it a try and see if this is how you're used to using the darn thing.  i'm pretty sure i got most (if not all) of the keywording kinks out.  but please tell me if i'm wrong.

thanks again

thanks for that, i'll check it out.

the keyword priority basically acted as an ignore settings option if a keyword was found (regardless of the other genre/year settings) that way it would allow the song to be added despite other limitations. this has been fixed. i'm testing against some weird behaviour that must-have songs are being restricted (also) by the genre/year limitations. i'll fix this now.

anyway, what 'seems' to be happening (from under the hood) is that the keyword/filters check was messed up basically allowing files determined by your genre settings, and perhaps ignoring the keywording altogether.  i believe i've fixed this but as soon as i've tested a couple other things i'll rebuild and upload a new version.

thanks for the feedback! :Thmbsup:

fear not! i will get this thing back on track! i really kind of expected some stuff to be broken due to the massive rewrites i did. i'll get it back to working normally and with these other options very soon! :)

well, looks like my attempt at adding features and rewriting code broke some stuff :(

i'll do some more tests and see what happens.


well, i'm not sure what probs exactly you're having but (and sorry for the redundancy) here's what i did:

had some songs in musthave
had some genres selected
  • Use Keywords
  • Keyword Priority (forgot what this is for, but it's selected ;) )

(just use all-fields keyword search for now)
  • limit to 5 songs per artist

my results seemed to be good
only 5 randomly picked songs from the must-have list were added to the list (cuz all the same artist)
the remainder was filled with either:
a) songs matching keywords
b) songs matching the selected genres

all artists picked were limited to 5 max.  not sure what i'm missing here, please clarify. (oh, and definitely use the latest file as stated previously)

heya parpfish,

that first released post was pointless, but the file is the one you want; and, yeah, i just forgot to change the version number in the app properties.

i reorganized a LOT of code here (hopefully for the better) so that's why it's blatently being released as beta

sorry bout the first released build, it was missing a key decision factor which basically rendered keyword (and maybe all) settings useless.  this latest build addresses that as well as some other internal things. i really should've slept on it instead of posting it late at night without testing everything. :)

hopefully this will work for you; let me know if it doesn't

Support for IPOD is here (mpeg4 files)! :D 19-Jan-2008
  + Added support for all you IPOD folks out there! (MPEG4 files)


Same day so same post ;) believe it or not, this build has some great new features. give it a try BETA 19-Jan-2008
  + Added a Tempo (BPM) filter option
  + Expanded the keyword searching option. It is now possible to search in
    all text tags, lyrics, artists, song titles and/or albums
  * Lots of internal changes including complete re-writes of code.
    This release is therefore labeled as 'beta' until any/all broken bits
    are found and fixed

Seedling's Software / Re: feature suggestion
« on: January 18, 2008, 11:20 AM »
bpm is not really a standard tag type (that I can see).  the only way i can see making this useful is if you're tagging your songs with APETags (since you can make your own custom tags with it) and defining a tag called "BPM".  Is this how you're tagging bpm values in your music?  Otherwise, from what I've seen, bpm values are usually stored as metadata inside of different multi-track project files that tells the app what bpm the songs are set to; but not as a standard mp3 (etc) tag.


i just looked up some bpm tagging info fro ID3v2 and it 'seems' fairly simple to add a reader for this property; i'll have to play with it a bit first, tho, just to make sure it's working.


ok, great! i think i got it working (but only in ID3v2 tags).  I'll update the project as soon as i code in this new filter.

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